Good Tuesday morning my friends,....

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once again I'm up & unable to sleep. Hope to start titrating off these steroids soon - I really struggle to know if I'm coming or going now.

husband tried to teach me how to lay in bed & work calculus to get to sleep - so far he has struggled to comprehend the prednisone factor & has really failed to grasp that I don't know or want to know calculus. :smile: He's in there trying though. (by the way, this isn't the most relaxing self calming exercise.)

kt has an in home therapy appointment today - nothing else on the calendar today.

I expect to be catching a few naps here today. Hoping to get over to the library & pick up a few books.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. I plan on it. :flower:


Good Tuesday morning.

Linda, I can't sleep either. Not sure why, except we're leaving on vacation this Saturday and I have a million details floating around in my brain. Hope you catch a few winks during the day.

I have to take husband's car for emissions testing this morning (fun, fun). M has math tutoring also this morning, and then A has reading tutoring this afternoon. In between, we'll be continuing our major project of organizing the girls' rooms (another fun, fun).

It's supposed to hit 100 degrees today. I think it's a day to stay inside in the AC.

Keep it cool! Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good morning ladies,

Linda, I'm sorry you're not sleeping. Calculus would put me to sleep LOL, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have a desire to comprehend it, but well, good luck to you, my friend :smile:

SW, I heard hot, hot, hot, too. Sorry to hear you're not sleeping well either. Hope you enjoy your trip, good luck with the emissions test (we don't have them in our county).

Well, unlike you guys, I sleep like a rock. I can't even get up LOL! I can send Dylan over to either of your homes for a few days, that would surely cure your insomnia. He's wound tighter than a rope. Nice and manic.

We are gearing up for his Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) admission on Monday. He has a physical this week, I am making a narrative for the psychiatrist on staff, and copying/gathering files. Dylan has a long history, I want to make sure that the psychiatrist/therapist, etc are all aware of what's going on. The nicest thing is, we have phone meetings twice a week, they cannot administer anything without my approval, and I can stop there every day if I want. Whew.

It's still hard. I still cry. I'll be glad once he's settled in and making friends. Hopefully, he makes friends....

Camp is almost over for the boys. 2 more weeks after this. They go back to school the 27th. Getting ready for that too.

I've been looking for work. I had an interview yesterday. I love my job, but now, it's too far. An hour each way. I'm not comfortable being that far, in that stressful of a position, with Dylan being in Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). I want close to home, part time, I want to see my boy. Please say prayers I get this job ~ she will call me Wednesday.

Enjoy your day! No meltdowns today!!
Good morning, all! Cubs started a different program yesterday and difficult child actually seemed to have enjoyed it more than easy child. We'll see how it all works out.

A new person started at work yesterday. She seems happy to be given a long list of stuff to do and left to go do it on her own, which suits me fine.

Janna, I feel for you, lady. Hugs and prayers.

Hope everyone has a good day!


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sorry I'm not responding to each of individually but I'm under the weather yet again. Holding good thoughts for everyone, stay cool! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif


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G'day, everybody.

Linda, when I couldn't sleep I used to go and write. And when the kids were babies and I was up at weird hours feeding them, and also trying to study, I would read my textbooks. It doesn't have to be calculus; you do have to be at least mildly interested but it needs to be fairly slow reading also, to help you sleep. And if you don't get off to sleep you learn something! Win-win! But right now, naps are good too. Even if you could sleep well through the night, you just won't have enough the staying power for a while to last the whole day, without a recharge or three. Just call them "power naps".

smallworld, I hope the car's not going to be too expensive. Sounds like a busy day today - not good when it's hot.

Janna, I hope the admission goes OK. Good luck with the job.

RFTS - I'm glad your new co-worker is a self-starter. It always makes the job a lot easier.

TM, look after yourself. We're fighting illness here constantly at the moment. I think easy child 2/difficult child 2 may have given her bug to me. And, of course, husband will go down with it next... here's hoping I'm wrong. Got to see the doctor tomorrow - my monthly appointment, postponed from last week. Boy, have I got some news for him! Trouble is, I can never get in to see him when I'm sick; come to think of it, I can't get in to see ANYBODY when I'm sick, currently there's no doctor in the village until next Monday, at the earliest.

Managed to get easy child 2/difficult child 2 through her assignment today with not too many histrionics. Then she got home from college to tell me, "It was due tomorrow." Here's hoping she passes, because a fail in this means a fail in the course for the term, she would have to repeat it.

Have a good Tuesday, everyone.