Good Tuesday morning, friend.....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Aug 5, 2008.

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    Good morning friends & fellow warrior parents. It's been another long night with little sleep. I've finished the sketch I've been working on for my next painting & I'm soaking my canvas for stretching even as we speak. I expect it will be ready to paint by mid morning. :painter: I expect I'll be :sleeping: by then - or I would be if PT wasn't coming. I have speech & physical therapy this morning & then I'm free for the day.

    According to kt's calendar, she & PCA are off to the library after her in home therapists appointment (one of her last). This morning kt is in charge of laundry & help me go through the newpaper for coupons for groceries.

    You know, just the normal Becky Ho-mecky stuff around my house today. :targetpractice::sleeping::rofl:

    Here's to a fun day with laughter filling your home today.
  2. dreamer

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    Sounds like you are keeping busy! Whew!
    Thats great kt is helping with becky homecky stuff.
    I woke far too early, we all went to bed extremely early (for us) last nite. The weather has been very wild and volatile the last 24 hours, woke yesterday at 4 am due to massive storms and this morning it is very errie outside, I want to say it looks foggy...everything is very white, but, it is not hazy..kinda weird. flooding all over again!
    Over the weekend, we had dhs 40th HS reunion and it was all outside and on the river, seems some chiggers got my ankles pretty bad. Well, I think thats what it is.....and yesterday morning and this morning the intense itching helped me stay awake after the weather woke me, yeesh. LOL.
    I do think the storms may have chased some of the extreme hot away for now outside. I hope it dries some, so I can mow.
    wishing a good day to all :)
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Linda, you're getting a lot of painting done. I wish I could get going with my artistic endeavours too. And good for kt, pitching in and helping.

    Dreamer, sorry you got chiggers. Nasty. Have you tried ti-tree oil and bicarb soda on the bites? It might help the itch, it is intense.

    It's cold here again today. Weird, because it was so sunny today, the weather seemed so fine - and yet my hands and feet were aching with the cold even inside the woollen gloves/boots. I had to go to the shops this afternoon and wore my heavy down jacket - and was still cold! I was warmer in New Zealand in the snow!
    I just hope our new budgie (and the old one) are OK in this cold.

    And talking about art, as reminded by Linda - husband & I just watched a TV program on our artist neighbour, Jai Wei Shen. difficult child 1 is at girlfriend's parents' place tonight and they happened to see the program starting and rang to tell us. Our neighbour was a much-renowned artist in China during the Cultural Revolution, just happened to be in Australia during Tiannanmen Square and had the chance to stay here. He's gone on to win some major awards and commissions here since then. It was good to watch the program - although he's a friend of ours, the show told us more than he's ever told us himself, he's a very unassuming man. Their daughter is a bit younger than easy child 2/difficult child 2, they were good friends when travelling to high school together.

    And we didn't even have a tape to put it on! I'm going to try to contact the network tomorrow and order a copy, so mother in law can see it. She lives across the road from Jai Wei.

    We certainly do live in a fascinating place!

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I'm sorry you are having a sleepless night-at least you are being productive:painter: I hope you are able to get in some serious napping later!

    Dreamer-Good to see you on the morning thread! We have fog this morning too but missed out on most of the storms. :thunderstorm: Sorry to hear about the chigger bites-ouch!

    Marg-It's so interesting to think of it being so cold right now-brrr.:coldday: We're roasting but I wouldn't be willing to trade right now. After the winter we had I don't know that I ever want to see cold again!

    The usual dropping off difficult child at camp and then heading to the club.:treadmill:After that I have a therapist appointment. Later this afternoon difficult child has a physical so we have to pick him up a bit early today.

    At some point I have to get to the grocery store or we won't be eating dinner!

    Wishing everyone a day with some unexpected pleasant surprises:kisses:

  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :cutie_pie: Good Morning Friends!!!!

    Linda, sounds like a nice day at your house. Hope you aren't too tired to get your painting started.

    Dreamer, chiggers-ouch! Nice to hear some of the heat has left your area - we are in the muggy southern dog days of August here.

    Marg, cool about seeing the program on your neighbor! Seems strange to hear you talking about how it's still so cold your way. Shouldn't it be warming a bit by now?

    Sharon, sounds like you have a busy day too - everyone seems to be filling their days with appointments, gym, children's activities.....what happended to those lazy, hazy days of summer???

    I've a fairly busy day as well. Going to the office this morning and will probably return home around 1 or so. So far we've cleaned out easy child's room, my room, my office, the florida room, family room, and all the closets for the yard sale. Today I'm going to pilfer around the sideboard, server, and china cabinet in the dining room and then move on to the living room. I've a lot of furniture in there that can hold things and I'm sure I'll find something! Tomorrow the toughest area begins - the play room and difficult child's bedroom!!!!!!! After finishing that chore, I'll only have the breakfast room and kitchen left......I see the end coming....

    I'm looking forward to tonight because I have another finning class. The two classes went over really well last month so they've added it every Tues at 6:30. easy child is enjoying her new job and teaches her first water aerobic class on Saturday morning!!

    Wishing you all a cool Tuesday :peaceful:

  6. Calgon_Take_Me_Away

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    Ahhh, the life of being a parent .... sounds like everyone is keeping busy busy busy!

    Tis no different for us today ~ the ONLY day this week I have appts on. difficult child has therapy at 10, I have a NAMI Newsletter meeting at 11, husband is home with- the ear infection that started Sunday morning and has a dr appointment at 11:30, easy child 1 is watching easy child 2 while we go to appts ~ easy child 2 is running a low grade fever of 100.4 (went to bed with- 100.2).

    difficult child is starting off on the wrong foot this morning. He got upset with- me first thing because I was taking easy child 2 and husband's temps and didn't get him breakfast beforehand. It has only continued and has put his nose on the wall 3 times in the past 30 mins. So much for having a good almost 2 weeks and thinking things were turning for the better. :faint: