Good Tuesday morning, my friends....

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    Good morning all,

    Yesterday was such a rainy day I was glad to see the day end. kt, for the most part had a good day - she had an exceptional day at school/day treatment. Apparently there was an altercation between 2 girls; kt stayed out of it - other than to offer her friend a word of warning if she went any further. :whew: kt was upset because staff warned her to just walk away - even if she did help her friend in this situation. A lot of situations don't end this way.

    I spent yesterday sleeping the majority of the day; got up long enough to get dinner on the table - then tuck kt into bed. husband & I walked down the block & back after dinner. Loved being able to stretch my legs.

    Calendar is empty today. I'm following my FlyLady schedule to keep up with the housework. I really have no idea what Tuesday is about; I'm sure it's exciting - like scrubbing the gunk out of the caulk around the kitchen sink. :surprise: :smile:

    I'm also on the search for the perfect frame for my brother's wedding gift. At this rate, I'm going to end up FedExing this thing overnight.

    Enjoy your day - keep it calm. Hugs to your loved ones as they leave for the day. A smile upon their return. It's a good thing. :flower:
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    :coffee: Good Morning Linda and all to Follow!

    Linda, glad you took a day of rest yesterday. Good news that kt was able to support her friend but stay out of the drama. Hope your day is a little more exciting than scraping the caulk :smile:

    easy child and I had a ball at the movie warehouse yesterday. They hadn't yet taken down all the sets so easy child got the big tour of Jefferson's bedroom, John Adams' office, and more. She loved it. We came home with some really cool stuff. Actually some of the coolest was some things I found for difficult child that were used in the captain's quarters ona ship. Some really neat brass stuff like a sexton, compass, telescope in an old wood box and a few others. I got some lovely silver candlesticks, fabric, and some nice baskets. easy child got a little pile as well. I picked up some really cool early va maps that had been made into hanging scrolls to give to difficult child's teacher. They gave me those at no charge. It was fun.

    Today is an office day. Fortunately I hadn't planned any outdoor activities since it is still summer here! We are going to be at 93 today :surprise: Some of the trees have already begun to loose their leaves but not with the glorious fall colors. Since it has been so dry, they are just turning brown and falling off.

    Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday! :thumbsup:

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    G'day Linda, and all to follow.

    It's good that kt did so well with the altercation at school. She used good judgement and didn't let it upset her.
    Walking is good. My doctor yesterday said I need to lose weight (I know, but it's hard to beat a combination of bad genes and enforced inactivity) but I am making an extra effort to walk a bit more. She said, "cut calories then." been there done that. Worst thing I can do. Besides, last time i saw a dietician who was supposed to help me keep my intake healthy and at a reducing level, I gained weight, because she told me to eat more. Crazy.

    We finally have an appointment tomorrow morning for easy child 2/difficult child 2 to get the ultrasound done, I suspect they're looking for any sort of reproductive system abnormality. Because it's school holidays it seems everyone is getting their health checks done, our usual place was booked out. Two more places - I rang the closer one. Yes, a 9 am appointment, no problem. No worries, we'll write in that the doctor also requested a trans-vaginal scan.
    Then almost at close of business, they rang back - they had just reorganised rosters; would easy child 2/difficult child 2 have any objection to a MALE technician doing the scan? Um, yeah. Ya think? He's got to put the probe WHERE?
    So they got on the computer and found a booking at the last place left - it also happens to be a little Chinatown, where we need to go to buy our more specialised Asian supplies. So it looks like easy child 2/difficult child 2 and I will be doing a bit of specialised shopping after her appointment. difficult child 1 wants to come too, so he can collect stuff from girlfriend's place (she lives in that area, currently doing missionary work in Philippines). All this means I'll probably have to bring difficult child 3 as well, rather than leave him home alone. Or I could send him to mother in law's - she needs her DVD player settings checked and another tutorial in how to drive the thing. Anything electronic - difficult child 3's the man for you.

    So wish us luck for easy child 2/difficult child 2 that there's no bad news, and I'll pick up an extra custard tart for you, or maybe one of those shiny red barbecued ducks that hang in the window?

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Great handling of a difficult situation for kt yesterday :thumbsup:I'm glad you were able to get out for a walk.

    Sharon- Sounds like an exciting day yesterday. Sorry it's back to the office today. I hope it cools down for you soon and that the Packers play better against your team than they did against the Bears :fan:

    Marguerite-I'm saying a prayer easy child/difficult child's appointment goes well. :angel:The tart sounds good to me!

    Long day today. I've already been to the health club :smile:Now it's work, then home to cook dinner, then back to the other side of town for book club :reading:On the way there I need to stop and pick up some dessert! Oh, and the cooler weather has finally arrived. :autumn: :dance:

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day. Hi if you snuck in. :flower:
  5. mrscatinthehat

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    Linda glad you took a day of rest. Also glad kt made good decisions.

    Sharon the sale sounds exciting.

    Marg hope all goes well with the things you need to do.

    Sharon hope you get some time to breathe in there.

    We started the bathroom yesterday. Here's hoping we get a lot farther today. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (And I liked the idea of a fixer upper why?) This is hard labor.

    Ah well like all things it is a work in progress I guess. Have to hit work now.

  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

    Linda, Don't worry about the "gunk" around the caulk in the kitchen sink. The nice thing about "gunk" is that it will be waiting for you even if it is weeks before you get to it. :smile: I hope you find the perfect frame for your brother's wedding gift.

    Sharon, The movie warehouse sounds like it was lots of fun. I wish I could have gone with you! I'm sure difficult child's teacher will appreciate those maps - What a great idea!

    Marg, I'm keeping easy child 2/difficult child 2 in my thoughts and prayers that she receives good news after her ultrasound. It sounds like your difficult child 3 and my difficult child 1 would have a great time together. difficult child 1 lives for electronics!!!

    Sharon, You're making me tired and the day has barely begun!!! I hope you get a chance to rest for just a little while today!!!

    Beth, I hope the bathroom goes faster than anticipated!!! Home improvement projects, in my humble opinion, are NEVER fun until they are finished!!! I also call my house a work in progress...

    Today I have a bunch of errands to do, phone calls to make, lots of laundry, and a bit of work before I pick up difficult children at school.

    Hi to anyone I missed. As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today. :flower: :autumn: :jack: WFEN :autumn: :ghost:
  7. hearts and roses

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    Good morning everyone~

    Hope everyone's day is pleasant.