Good Tuesday morning all.

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  1. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    It's to be a warm beautiful day! :bbq: Barbecue weather!

    husband & I head down to Mayo this morning around 8:30 or so. Should be back before kt gets home from school - I have a PCA coming in just in case.

    If I have the energy when I get back I'd like to barbecue for dinner tonight - most likely something I've premade out of the freezer. husband told me he'd set up my painting out on the patio for a couple of hours. As I haven't spent a lot of time using my nature journal, I'm taking him up on it.

    Have a good day. Don't forget to hug your loved ones as they leave for the day.
  2. tiredmommy

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    Good morning! :coffee:

    husband just left for Cleveland for a few days. He'll be working there until Thursday and then head home. Hopefully, Duckie and I will have a quiet time.

    Duckie had her first "fight" yesterday. My friend had taken her two kids (boy C & girl A), best friend M and boyfriend brother Mt, Duckie and C's friend Mc to the park. The three boys (third graders) got along pretty well. The girls squabbled most of the time, though (three's a crowd). Duckie walked away and hung with my friend which upset A. They leave the park and drop Mc off at home and head to my house. A kept pestering Duckie who finally told her off and A cried. C (the older brother) declared that "no one makes his little sister cry". All the kids pile out of friend's van as she and I are talking and run to the back yard when they reach our house, C and A chasing Duckie, and Mt & M chasing C & A to break it up. A pinched Duckie and C knocked her down. Mt got between C & Duckie (M is a big kid) and made every one stop.

    M announced she was telling and the kids run to the front of the house yelling and screaming where friend and are standing. I get Mt to tell what happened (he's the most reliable in the bunch). Poor friend is mortified about C. A is screaming, Duckie is whining.

    I hate drama, lol!

    I'll be cleaning today... think I'll work in husband's office since he's not home. Have a great day! :salute:
  3. tiredmommy

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    Hi Linda! I must have started typing about the time you were posting. I merged our threads. Have a safe trip to Mayo! I hope you get to bbq and use your journal tonight. :)
  4. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    Linda, It's supposed to be a beautiful day here too. I hope you feel rested enough to barbecue this evening:bbq:. Sounds like fun - I wish I could join you!!!

    TM, I hate drama too!!! I hope Duckie has a better day today and you get husband's office straightened out.

    I'm in a rush as I have a physical therapy and ultrasound therapy appointment this morning. Then I have a bunch of errands to run and phone calls to make. difficult child 1 has been a total PITA:angry-very:!!! I hope he comes home from school in a better mood this afternoon.

    I'm hoping to get just a bit of "me" time before the kids get out of school... I'll have to see how the day progresses. Anyway, it looks like Spring has finally "sprung" around here!!!:picnic::bbq::bigsmile:.

    I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today...:flower: WFEN
  5. Christy

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    Looks like a nice day here as well. Best of all, difficult child and I have no appointments or scheduled activities! We should be able to get a our school work done and still have plenty of time to enjoy the day!

    Wishing everyone a happy day!
  6. JamieM

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    Good morning all! This morning was a little rough, but straightend out before leaving for school. It is a beautiful day here! I feel positive that it will be a good day.
  7. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Definitely doing much better tonight. I was a mess last night - at first I thought my blood pressure was going crazy, then I felt faint, hot and cold, nauseous - spaced out. I finally read the small print on my vitamins - the ones I reacted to, I think it was trace amounts of copper and iron. Definitely a bad reaction, I've got rid of them now.

    Linda, I hope you are able to manage the barbecue tonight. I hope it's warm enough for you.

    TM, sorry to hear about Duckie's problem with her friends. C needs to learn to not interfere. Wanting to stick up for family members should never be an excuse for bullying. There are much better ways to support your family.

    WFEN, sounds like you're going to be rushing a lot today. I hope difficult child is more cooperative this afternoon.

    Christy, I hope difficult child works efficiently for you so you can get in some fun extracurricular stuff. I love those days too, when it falls into place for difficult child 3's schoolwork.

    JamieM, I'm glad things have settled this morning. Have a relaxing day.

    My week is about to get really busy. difficult child 3's speech pathology assessment was completed today, although it really ate into his school time. She started at 10.30 am and didn't finish until after 2 pm. She & I then talked about what she's found so far. We'll have a much better idea after she scores it all.

    difficult child 3 got his new budgie Lucky out of his cage this afternoon. Lucky's wing has been severely clipped by the breeder so he's more secure climbing on things. difficult child 3 put him on his knitted sweater and the bird spent most of the afternoon sitting on difficult child 3's shoulder, or exploring his armpits and inside his sleeves. Interestingly, Daisy (our older budgie) seemed to want to stay nearby, she flew to her favourite place in my bathroom but followed difficult child 3 & Lucky when they left the room. We've now got their cages sitting side by side, and they seem to be sitting near each other, each in their own cage. In time we hope to move Daisy into Lucky's larger cage, hopefully with a nesting box.

    Tomorrow after lunch I have to drive mother in law halfway to the city to get her eyes operated on by laser. After that it's difficult child 3's drama class, so he's going to have to come with us and bring his schoolwork. Then the next day difficult child 3 has a History excursion, by boat around Sydney Harbour. I'm looking forward to that one!

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

  8. mstang67chic

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    Good morning all. Not too much time this morning so I can't reply individually. Have to go vote and then I'm headed to the unemployment office. The dealership I worked (part-time) at for six years, eliminated my position and my other (seasonal) part-time job has ended also. Then I'm off to my Dad and Step-mom's. One of their neighbors died last December and as he didn't really have family (that he would acknowledge), his house and most of his posessions are being auctioned off. He was close with Dad and SM as well as some of the other neighbors so we're all going. His house is just gorgeous (lottery winner) and he had some really nice stuff. (Wish I had the money and room for his awesome pool table!) It's going to be strange, though, seeing all of his stuff auctioned off. He was a good guy.

    Hope everyone has a good day!
  9. KTMom91

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    I have a "big busy day", as Miss KT used to say.

    Getting my hair colored this morning, and working this afternoon, second grade I think. Got lots of painting done yesterday, I love the color, but it needs a second coat.

    Have a great day!