Good Tuesday morning all,

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    Good morning friends,

    Another early morning for me; I've been listening to music by Deuter (I found on Amazon for sleep). It's wonderfully relaxing & reminds me of music played during a massage. It's helped with sleep in the past & that's all that counts.

    Nothing on the schedule today until in home therapist comes after dinner tonight. First night appointment for kt ~ should be interesting.

    As my dad, brothers & BILs are coming into town Friday I'm working slowly to get my home cleaned up. I have a former PCA coming in for a couple of days to do the heavy work for me. I love this lady. I love a clean house ~ wish kt & husband were more aware & helpful in that area.

    Time to put on the HMJ; now that I'm awake I need to stay awake til kt is off to school.

    Have a good one friends. Keep it calm:flower:
  2. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All! Hope everyone
    has a great day! difficult child Daughter
    15 had a very bad night, much
    depression and crying. She has
    an appointment with a new therapist on Thursday.
    Please hope I make it until then!
    Thanks! I will try to post more often when I can. Right now,I
    have to watch her 24/7. I thought she was going to go
    back to high school yesterday.
    She wants to try but the idea of it proved to be too much. Anyway, sending hugs to All!
    Thanks. Rabbit
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    :witchcrafting:Good Morning All :frenkenstein:

    Linda, glad you are finding the music soothing. If you can't sleep, at least you can relax! Hope the meeting goes well for kt tonight. That's great that an old pca is coming to help you - but you know your family will take you and your house as it is!! Take care today.

    Rabbit, sorry your daughter is having such a difficult time. What does the school have to say about all these absences? Hope the both of you are able to hold things together until Thursday.

    It's an office day and tons of errands afterward. I'm going to the photo store and dropping off some of easy child's black and white negatives to be electronically put on a disk. She has a portfolio review at the university she is applying to. Most of her pics are digital, but she has a few from photo class that are 35mm. After that, it's off to the phone store to swap my phone. I got a new one last week and I don't like it. You know what those phone stores are like - I'm hoping it will take under an hour!

    After that, it's the grocery store. I've decided to do spagetti for easy child's meeting thursday and tomorrow is a home day for me. I want to go ahead and make the sauce tomorrow. I've decided to just serve Costco pizza Friday night!

    Listen to this - easy child had a photo assignment. She had to do a series of three portraits, making sure the capture something that tells about the person in the portrait. So, she decided to use difficult child. He's a gamer so all his Wii and 360 game boxes came out. She taped them down his arms, across his chest and down his legs so his whole body, but his head was covered with game boxes. Then, across his mouth she put a piece of masking tape with the words "game boy" written across it!!!! I thought it was so cool. I don't know where some of her ideas come from.......

    Hey, if it's like around here, it's getting cooler. Have a good Tuesday and keep it warm :witchy:.

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    G'day, Linda. The music sounds lovely. We use the iPod a lot, I put a very wide range of music on it. I've just discovered how to put video onto it; husband uses it for talking books and we both use it for relaxation. We can feed it into the car stereo and also into a small speaker system the kids gave me for Christmas last year. Enjoy that coffee!

    Rabbit, here's hoping you can hold things together until Thursday. If difficult child doesn't go to school, do you have some schoolwork-type activities to keep her occupied? I find that it holds difficult child 3 together really well, it gives him something else to focus on, to distract him from his anxieties.

    Sharon/LDM, I hope easy child's work pulls together into a great portfolio. The sound of her project with difficult child and his games sounds great!

    A busy day for us today. husband was home, he bought a wood lathe second-hand on Sunday so planned to go and get chisels and similar stuff for it. I finally heard back from difficult child 3's Geography teacher about the exam I have to give him; turns out we were supposed to get an information package about it last term that told us about it, when to give the test, what he should study - he's had no advance notice of this at all, just the exam paper arriving in the mail on Friday.

    So we went out at lunchtime with difficult child 3 studying Geography on the road. Tomorrow - more study and some catch-up work. It has totally messed up our schedule.

    Today's errands - one got postponed (thank goodness) so husband dropped me off at the library to deal with my meeting (difficult child 3 sat in to do more study) while he did some shopping. Then husband collected us, took me to my doctor's appointment then went shopping with difficult child 3 for lathe parts. After my appointment we did a bit more shopping then headed home to cook dinner. Late, unfortunately, but we just finished.

    The rheumatologist says I've got hypermobile joints (I'm sceptical) and says I have bursitis in both hips and probably rotator cuff problems in my right shoulder. He said it's all fixable, but didn't give me any strategy or medications to begin with. More tests - X-rays, CT - before I go back to see him just after the wedding. In the meantime I'm having a brain & spine MRI at the hospital. At this rate radiation poisoning will take me out before any of these other diseases!

    One bit of fun news - I planted a Black Russian tomato plant a couple of months ago and it's huge. Someone said I should cut off the side shoots but I couldn't bear to waste them, so I stuck them in the ground - they've taken! I never knew you could strike cuttings from tomatoes! This tomato plant was a splurge for me, an extravagance, but I now seem to have about ten plants growing now, from the original one. I need to find somewhere in full sun to plant them - I'm thinking of using the blank spaces in my side hedge where two plants have died.

    Tomorrow I get difficult child 3 to the GP for a referral to the new psychiatry professor contact. The guy specialises in autism, I want as much help for difficult child 3 as we're offered.

    So much happening, so much news - it's a busy time right now.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I hope the music helps you to sleep. How nice that you will get to see so many relatives. I'm sorry kt and husband don't realize how much you love a clean house.

    Rabbit-Sorry your daughter is struggling so much right now.

    Sharon-I love the image I have of your difficult child and the video games. Your easy child is so creative! I think the pizza party sounds like lots of fun. I so fondly remember those DECA days.

    Marg-The Black Russian tomatoes sound exciting (I love tomatoes). I've never heard of that variety. Are they a different color? Did you hear about the new purple variety that is supposed to be so good for you? I don't think they're generaly available yet though.

    I'm home today due to my back pain. The doctor doesn't want me to go back to work all week but I'm taking it one day at a time for now. Guess there isn't a whole lot on my agenda today-tv? reading? suduko?

    I do have to make sure I'm fairly medication free by the time school lets out because husband has a dr appointment and I have to be able to pick up difficult child from school. I have to figure out how to time my medications today to do this.

    easy child is cheering in her first play-off game. The game is about 1 1/2 hours away and doesn't start til 7:00. I don't know how she is suppose to get homework done (she probably won't). She probably won't be home till close to midnight-she should be a joy to be around tomorrow.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  6. Marguerite

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    Sharon/WO, the Black Russian tomato could be described as purple, I guess. It's very dark, hence the name. I wanted it because of the unusual colour but also to see if having tomatoes other than red, something dark and not so obvious, would keep them safe from the cockatoos that normally attack the crop.

    They're an heirloom tomato so they grow true to type from seed. I've had trouble with tomatoes every year, especially with the drought, but this year I'm working at keeping the water up to them thanks to the drought restrictions having been eased a bit, so I can use the hose to fill the reservoir in the pot.

    Something else I did different this year - I planted as early as I could, even though we still had that nasty cold spell to worry about. By planting in pots I could put them indoors for a few days if I needed to, or put a bubble over them to keep the cold off them.

    I'm going to harvest some seed form the first tomatoes just in case the cockatoos work out that the crop is edible and I lose the rest of them. One way or another, I want to grow a good tomato crop. If all goes well, we'll have fresh-picked home-grown BLACK tomatoes for Christmas dinner! Loaded with lycopenes...

  7. artana

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    Good morning!

    Linda, the music sounds great.:) I need something soothing now and then.

    Rabbit, I'm sorry about your daughter. You must be so tired. I hope she feels better soon.

    LDM- The picture sounds awesome. Your daughter sounds very creative. My younger kid would probably love to pose with all his game consoles and such.

    Marg-Sorry to hear about the Geography test. I wasn't here earlier, but it sounds like there is quite a backstory to this. Here's hoping that the situation resolves itself well.:goodluck:

    Both my children came home yesterday having had a green day!! Second day in a row, and probably the first time since the beginning of the year. I am so proud of them!

    Today I am going to be working and then going to a workshop for PA schools called the Parent and Community Leadership Institute. It's a four part seminar. It's about being informed in PA so you can help influence public policy and encourage advocacy about education. With all the issues we'd been having, I want to know as much as I can about the school board.

    I know someone else said s/he was in PA, so I figured I'd post the link.
  8. Andy

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    Timer - Hope all your goals are met today. An after dinner appointment with therapist would be interesting. Our kids are often in a different mind frame at bed time than earlier in the day.

    Rabbit - I hope your daughter can get help quickly. Don't hesitate to take her to ER if need be.

    Little Dude's Mom - That is a cool idea of easy child's. It is also nice to see siblings working together. A special kind of calming peace in itself.

    Marg - Take care of yourself - don't overdue!

    Wiped Out - Did the doctor give you exercises for your back? I hope it is getting better. So hard to want to get stuff done and your back is saying No.

    We are getting another late start this morning. difficult child is still in bed and needs to let the puppy out. Since husband isn't home to wake up the house, puppy has been very quiet. I hate when she starts whining at 6:30 am just because husband is up and about.

    I am so looking forward to daylight savings change. Love that extra hour of sleep once a year.

    Tuesdays are our free days. Nothing planned after school and nothing on the calander for tonight. NICE! difficult child likes to come home and play with the neighbor boy.

    Well I better get going.

    Everyone have a great day today. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.
  9. Andy

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    Artana - You snuck in on me. Have a great day learning.
  10. Fran

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    Good Morning all. I'm running late so excuse this short post.
    Today we have an intake interview with Voc Rehab for difficult child. Hopefully it won't be too long of a process before they start to work with him. I'm sort of ready for him to have something to do besides "chat" with me about his current interest. :hammer: He is a help around the house but exhausting to listen to throughout the day.

    with-O hope you feel better.
    LDM, very cool photo.
    Rabbit, I'm sure it was stressful to have difficult child so anxious all night. Hugs.
    Marguerite, how cool about planting the shoots.
    Adrianne, Enjoy a peaceful no appointment. Tuesday.
    Artana, thumbs up on both being green on the same day.
    Timer, how great that dad and brothers are coming over. Enjoy your day.

    I'm out the door to run errands. Hope you all have a peaceful day.
  11. Jena

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    Good morning everyone!!! :)

    I'm not going to try to list everyone's names.......we all know I'm just not any good at that!! LOL

    Yet I will say I hope that everyone has a great day today, our difficult child's are calm, or calmer.

    I"m off to meet difficult child's new therapist today. Yea I finally found one. She wants complete history so took me over an hr last night to get from birth to age 5!! fun, fun

    Jen :)
  12. Pookybear66

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    Afternoon everyone, at least it is here where I am. I won't say good because it is VERY windy and cold and disgusting to be out in! I have some errands which I am avoiding. I hope the weather clears up by this evening.

    Artana-I am another in PA(Harrisburg). I will have to take a look at the link. Thanks for being an advocate!

    Fran + Jennifer-Good luck with your appts.
    Andy-Enjoy your free day and your puppy!
    Marg-Good luck with the tomoatoes-they sound yummy!
    Sharon/WO-Have fun at cheering tonight if you go. I'm sorry your back hurts but sudoku sounds great. I might have to do some today. I sometimes forget how much I used to enjoy certain things once I get distracted from them. Ugg!
    Rabbit-Sorry you had a bad night. Hugs to you as I don't have any other advice right now.
    Sharon/LDM-The picture of "game boy" sounds hysterical. I can't believe how patient he must have needed to be for her to do that. You'll have to post pics sometime if u feel comfortable.
    Timer-Enjoy your music and good luck with kt's appointment tonight!

    DS was wicked this past Saturday as of course I asked him to do something he didn't want to do. Of course Monday was fine because I didn't ask anything of him. Teacher didn't assign homework. So he's good as long as I don't ask him to do anything. Maybe I should just let him do what he wants all the time? Yeah right! The warrior mom in me says no-I'd rather fight with him and get him to do things "for his own good". Oh and I must remember it hurts me more than it does him or is that the other way around? I always forget that saying.

    Anyway,don't forget to get out and vote next Tuesday!
  13. misskrystal

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    Heard good news from difficult children teacher. She let me know that if I have problems getting her to do homework to send it to school the next day and that she will have to stay in at recess or computer time. I thought this was great. Now I have to figure out how to get her through her reading books. Then I will be set!
    I signed her up for an after school program called SafeBase. They choose classes and each day after school they go. Like monday is on class, tuesday another and so on. It gives me a little extra quiet time. I love a clean house and I live with 4 slobs!

    I have been doing a lot of work lately. I don't think I have mentioned before I work at home. I am a ChaCha guide, so it's really great and flexable. I haven't worked since I quit my job to stay home with difficult child. I was so glad to find ChaCha and start making money again.:redface:
    I feel like I am usually much shorter when the house is a disaster, how do you all keep yourself from having a meltdown? Some days I just go to the other room and cry. I have been thinking that since difficult child seems to like getting a rise out of me, I am going to try to remain as calm as possible. Maybe I need to mix a stiff drink before the kids come home today....:smug: Well I am off to clean some more, wish me luck and cross your fingers for me