Good Thursday Morning

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    Good "Light" Friday Morning!

    Things have been really hectic at my house lately...haven't been on the board as much as usual. Just seems to be a lot going on and a lot of needs I have to meet for others. Fortunately, difficult child is not one of those who has need of me and is doing very well!

    He got his first pair of glasses yesterday! He instantly aged in my eyes! When bonehead came over last night, they stood side by side. He is almost as tall as his dad and their taste in eyewear is similar - a little carbon copy! He's not my little boy anymore.....

    Office day today for me. I hope your day is a good one!

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Sharon-Your little boy is growing up-it's so interesting how that happens-it seems sometimes-almost overnight! I hope things aren't so hectic for you today.

    difficult child went to school yesterday for 1/2 of a day and did well. If all goes good today he will be coming home tonight. I miss having him around but at the same time I hope he is really ready. He has seemed better the last few days.

    We had our Colonial Fair at school yesterday. It's a huge production and lots of effort goes into getting it ready. In my room the kids do improv skits that involve the audience. We had different booths ranging from colonial food, colonial schools, crime and punishment, games and toys, health and medicine, all the way to colonial trades. Parents and other classes come and it went really well. Now I'm glad it is over!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/LDM, it's one thing when they gain height. But when they gain length, especially in more- well, intimate areas - we're still trying to sort that one. Just wait another couple of years... Sis-in-law, before she went home, made a big fuss to us about difficult child 3's jeans being too tight, too small for him. I of course looked at the length of the jeans - they reach to cover his heels when he's barefoot, so I figured they were OK, plus the rear view doesn't give him a wedgie. So to my mind, his jeans are OK. But sis-in-law finally had to say, "When he's lounging on the lounge, I don't want to have IT shoved in my face!"

    OK, I think sis-in-law may have a few too many hang-ups, but now she's pointed it out, I'm trying to work out how to explain to difficult child 3 that perhaps he COULD do with a looser pair of jeans... because difficult child 3 says his jeans are just fine, quite comfortable and certainly don't feel too tight. I don't want to embarrass him; he's already hypersensitive about having legs hairy enough for a bearskin coat.

    Sharon/WO, the Colonial Fair sounds wonderful. But hard work, too.

    We had a quiet morning at home, then after lunch I went out with mother in law to see my GP and then do a bit of shopping. mother in law is finding it very difficult, she is getting very tired with minimal exertion. She also admitted to me (at last) that she has lost weight. Her [small leather bag she wears round her waist - the Aussie name would be censored] was so loose it was falling off her. I've suspected the weight loss but she was insisting to me that her scales said she was gaining. Yeah, right. That's why husband & I go to her place every night to cook dinner, because she's too tired and disinterested to cook for herself and then eat.

    Tomorrow we have a fairly quiet day at home. I have some work to do on the computer for my meeting on Saturday. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is also planning on visiting on Saturday, I need to let her know I will be out. She & I need to do some planning and talking.
    Tomorrow afternoon difficult child 3 has his tennis game. I'm hoping to get to the beach (yes, it's still summery weather here once we're past the early morning coolness). I want to get as much sun as I can before winter arrives. Once I start radiotherapy, I've been told I need to keep the sun off my irradiated area.

    My sister J is doing a lot better, I still haven't been told what the final diagnosis is. I believe her family have been told tonight, I'm waiting for the news to work its way through to me (big family). At least at the moment she is now able to make her own decisions regarding her health. She is still very, very weak but they may be moving her from intensive car to a regular ward in the next few days. I won't visit for a few days, I think she needs to have a bit of space. Although she doesn't remember being on the ventilator, she does remember that I was there last Saturday. Apparently she's had the whole near-death experience thing too, she's trying to slowly process all the stuff that has happened to her. I'm hoping she can continue to improve and that this isn't just a short-term benefit from the prednisone. We'll be grateful for what we can get. I'll have to sort out things with husband, but I'm hoping I can get over to see J on Good Friday. The school term finishes already - it seems so soon! I have to give difficult child 3 an exam in the next couple of days (maybe tomorrow - I'll have to double-check the date on the envelope) and then plan the next shopping trip.

    And now to wrack my brain on how to get difficult child 3 out with me to shop for a new pair of jeans... and how loose should they be? I'm beginning to understand why teenage boys wear their pants with the crotch down to their knees.

    One day he will make some woman very, very happy...

    A scary thought.

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon (LDM)- I've been in shock the last several months at how big Duckie is getting... I can't imagine when she's a teen! So glad things are going well. :)

    Sharon (WO)- Your colonial fair sounds awesome! Too bad we couldn't have you as Duckie's next teacher... she'd love your class. I'm glad that difficult child did well yesterday... may it continue. :thumbsup:

    I have a little work to do this morning in prep of our church's last Lenten fish fry and then I wait to hear if there's girl scouts tonight. There's a rumor that it may be canceled due to a middle school band concert. We'll see!

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute: