Good Thursday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by SearchingForRainbows, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. SearchingForRainbows

    SearchingForRainbows Active Member

    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    I just got back from taking my "favorite sanity saver" for her morning walk. easy child/difficult child 3 walked with us until we got too near the bus stop. Then she took off - Too embarrassing to be seen with your mother, especially at 17, lol... It looks like today is going to be a nice day - Sunny, low 60's:sunny::smiles:...

    I need to take a quick shower and get to the laundry room before it gets crowded. After laundry, it's the grocery store.

    Hope everyone's day is off to a good start... SFR
  2. Malika

    Malika Well-Known Member

    Hello SFR. I take it your "sanity saver" is a dog? :) Sounds like you have a relatively peaceful day ahead...
    Here the sun is shining brightly again - the summer I missed by not being here in August. Chained to the computer as two tight deadlines coming up. I like translation but... it is hard at times to focus on it hour after hour... In the longer term, would like to move more into teaching. But that is not here and now! Lunch is cooking - carrots, potatoes and brussels sprouts (with cheese) - cordon bleu! Later a friend is coming for coffee. A little break from the grindstone!
    May you all have a peaceful day.
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    SFR-You are so good to already have taken your walk! I need that inspiration!!! Enjoy your day!

    Malika-Sorry you are trapped inside when the weather is so warm. Enjoy your break with your friend!

    My day hasn't started as pleasantly as I would have liked. difficult child is awake and in full difficult child mode. I've already been busted in on while I was in the shower, locked out of my room, and taken the remote away from difficult child who has yet to take his medications. by the way, I've been up only 15 minutes!

    Kind of glad it's a work day! After work I have a meeting with a team about one of my students; unfortunately the mom can't come until 4:45 so it's going to be a long work day. on the other hand, I should get lots accomplished!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:)
  4. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day folks.

    We'll be off the air probably for a few days. Heading to a tropical island on the Barrier Reef for the long weekend and my niece's wedding. It's almost midnight, we have to get up at 6 am and dress in layers (it's still cold here early morning; tepid my midday at best) and head for the airport. as we fly north we peel off layers. Done this before - if the plane stops over in Brisbane, we'll be down to t-shirts. Once we get to Townsville, it's singlet top and shorts. Then on the island - swimsuit!

    Can't wait!

    See you Monday night...

    Marg (and husband, & difficult child 3)
  5. TeDo

    TeDo Guest

    difficult child is "bored" already. He goes out with his CTSS worker in half an hour but he is driving me nuts already. I've got errands to run while he's gone followed by homeschooling and a call to the online school to find out when we can get going. It's sunny here too but the winds are howling. We're in a wind advisory all dAY, ugh.

    Have a great day everyone.
  6. cubsgirl

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    Good Morning Everyone.

    I slept until 10:15 this morning. Wow. I must have needed the sleep - plus some of my medications make me tired. difficult child has been getting himself off to school independently this year so we have been thrilled with his progress.

    I don't have much on the agenda today - just a meeting for a committee I'm on for church - but that is not until 5. I'll probably clean and I'm working on a cross-stitch too.

    Have a great day everyone!