Good Thursday Morning!!!

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    :frostbite: Good Morning Comprades!

    It's chilly outside this morning with colder temps arriving tomorrow. We definately are having a clear winter here in central virginia. It's not always apparent that we are in the throws of winter...

    Really excited about my trip to Charleston today. Cousin and I should be pulling out in about 2 hours. The temps will be chillier than usual, but we've got plenty of winter gear packed, especially since we will be doing the midnight ghost walking tour tomorrow night!!!

    Be good all. Be back with you on Monday :salute:.

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/LDM, enjoy your trip. Drive safely, with all that snow and ice on the road. The midnight ghost walk sounds like fun! When we were in Tasmania 4 years ago, easy child 2/difficult child 2 went on a couple of ghost walks, including one round a Hobart graveyard where a lot of convicts were buried.

    I've had a quiet day today, sort-of. Quieter than I've been having. I did get some chores done, with help. But my "help" was especially useless today, he's fairly useless most of the time but he's all I can get. I had to finish cleaning the bathroom after he left (he DID do some of the floor). Then I had a much needed rest. Someone said yesterday that I need to learn how to nap. I DO know how to nap but sometimes circumstances prevent it. Yesterday the phone kept ringing but I couldn't unplug it in case mother in law needed to call in a crisis.
    Today - the phone was blissfully quiet. I wasn't so physically tired so I alternated rest breaks with 'work' sessions. I did some more painting in the backyard - another coat on the chookhouse door and my window garden feature. I need to let that cure and then the next day I have that will be rain-free and I will be home without interruption, I will do the final (longer) session with the crackling of the final coat. I have to experiment first (chookhouse door!)

    After that I got into the vegetable bed. I'd weeded it last week (that took several sessions, and it's not big) so today all I had to do was put in some blood and bone, fork it in then plant it up. I got difficult child 3 to help me put in the carrot seed (the trick is to mix it with dry sieved sand and pour it out of a jar with a hole in the lid) and then I put in some tomato seeds, some basil seeds and dwarf beans. Then I watered it (including putting the irrigation layout back on and hooking it up to the rainwater tank) then I put the bird netting back over the garden. I know it sounds a lot but this garden bed is about four times the size of a bathtub and our soil is little more than enriched sand. Plus it's a raised garden bed so I can sit on the edge while I weed or plant.

    My hips have been hurting more all day. For years I've been labelling this particular pain as sciatica but now I realise, it's bursitis. I've had it a lot longer than I realised. So it didn't develop two years ago, it just got worse suddenly, that's all.

    I just went for my evening walk but had to cut it short because it was hurting. Even my shoulder was hurting with each step from the jarring, and I was trying to step gently. But I did force myself to walk around the second smaller block, just to count heads on the herd of deer that often gather there. There were four deer tonight, including at least one stag, about a six pointer. Big boy. They were a bit nervous as I walked past so I avoided looking at them too closely, but I was only about ten feet away from them. They didn't run but if I had slowed my pace I think they would have taken off.

    Tomorrow husband & I are going shopping (post Christmas sales continue here until Australia Day) looking for saucepans etc. I cooked osso bucco today on our new cooktop, I'm slowly learning how to drive it. But long term, I'm going to need something with a more solid base and a well-fitting lid. The stuff I swapped my good stuff fore, is too flimsy and is catching on the bottom. I've been spoiled by the good cookware husband & I bought when we first married, over 30 years ago. Such a shame it won't work on the new cooktop!

    Enjoy your Thursday.

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    Snow day here (!), so I'm letting the crew sleep in, and I might just head back to covers myself.

    Sharon, have a safe trip and wonderful holiday! I'd love to visit Charleston.

    Marg, I'm not particularly fond of weeding and watering, but every time I read about your activities I'm envious of the warm weather. :) We've had sub-zero temps for 6 days...and now the temps have let up for a few days but we've been dumped on by snow...and the sub-zero weather returns tomorrow. Sigh....

    Good luck with the cookware shopping. I was coveting new cookware for years and finally bought some good quality Calphalon when I found a really great deal. I wound up not caring for it at all and pulling my husband's grandma's old copper bottomed Revereware back out.

    Have a good day, Sharon and Marg, and those to follow.