Good Thursday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Happy almost Friday! My eyes are barely open I'm so tired this morning. We had book club last night and chose all of our books for the year. I can't wait to start reading! After that I had to stop at the grocery store; never did get to the club.

    Today after work I have a therapist appointment and then I'm going to the club-I really need the workout-especially after last night's dinner!

    Tonight is my tv night. New episodes of Supernatural and Project Runway!!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning!

    Sharon, what book are you guys reading first? You enjoy your tv night. I've gotten to where I dvr the shows I want to watch. I just can't stay up late and watch tv - plus difficult child and I have this whole bedtime routine thing......usually I catch up over the weekend with my shows.

    Some cleaning and straigtening here at the house this morning, then the office by 11 until difficult child pick up time. Tonight is back to school night where we sit in student desks and move through our student's class schedule every 10 minutes. It's a crazy time, but I get to put my eyeballs on all the teachers and get a feel for each class.

    I hope your day is productive, but at the same time, stress-free (hey, it can happen)!

  3. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon (WO)- Enjoy your evening! Fingers crossed the therapist appointment goes well.

    Sharon (LDM)- Have fun at BTS night... don't intimidate the teachers with that intense stare, lol!

    This is Duckie this morning- :ill:

    She has a nasty little cold with a ton of congestion and didn't sleep well so she won't be going to school today. Already. It's going to be a long year!

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  4. therese005us

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    Good morning everyone!

    Well, today was a better day all round.
    I had DS19 home - that was the hard part. I asked him to do a few chores since he wasn't working today.

    He: brought in wood - had to rephrase, re-ask several times till it was done properly
    helped fix the fence - 1/2 hour job took 2 hours, but he stayed at it until we were done. I fixed him lunch.
    Cleaned out goat pen of manure/hay (haven't checked to see if it's done the way I want yet, I was too tired from fixing fence)
    Filled 2 water containers for chooks (1 at a time, didn't want to do 2nd one)

    I fixed his dinner, and allowed him to use house phone to make calls regarding his job application.

    Good news! He was offered a job with Woolworths, as Meat Assistant (could lead to apprenticeship, but babysteps first). He has a paid induction on Saturday, starts Monday!
    I spent an hour filling out and updating his application/profile for the company via internet.

    I have to turn up his black pants, and iron his shirt tomororw.

    More good news!! DD12 passed her Grade 6 Piano exam (it goes Prelim-8) with a B+ (Credit)

    I still have cherub and baby cherubs (2 of) till at least next Tuesday.

    busy day tomorrow organising the weekend away and a babysitter for DS19 - I don't want him on the drink and drugs after his induction day.

    I must keep smiling right?:D

    Bye for now
  5. mstang67chic

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    Morning all!'s to DS having a GREAT day with the new job!!!!!! Congrats!

    TM...I hope Miss Duckie is feeling better soon!

    LDM....have fun with those your knees!

    Not much on tap here. husband is off this week so we got a lot of cleaning done Tuesday. Still more to do but after Tuesday, we're taking it slooooooooooow. LOL difficult child is back in school after a 3 day suspension...I'm hoping he makes it through the rest of the week.

    Otherwise, I think the main thing on my list today is to poke dog poop with a stick.

    Yes, you read that right. LOL Explanation is in my Dog Advice post on the WC.

    Hope the end of everyone's week is good!
  6. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/WO, I'm glad you got to book club. You will enjoy working through the list, I'm sure.

    Sharon/LDM, those parent-teacher nights with the appointment schedules that everyone breaks - a very hectic time. We used to dread those (from a parent point of view). Hang in there.

    TM, I hope Duckie feels better soon. And she doesn't give it to you!

    Trish, I'm glad DS19 got some more chores done today. Good news for his job, and congrats to DD12!

    Stang, fingers crossed tat difficult child can hold it together.

    I am so tired - it's been a busier day than we expected.

    mother in law had ordered a large and fragile wedding present for easy child 2/difficult child 2 from a major store in the mall. As a serial mail orderer, she expected (from past experience) that the order would arrive in the company's own delivery service. However, like a lot of other businesses these days they have 'subbed out' the delivery. And the more you spread the work around, the more things that can go wrong, at each interface. The delivery finally arrived (four days late) as one box, not the three that had been despatched. And items broken.

    As my cleaner was running very late, I rang around to try to sort it. OUtcome - we were going to have to go in to the store, taking in the broken stuff and finding out what happened to the other two boxes. Seems they got left behind on the dock when the mailman arrived to collect his boxes to deliver.

    Then the cleaner arrived, 90 minutes late. This meant that we had to cut the planned help back to the bone, which meant leaving out the help in cooking I get from him - there was no way I would have time to stay home for the couple of hours afterwards, to supervise the meals. Honestly, my cleaning guy is a ditz and today he was worse than usual. (It's a government sponsored service because of my disability).

    So the couple of hours' quiet rest at home after cleaning (because I work alongside my cleaner, with his help we usually get a lot more work done) had to be skipped. I left as soon as the cleaner did, first to mother in law's to collect her and the broken stuff, to get the local postman to inspect it (a legal thing). Then back to my place so I could change into tidier clothes (and not my "house cleaning day" rags). Then grab the shopping list, difficult child 3 and his schoolwork, and head out.

    First - the mall and the store. difficult child 3 helped us get the broek box and the contents in to the store and we found the woman I'd finally tracked down who had been helpful. Meanwhile I ran off and did a few tasks I'd been planning (including finally getting a large and deep cake tin for the wedding cake). mother in law & I got a few more things done in a rush then headed off with difficult child 3 to his appointment with the college disabilities counsellor. The short of it - they have a course they can get him into, for next year.
    Right at the end of the meeting my phone rang - the research program difficult child 3 is involved in, wants us to do an interview with an Aussie rival news show to "60 Minutes". So I had a brief chat to the reporter while I was on the way to my doctor's appointment.
    While I was in the doctor's, difficult child 3 finished his schoolwork and mother in law did her grocery shopping.
    Then after I got let loose agian, it was back to the mall for fruit & vegetables, then heading homewards. Back home just before 7 pm, when the reporter rang (I was barely in the door). He was on the phone for over half an hour, so I was lagte starting dinner. Normally dinner for the next week would have been cooked in the morning but tonight I had to cook dinner for tonight, and since then I've been slowly cooking up all the meat I'd thawed ready to work on this morning. It can't be left.

    In the morning we have to get moving early. difficult child 3's teacher wants to meet with us so we have a drive into the city. So I've done my best to pack our gear tonight for the morning, and also get food prepared in containers in the fridge - meat cut up, vegetables chopped, spices measured out - so in the morning all I have to do it toss it all in the crockpot and turn it on.

    Tomorrow will be busy - school first, then a midday appointment at the research centre, due to finish at 3 pm. So we'll be driving home from the city just as peak hour begins. On the way home I need to do more food shopping, I ran out of time today thanks to all the running around.

    I had hoped to be in bed early tonight but I'm still catching up. It's so hot here tonight - I haven't heard any news, but I suspect today came close to breaking records for the hottest September ever. It's been like a really hot summer's day today. Total fire ban in place.

    By now the pot of bolognese I cooked tihs evening should be cool enough to put in the fridge. So I'm heading for bed. Perchance to sleep, until tomorrow's early start and big day.

    The rush won't finish until sometime next week, at this rate.