Good thursday morning

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    Good Morning Everyone:bloodshot:,

    Didn't see that Sharon (WO) already started the morning thread! I guess I really needed that pot of coffee. Mods, please move this. Thanks.

    Sharon (WO), Hope you feel better soon and you find the time to get some much needed rest this weekend!

    Marg, Enjoy your new grand-daughter!

    I'm having trouble waking up. I think it's partly due to the rain and partly because my mind is on overload - Lots happening in a really short amount of time - Home for the holidays, then it's back here for almost two weeks, then it's relocation time (again). I should have already gone to the exercise room and been back. I'm going to go now before I find any more reasons to procrastinate.

    Hope everyone has a good day or at least one reason to smile... SFR
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