Good Tuesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning All,

    I'm up super early because bore husband is next to me burning up. He has a fever and a bad pain in his hip. He says it reminds him a bit of when he had kidney stones but is sure it isn't because the pain is too low. By the time I got back upstairs from getting him some ibuprofen I couldn't get back to sleep.

    I'm not even sure if I'm going to work today as I did something to my back yesterday-I have no idea what but when I sit or go from sitting to standing or vice versa it really hurts. I figure if I go and just don't sit down all day I'll be o.k. I was even able to work out last night but later the pain was worse again.

    Now that I'm done whining so much on the gm thread I will tell you the weather here yesterday was beautiful and it's suppose to be better today. I finally feel like Spring might be here! Some of the kids at school yesterday didn't even wear coats on the playground!

    After work (if I go) I'm hoping my back will be good enough for me to go to the club.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day with some sunny dispositions from your difficult children!:beach_ball:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day Sharon, and all to follow.

    Sorry to hear about husband's pain, and yours too. At least you got your workout fitted in, but you need to look after yourself.

    I had trouble sleeping last night - very cold. mother in law had the same trouble, when we were shopping today she bought an Aussie alpaca rug to throw over her bed. It's beautifully soft and warm - I'm jealous! They are on special, 40% off, it was cheaper than a mohair rug. Still, I've got husband to cuddle, although he said he didn't sleep well last night because he had me clinging like a limpet and he got too hot!

    The days are getting colder. Today was cool, damp and windy. The sun came out for a lot of the day, we're having to dress in layers. Short sleeves and sandals while shopping in the middle of the day, and knee-high ugg boots and padded jacket while walking this evening. And at night - time to rug up.

    mother in law & I saw the GP today, more blood tests have been ordered. We're going out again on Thursday but at least tomorrow we can stay home and maybe difficult child 3 can get some homework done (it's holiday time at the moment).

    Because husband has been home today we've been able to have a relaxed evening and he has cooked dinner - a lamb roast. The next two nights' meals are also organised. easy child 2/difficult child 2 doesn't have night classes this week (and is more relaxed) while difficult child 1 is having diner with girlfriend, after having spent the last two days doing work experience and may have some prospect of a job out of this.

    Is it any wonder I'm feeling mellow?

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :its_all_good: Good Tuesday Morning Everyone!

    Sharon, sorry that husband is not feeling well - I hope it is just a little flu and nothing more serious. I did something to my back just like that a few weeks ago. It was the getting up that was so painful. I actally used the heating pad after taking some aleive a couple mornings in a row and it went away. It also seemed to get better as the day wore on and the muscles "heated up". Hope you do alright today :sorry:.

    Marg, sounds like fall/winter is finally settling in your little town. Glad you all had a nice evening last night. The lamb sounds wonderful. I hadn't had it in years and when my mom came for Easter I purchsed four really nice chops and they were delicious! easy child and difficult child wanted no part of them (which is why I never buy it) so I roasted a chicken for them! Hope your Wednesday is a good one :thumbsup:.

    I accomplished tons of stuff around the house yesterday! It was an extremely productive day which ended in a nice solitary soak in the hot tub! It's nice to go in alone, well with easy child it's ok, but difficult child thinks he's a famous treasure diver or shark hunter and just plays around with his goggles and sub! Not too relaxing......

    Today I will go to the office. I worked so much last Tues and Thur, that I have little to do today. So, I think today will be my nail salon day :nails:.

    Wishing everyone a great Tuesday.

  4. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Sharon/LDM, lamb is a fairly common food in Australia. We eat a lot of it, we produce a lot. I bought a side of lamb about ten days ago because it's much cheaper that way. I'm not sure of the numbers, but I think we eat more lamb than beef, although it would be close. Increasingly, we eat a lot of chicken and also pork. And while kangaroo used to be widely available as pet meat when I was a kid, it's now considered gourmet fare. It costs about the same (slightly less) than beef and is much richer in iron.

    Roast chicken is also high on the list of dinner menus around the country. We have a lot of small businesses (other than the big commercial franchises) which sell barbecued chicken. Just about every town or even small village has a shop selling barbecued chicken. And fish and chips (fries, only thicker). And good Aussie hamburgers almost as big as a dinner plate, with lots of salad, fried egg, bacon, cheese, pineapple and beetroot as well as the meat pattie. After eating one of those you'd never bother with a big mac again.

    Maybe it's because of my diet - I'm obsessed with food lately!

  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Good Morning Everyone!

    It's going to be a lovely day here, sunny and 60 degrees. Yea!

    I have to leave for school shortly. I have an anatomy exam this morning I don't think I'm going to do well on simply because I haven't had much study time. And I'm getting used to a new instructor. So we'll see.

    I hope everyone has a great day today.

  6. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon/WO, I hope you & husband are feeling better soon - the sun is out & it's warming up. It's too nice out & the warm weather season is too short to be sick!

    Sharon/LDM, I don't believe I've had my nails done since my wedding day (almost 20 years ago) - do you think it's about time I do it again? Enjoy your treat today.

    Marg, sounds like a relaxing day for you & yours.

    After a rough night & start of today with kt, the house is quiet once again. I'm really appreciating the quiet this morning. It's probably too early for a nap.

    Other than a quick run to the pharmacy for some refills nothing happening today. If the weather continues to warm up husband is carrying my walker out to the backyard so I can putter around. I want to scrub off planters - get them ready for flowers. I'd also like to get some of the patio furniture cleaned off. How's that for ambitious?

    Have a good Tuesday! Here's to cooperative difficult children, a calm day & big accomplisments!
  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning kids. It's Tuesday already. I can't believe how cold it felt yesterday. I actually had the fireplace on.
    Marge, you cracked me up. husband didn't sleep well because you clung to him like a limpet. :couple: Pretty cute. I was clinging myself last night. Got up to put an extra blanket"rug" on the bed. The sun is shining but hopefully that means we will be a bit waremer.

    Wiped out, poor husband. Sounds like a day in bed is on the agenda for him. Hope your back is nothing too serious.

    LDM, good for you for having the spring organization thing working for you. Send some my way. I have guests coming next wed. so it has me focused on finishing with putting pictures up and filing.

    difficult child left a message at 6AM!!!!!!!!!on my cell phone. He wanted to know something about making eggs. :surprise:No clue that it may have been less than thoughtful to call at that hour. I am going to send him a simple cook book that has the basics(scrambled eggs, toasted cheese etc)
    He starts his orientation today. :cheerleader:Wish him luck. We had a long phone conference with his caseworker and him about focusing on his goal. He seems optimistic.

    The radiation treatment got cancelled for HoneySue so we will be going one day longer this week. :rolleyes:

    Marge, I did read that friend eggs on hamburgers is common in Australia. At one time husband worked for a fast food chain and traveled a good bit in Austraila, China, Japan and Europe. It's interesting to see the regional differences. Is it Australia that will put beets on the hamburger? I know I have had gravy and poteen(sp?) on my french fries in Canada. Not something we would see here in the states. I love trying things that are unique to the area. If I ever come down under I will try kangaroo. I love lamb but it's not something I cook.

    Today is tax day. Yep, my husband was working on ours last night. Wanna bet he will mail them in at 10PM? He does his best work under pressure. The 15th is also the day when we can start to plant since frost threat is just about over.

    Guess I better get going. :cutie_pie:Lots to do and sitting here is getting it done.

    Have a good day.
  8. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone! :coffee:

    Sharon- I hope everyone is on the mend today.

    LDM- A soak in a hot tub sounds glorious!

    Marg- Glad things have been calm lately.

    Lisa- Good luck on the exam.

    Linda- I'm glad your morning has been quiet and non-eventful.

    Fran- Fingers crossed for difficult child!

    We returned home late last night from Disneyworld. Duckie is exhausted, but really enjoyed herself. She's taken to pin collecting/trading, she has quite the collection of Stitch pins (she really relates to Stitch). She also got several autographs that she can't wait to show to her friends. It was a good trip for her: she seems a little less grown up now, but in a good way. husband and I are also exhausted but we'll bounce back.

    Now for the bad news: My brother called late Sunday evening to tell me my mom had a mini-stroke. I'll be leaving for Hamilton either later this afternoon or early tomorrow. I only hope to stay for a few hours. Any good thoughts, prayers, etc will be appreciated.

    Have a great day! :cheers:
  9. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Sending good thoughts for you and your mom. Hopefully since it's a mini, she will bounce back very quickly.

    Glad to hear Duckie enjoyed herself. easy child is a pin collector and has quite the assortment.
    Nice to see you back.