Good Thursday Morning

Wiped Out

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Good Morning All,

It will be here soon! Yes, the last day of school is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dance:

easy child's 8th grade graduation went well. She looked beautiful. Just a simple dress and she put her hair up herself. She loved the scrapbook I made her. I even got a hug which is a rare occurance from her! She said it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. It was my first scrapbook so I was glad she liked it.

Long day ahead. difficult child has therapist appointment after school. Then easy child needs to be picked up later on the other side of town (her field trip won't be done til 6:00. Then at 7:00 we have a contract ratification meeting that I would like to be at. All of this and tomorrow is the last day of school. difficult child's birthday is Saturday and we haven't even bought a present yet-yikes! :nonono:

Enjoy your day-stay cool if you are where it is hot! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif(It's going to be 88 here and I'm jealous of difficult child and husband being in an air conditioned building).


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- Treasure that hug, I hear they are few and far between from teenagers. :thumb:
Today is Flag Day in the US. Duckie's school has a huge ceremony at the flag pole. The kids make their own hats or flags and parade out to sing patriotic songs. :warrior: Our class will have cupcakes, too. :smile:It's really a blast.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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:wink: Good Thursday Morning!!

Sharon, our weather is the total opposite of yours - today (which is difficult child's field day and the day the ice cream truck I contracted for arrives) is only supposed to be 70!!!!! There may some light misty rain, but I sure wish the temps were a little higher. One more day, one more day, one more day........

Well, when I think back to dark place difficult child was in just 3.5 years ago, I remember thinking I would never get here where he would be moving on from fifth grade, class reporter and historian, honor role student, smiling, and happy :hammer:. God knows it has been a heck of a journey. But tomorrow will be the beginning of a new journey for difficult child - the road to middle school. But, I'm enjoying the summer before I start thinking about that :nonono:!

Good news for easy child, she has some peach fuzz on her scalp!!!!!! She's still having some hair coming out, but some is beginning to grow back :thumb:. We have our dermodoc appointment tomrrow afternoon - I'm sure she will let us know what this means.

Have a great day all - you can always find some small reason to smile :smile:

Good Morning :coffee:,

Sharon, easy child's graduation brings tears to my eyes!!! I'm sure she looked beautiful and the scrapbook is fantastic gift - I'm sure she'll always treasure it...

TM, Enjoy Flag Day!!! It does sound like fun!!! I love them when their Duckie's age - so cute and innocent....

Sharon, I'm so happy that easy child's hair is beginning to grow back!!! I hope everything goes well at her dermotologist appointment!!!

Well, I have to run - I have to pick easy child up at school for an eye appointment.

I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... :flower: WFEN :flower: :flower:

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, another busy day ahead for you I see....treasure that hug from easy child.

TM, have fun at that parade.

Sharon, good to hear positive news about easy child's hair.

WFEN, enjoy your day.

kt is down for the count this morning; she spent 4 hours at the lake with her PCA. I packed a cooler with lots of water, lunch & treats & she had a gas.

My day will be spent tidying up around the house before the heat hits, laundry & some grocery shopping. kt has respite this weekend; after she is picked up, I head off to see my father.

husband will be spending Father's Day weekend enjoying the quiet. I want the same for Mother's Day next year.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. I plan on it. :flower:


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Hi kids and good morning.
Wiped out, how terrific that you have these memories and she hugged you. What a terrific gift. Once my easy child went through the "dark times" he came back better and more mature.
TM, I love the flag day event. Cupcakes sound pretty yummy too.

LDM,I'm so glad that easy child is getting peach fuzz. I'm sure you look at your little guy and are grateful.

WFEN, have fun at the eye appointment. I'll try to laugh out loud at least once.
Timer, enjoy the weekend with your dad.
JoG have a productive day.

It's hot,hot,hot. difficult child is doing really well in that he is trying to talk things through and understand who he is and why he is here. This is where I get to reinforce "if you always do what you always did" :smile:

easy child continues to have a blast at work. He is pretty funny.

I am heading out to the gym. Wish me luck. LOL. At my age, I need it.
Have a wonderful day.