Good Thursday Morning

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  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends!

    I'm awake way too early. I heard a noise (it was nothing) and now I can't get back to sleep! Hopefully after I write this I will be able to fall back to sleep for a bit.

    We finally made it to the health club last night! It's a good thing, because although I'll try tonight it's a long day ahead. After work I have my monthly appointment. with the sports medicine doctor (good thing as my knees have started bothering me again).

    Then I need to pick up easy child, drive her home and turn right around with husband to attend easy child's junior parent night meeting. The drive is 1/2 hour each way so we'll see if I make it to the club tonight or just collapse into bed!

    Cold weather is on the way; today it is suppose to be rainy and a high of 54 (not too bad temp wise), tomorrow the prediction is we won't get out of the 40s!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:

    One more thing, LDM, yesterday you asked about my purple ink-it will return;) for right now the brown is making me feel more fallish (but purple is still my favorite color:)):autumn::autumn:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :coffee: Good Thursday Morning!!!

    Sharon, sorry you are up earlier than usual. You will probably want to colapse this evening!

    I sure wish that our weather was as fall-like as Sharons. Today it will be in the low 70's but tomorrow we are supposed to get up to 87 :faint:!

    I'll be at the office this morning and then I hope to get to my hair - which I didn't get a chance to color yesterday.

    Wishing everyone a great Thursday :peaceful:

  3. therese005us

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    Good morning everyone

    Another long day of running back and forwards to the doctor, with a trip to the city inbetween.
    Since the NG came out, I had to persuade her to drink another litre of the colonlightly stuff today. Not much came out though!
    Tomorrow she will be discharged for the weekend then transferred to another hospital for testing. Very traumatic for her.
    They want to measure her urine out put etc (how, if she only does it in her pants, a catheter maybe?)

    SoOOO tired, and wheezy again, the stress is bearing down....
    haven't really spent any time at home since a week last Wednesday. The place is going to the dogs!

    Well, tomorrow I am hoping that she will be discharged early in the day, so we can at least have a ;normal' night at home... here's hoping....

    Must get down the paddock and see if there are any babies yet (calves):D
  4. TPaul

    TPaul Idecor8

    Good morning to everyone from way down south!! Lots of moisture supposed to be upon us today. Trip yesterday after noon for Levi's follow up, which went well and very quickly. That was ok, we did not get in until 4:50pm. That helped us get back to town around 7pm.

    Hope they day goes well for all,
    T. Paul
  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, sorry you can't sleep. I'm glad you got to the gym while you could. The cold weather can't be fun.

    Sharon/LDM, good luck with getting your hairdone. A good friend of mine had her hair done yesterday - a disaster! She went to my hairdresser this morning for a rescue and is now very much relieved.

    Trish, I hope they can get some answers for cherub. As for the urine collection - maybe a pediatric collection? I remember having to stick one of these onto easy child, it was a small adhesive thing that stuck down over her genital area and simply collected the sample that way.

    T. Paul, I'm glad Levi's follow-up went well. Good to see you on the Morning thread!

    I hope, Trish, you're not getting the gale-force winds and cold weather we're getting here. Knowing that my daughter and her new husband are honeymooning up your way, I want them to have good weather.

    The weather here is bitterly cold and horribly windy. I dropped in on my friend to check out her rescued hair - it was late afternoon but I could see the ocean sending in huge rollers, the ferry would have been stopped by the surf. Wild seas indeed.
    husband & I had a worrying find today - an old diary of easy child 2/difficult child 2's. It's left us concerned and puzzled, wishing she had talked to us. It seems that a classmate died when she was about 14. Possibly suicide. We only have a first name and the dates of his life-span, plus a lot of deeply expressed grief and pain, including some very disturbing images and text. We knew she was cutting about tat time but couldn't get her to talk and there was no way we could get her to a therapist in any way. She simply denied everything and fought like a wildcat if we tried to force her to show us her arms.
    And now we have the proof. We'll have to talk to her about it when she gets back from her honeymoon. It's 8 years ago now, hopefully she'll let us know what it was about. We have felt so much like failures, but when I look back I can't for the life of me think what else we could have done. I was terrified of tipping her over into a genuine suicide attempt.

    We rang easy child tonight to pick her brains - she had no idea, either (although she did know about the cutting).

    There was an incident on Aussie TV last night with some amateur performers doing a pseudo Jackson Five routine, performed in blackface. It has led to a lot of discussion on Aussie TV today - the performers have apologised, the network has apologised but according to a survey, 80% of Aussies can't understand what the fuss is about. Mind you, about the same number of people weren't amused, either. The funniest thing about the skit, is that these guys did the same skit 20 years ago when they were medication students, and all backed their faces. This time the guy portraying Michael Jackson painted himself white. On top of this - all of them are non-European in racial origin and the guy playing Michael Jackson is Indian (as in sub-continent). He's also a plastic surgeon these days.

    But as I said - all have apologised. An old joke with a 20 year old punchline that wasn't very funny 20 years ago - that alone requires an apology, in my book.

    Attitudes change. When I was a kid, a well-respected TV show was the Black and White Minstrel Show. And my choir performed a piece in blackface. I hated doing it - it felt wrong, plus it took a week or more to get the greasepaint out of my skin.

    One more example of cultural differences. But that show was available around the world (including in the US) via the Internet, so international sensibilities should have prevailed.

    So from an embarrassed Aussie - sorry about that, if you stumble across it. I don't know what they were thinking. They didn't intend to be racist, I can assue you of that. But if offence is given, however unintentionally, then it is by definiition, offensive.

    Enjoy your Thursday.

  6. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon (with-o), sounds like your day is packed - hope you got some more sleep.

    Sharon (ldm), as our area hasn't had much of a summer I'm dying for temps in the 80's. Have a good day at the office & with the new do.

    T.Paul, glad to hear that Levi's follow up went well.

    Theresa, keeping good thoughts for you little one.

    Marg, no apology necessary on my part; we Americans can be pretty audacious. by the way, aren't you supposed to be hitting summer now?

    My days have been filled with PT, Occupational Therapist (OT) & speech therapy is starting soon so I haven't been here much lately. Doing my best to get as strong as I can before kt comes home.

    Just PT this afternoon so I'll have time to catch up here & at my art forum, get a bit of cleaning done. I'll likely spend the morning doing some artwork & practicing piano as I have lessons tomorrow.

    Here's to a calm day ~ hope all your difficult children are cooperative & meltdown free.