Good Tuesday Morning!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :hawaii_girl:The Hula girl is for those still stuck in the dead of winter and hoping for spring!

    I'll be at the office this morning, then to the grocer and then home to prep my old sofa, chair, and ottamen for the thrift store pick up! I want to cut a few of the tapestry strings off and make sure it is vacuumed and "fabrized" before they arrive.

    Then it's just homework, WW and dinner. A pretty good day all in all - especially since the dreaded couch will be departing :devil:!

    Hope your Tuesday is a good one!

  2. Marguerite

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    G'day Sharon, and all to follow. The hula girl is roughly what I've been wearing for the last week or more. The mornings are now a little cooler, but by 10 am it's time for my singlet and light skirt.

    This evening we had another summer storm, lots of noise and a bit of moisture, all promise and little pay-off. I hope they had more luck inland.

    difficult child 3 has been working well yesterday and today - I'm impressed. I'm hoping he can get through the week's work by end of tomorrow (which he could, if he keeps this up). Then he can move ahead in his work, or I might even give him Friday off. I have to go see my GP on Friday plus run some errands. I WAS planning on leaving him at home, but it would be good to reward him.

    Sharon, enjoy the space you will have with the couch finally gone. We've not been able to give our old ones to Goodwill, they wouldn't take them. So we put the most recent reject out on the nature strip at Clean-up time (when everybody else is dumping onto the nature strip, waiting for the Council trucks to come round and trash them all). And joy of joys! It got nicked! The clean-up campaign is always the time when everybody seems to visit other people's rubbish heaps and raid them. I have to stop the boys from raiding the heaps and bringing stuff home.
    difficult child 1 brought home a TV a few years ago, he finally agreed to remove it (he had bought a new one). But he sneakily brought it back into the house, and missed the clean-up. So when husband & I found it on the weekend, we put it outside, even though the clean-up is over. This afternoon, with storm impending, I found some kids who jumped at the chance of a free TV and rescued it before it got rained on. difficult child 1 is happy that his old TV went to someone who will use it. And I'm glad it's gone before the council fined us for littering!

    Enjoy your Tuesday!

  3. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon - I'll take the hula girls; heck I'll take :windy: - anything but more snow (possible forecast for later this week) or cold. Enjoy your day - sounds like a good one.

    No appts today. I have to head out to the pharmacy & then to the Dept of Motor Vehicles for tabs for my van. All within a 5 mile radius - sometimes it's good to live in the midst of an urban area.

    kt came home from school yesterday - her cold back in full force. She was off school 2 days last week & seemed fully recovered. NOT! She sounds horrible this morning. :9-07tears::ill: I'm not sure I'll be able to wake her for school or not.

    On the other hand, I'd rather she get better because she has respite this coming weekend & we all know what's more important in my life. :woohoo::bigsmile:

    Well, I've finished off the coffee left in the carafe from last night (still warm & fresh) - time to put on a fresh pot & start working on my various & sundry tasks I assigned myself for the day.

    Enjoy your Tuesday - keep it calm. May your difficult children be cooperative, your easy child's angels & your husband's treat you like the queens you know you are. :queen::flower:

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    we have the "treasure hunters" around here is well! I live in an old historic neighborhood filled with big old houses....for some reason, the "treasure trash collectors" come out in the evenings and drive around the area looking for disgarded treasures. You see it usually once a week, on Wed evenings (when we put our trash out front for pick up thur mornings). The thrift company said they weren't sure they would take the wing back chair since the leg is loose/broken.

    I told bonehead last night that if they don't take it, he could carry it outfront tonight and by morning it will be gone - got rid of an old tv that way too - just put a big FREE sign on it and it was gone within an hour!!

  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Thanks for the hula girl sending thoughts of warmth! I'll take it. I know winter will end, I know winter will end. If I repeat that often enough it might actually happen! Enjoy your day!:laughing:


    Marg-It's great difficult child 3 is doing so well. It would be great if he keeps this up and you can take him on Friday as a reward!:D

    Linda-Sorry to hear kt isn't feeling well again-hurry and get that girl ready for respite this weekend! Enjoy your day with no errands.:D

    As for me, I'm home again with the sick difficult child:sick: His fever is down to 99.4 degrees-normal as far as I'm concerned. Yesterday it was up to 103.9. It's good it's down but, of course, with it being down is a boy too sick to go to school-you should hear his cough-and yet a boy with much too much energy. I'm not sure he'll be taking 5 naps today and going to bed around 7:30 like he did last night.

    Once husband (who seems to be getting the same thing as difficult child) gets home from work I will go to the health club:treadmill:

    I hope everyone enjoys a day filled with peace:flowers:
  6. dreamer

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    LDM- I accept the Hula girl, thank you! Maybe if I keep watching her hula, I might get energized?

    Marg- people try to treasure hunt still here, but, people who set things out get a fine. ($500) That sounds great about difficult child 3!

    TL- hope you guys do not do what my husband did last time we got our tabs. Goofy managed to somehow get all of them all mixed up, from the 3 cars and the new ones vs old ones and what a mess we had! Not sure how he managed that, cuz only 1 car got new tabs, but he did. wound up costing us for replacement plates cuz he threw the wrong ones away and put wrong ones everywhere etc, he just made a total mess of it all. Then when we got the replacements? One set got stolen out of mail, and one set was wrong (not handicapped tabs) and well, it was an awful wretched 3 month long mess. After we finally got it all straightened out? Yeesh. H found a pile of tabs that had fallen down between some things in the garage, and realized he had not thrown any away after all.

    WO-sorry difficult child is ill. My easy child is again or still sick, too. She had been feeling good, had finished her antibiotic from pneumoinia, still doing inhaler, and then yesterday she lost her voice and her ears popped and now she says she cannot hear. and her throat is red. :-( I am beginning to get nervous it might be a problem for the trip to Ireland she is going on with school.

    So, we got a lot of snow again last looks nice, but..yeesh it is almost time for refresher course for severe weather spotting, and here we are with more snow also forecast for coming Wed or Thurs and again Sunday.....and this 10 inches or so this morning we just got - it is getting so tiresome.
    Did the TV say we are now approx double our usual snowfall? Something like that.
    So, shoveling is on schedule, but, my doctor reduced my steroids and my symptoms have been coming back, and I amnot sure I CAN shovel, now, and worse, doctor called and my liver enzymes are elevated, so I also have to squeeze in a trip to my doctor, no fun, he is a 3 hour trip. (and of course, I am scared)

    well, hope everyone has a good day! I think I will have a ll more hmj first, LOL