Good Thursday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Thursday means only one more day til Friday and then winter break begins!!:xmasdancers: I so need that right now! I haven't been sleeping well and during vacation I will be able to squeeze in some naps.:sleeping:

    Lots to do tonight so I plan on skipping book club-I hate to do it but I know there is no way I will get things done if I don't.

    Trying to decide if I should try to catch a few extra minutes of resting or to stop fighting that I can't sleep and get up and do my Wii Fit Plus-yesterday I actually did get up and worked out with it-felt great!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:rudolph:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :blizzard: Good Thursday Morning!

    Sharon, bet you are doing your Wii right now! Two more days, two more days..........

    Sharon, you Linda and others are going to love this - they are predicting about 5 or 6 inches of snow to start today around 9 or so and last night, they had cancelled all the major school systems!!!!! The city was the last to announce closure at around 9pm and difficult child was bummed he did all his homework!!! I told him at least he doesn't have any homework over Christmas break from his even day classes since they won't be meeting until after the holiday :forchristmas:!

    easy child spent the night here because she has her last, and hardest, final exam this morning at 8 and was so afraid she would oversleep or there would be snow and she couldn't use her moped......... I will drop her off at the exam building on my way in to work this morning and her boyfriend will collect her when she's done. difficult child, well he'll probably sleep till I get home from work!!!!!

    Enjoy your day!

  3. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Winter break here starts the middle of next week (I don't get it, either). I think I've got (or will have) babysitting covered so I don't have to take too many days off work over her break. Hibernator living up to her nickname today. Don't blame her, I'd prefer to crawl back under the covers and sleep for another few months myself.
    Was asked the other day by a ex-coworker's grandma (she and her husband do a fair amount of missionary type work, mostly helping refugees get on their feet here and learn English, etc), if it would be okay if bought kiddo a Christmas present. I was floored, and of course I said yes and thank you and all. My Dad and stepmom (as always) are making sure kiddo has a decent Christmas, and they've been there to listen to me agonize and cry about how to handle her and help her, I can't appreciate them enough.

    We're expecting today and tomorrow to be very busy at work since coupons went out yesterday, and while it's great to get business so we have jobs and all, it's really stressful since I'm not a social person for the most part. Most of our regulars are great, but coupons = a lot of not-regulars, and people are so RUDE this time of year. Gets worse as it gets closer to the holidays, too. I work in fast food (far cry from the office jobs I used to have when I was younger), and I can't tell you how many people just.don't.listen. Or look. "Do you have X? How much is it?" Oh, you mean the item in full color with a huge picture in the middle of the menu you're looking at with the prices right under it? Never heard of it. Ditto the 4 foot tall photos on the windows you drove by a bit too fast while almost hitting the people walking in. Don't know anything about it. And the answer to "Would you like a combo?" is NOT "Pepsi." Especially when we carry Coke products. Yes, I have to ask, I can be fired for not asking, no need to be rude to me about like the 50 people in front of you were. Really, two minutes working drive-thru is often more than enough to make me want to put my head through the wall.

    Hope you ladies stay warm, and your easy child does well on her exam.
  4. SearchingForRainbows

    SearchingForRainbows Active Member

    Good Morning Everyone,:mornincoffee:,

    Sharon (WO), The Wii sounds like a good plan to me. Glad you'll be able to catch up on some zzz's during vacation. My kids have a half day of school on the 23rd and then break begins.

    Sharon (LDM), Hope you get lots of snow, lol...!!! ENJOY:snowing:!!!

    HaoZi, Glad you have babysitting coverage for your daughter. How thoughtful of your ex-coworker to think of your daughter. Hope your day goes better then you expect.

    Today is another cold one here:2cold:. I'm going to dress in lots of layers and top everything off with my down jacket. I have lots of errands to do, grocery shopping, etc...

    Hope everyone has a good day... SFR
  5. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, people.

    Sharon/WO, I hope you get that chance to rest up. I need to get back on the Wii Fit too.

    Sharon/LDM, I hope easy child's exam goes OK.

    HaoZi, I'm sorry you're finding people getting more rude as it gets closer to Christmas. I hope it doesn't get too bad for you.

    SFR, I almost missed you!

    I'm a horrible mother. Today was the first day of the summer holidays and I let difficult child 3 keep working as if it was a normal school day... and he did quite well! We're going shopping in the morning, meeting up with GF1 & daughter in law. We might be taking mother in law too, it depends on how she feels in the morning. husband & I have almost finished our Christmas shopping.

    We have five or six weeks now, before the new school year. The exception is Year 12 - it has already started and continues through the break, with homework. difficult child 3 has one Year 12 subject.

    Enjoy your Thursday.

  6. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning my friends. Sorry I have been missing lately. It's been particularly busy. :christmaslights:
    We woke up to snow today. The enitre school system is shut down. It's now freezing rain. :snowing:We are officially the coldest December on record for Raleigh NC. It's been amazing. By this afternoon we should be ok for driving. I'm going to make cranberry nut bread to freeze and maybe the cookie press cookies. :elf:

    easy child is catching up on his sleep. :sleeping:
    Meanwhile difficult child is just chomping on the bit. He wants to be home. I think he thinks he is missing out with easy child being home. This is where you see the lag in maturity. He will be home Sat. and hopefully he won't keep calling. :surprise:

    Wiped Out, hope you feel better soon.

    LDM, :frozen:enjoy the snow. It's great. Good luck for easy child and her finals.

    HaoZi, hope the stress of Christmas eases up. Maybe the customers will be more positive than negative today.
    SFR, stay warm.

    Marguerite, I can't imagine you ever, as a horrible mom.

    Hope you all enjoy the rest of the pre holiday season. :xmasdancers:Everyone is carrying a stressor in their life. Patience is a good thing.