Good Thursday Morning

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    It's Thursday so we almost made it through another week!

    I've a final IEP meeting at difficult child's school after drop off this morning, then straight to the office. Before picking up difficult child after school I'm meeting my cousin at easy child's new place to assemble something. Bonehead says the guys will move her either tomorrow or Sat so we are down to the wire!

    Another full day but the weekend is coming ;)

    Hope your day is a good one.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Sharon-Sounds like an action packed day for you. Enjoy your day:)

    Another beautiful day here-sunny and 76 is the forecast. We've had 5 days in a row with no rain-amazing after last weeks downpours on a daily basis. By Monday they are calling for a high of 88-did I mention we don't have ac in our school!

    After work I have a therapist appointment and then will visit difficult child and hopefully after that I'll feel like I still have the energy to go to book club. It's our last one of the year and I would love to make it-the book was a great one!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Sharon (LDM), Another really busy day for you! Hope the final IEP meeting goes well and easy child's move goes smoothly.

    Sharon (WO), 88 degrees by Monday - It looks like summer is arriving soon:D! Sorry about the no AC at your school though. Our schools don't have AC either and our kids are in school several weeks longer then usual this year. However, I'm NOT complaining, lol...!!! Hope you make it to the book club.

    Today is going to be a beautiful sunny, warm day. I'm going to head outside soon for my morning jog. Of course, I need at least one more cup of coffee first!!!

    Hope everyone has a great day! SFR
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/LDM, I hope the move goes well. Good luck with the assembly - don't forget your allen key!

    Sharon/WO, enjoy your warm weather. I hope you can get to book club, it's important to have time to do things for yourself.

    SFR, enjoy the jog. Me - I prefer to walk...

    We've had another quiet ay here today. I left difficult child 3 to study undisturbed today. He's been complaining tat I nag too much. I've said that if i don't nag, he doesn't get work done. He asked me to leave him alone to work by himself, so I did - and he did one page.

    We have an incentive - if he can work solidly, without distraction, for half an hour continuously, he earns a mini chocolate bar. And I can trust him to be honest about it. I asked him this afternoon, "Do you think you earned a chocolate bar today?" and he had to admit he had not. I then said, "I found that you had been reading a magazine again, and you only did one page. We're signing off on that one page, you have to explain yourself to your teacher. And I left you alone today, and you still did not do any better. In fact, I think you did worse."

    He then admitted that he has to lift his game. So hopefully - at least one lesson learned.

    Every day now, every morning first thing, he is getting a phone call asking if he has started work yet. He now realises he needs it.

    Tomorrow afternoon we leave to get difficult child 3 to the dentist, while I will get a bit of shopping done. mother in law is coming too. I've been busy sewing stage costumes today, I've got most of the tricky stuff finished. I need to have those costumes completed for a photo call on Sunday. Anything more I can do, is a bonus.

    Enjoy your Thursday.

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