Good Tuesday morning,

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    my friends & fellow warrior parents. :warrior:

    :coffee: The hmj is brewed is & I'm sipping the first cuppa of the morning. I think I'll need the kick of the caffeine today.

    Woke up to record breaking cold temps this morning (29 degrees) ~ I'm waiting impatiently for spring to make it's final debut, to turn off the furnace & put away the heavy clothes.

    Nothing going on today - wm's staffing has been postponed. I'd like to say for lack of interest because wm is doing so well but it's because there are several attendees that are either ill or who's schedules are in conflict. So I have a free morning.

    Enjoy your Tuesday - hope it's a calm day for all.
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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Wow-you are really cold! It was supposed to get down to 25 here but we're at 36 right now. Still our furnace is on. Enjoy your unexpected free morning!

    I'm very tired this morning. It was a long day yesterday with two meetings for difficult child and I'm just worn out (there is an update on my post from the other day).

    I have to be sure to get easy child out of the house on time this morning as I have an IEP for one of my students before school.

    I didn't make it to the club yesterday as I was too tired so I'm really going to try and get there today. easy child has to make up something after school because she didn't do it when she should of. Hopefully it won't put me too far behind and I can get to the club.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!:flower:

    by the way, LDM-if you see this, how did easy child do in Atlanta?
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    :cutie_pie:Good Morning All!

    Thought we needed a little lift this morning, thus the dancing momma!

    Linda, we are pretty cool here too - it got down in the 40's last night which is pretty cool for this time of the year. We had some awful thunderstorms that came through yesterday afternoon and three tornados touched down. Lots and lots of damage but no reports of loss of life as of this morning. Enjoy your unexpected free morning!!

    Sharon, sounds like a busy day yesterday! I hope the increase in difficult child's medication has the desired effect. I hate to say it, but it's kinda like this medication adjusting is just the bandaid on a growing wound - ultimately he will need more intervention. Hope easy child gets her work done quick so you can get on with your schedule. Being a mom is tough when we feel like we are taking a back seat all the time! I spoke with easy child last night (on their way to the fashion show and then the DECA dance - can you imagine 12,000 high schoolers at one dance????!!!!! :wildone:) she said she and her partner (think I mentioned they are in the team division - partner is her best friend) felt better about their competition and the written test than they did at states. So we'll see......she said her teacher would be notified this morning because if they did well, they will have to appear again in front of the judges for the second round, with the awards ceramony happening this evening. I'll let you know in the morning how she does. Thanks for asking!

    Sorta the typical Tuesday here for me. I'll be at the office, then I have a quick grocery run. difficult child has his first day as manager of the girls softball team today! He worked on his "equipment supply list" yesterday. He was to come up with a spreadsheet because part of his job is making sure the girls have everything. The title of his spreadsheet - "equipment spreadsheet for the manager". I offered him a nice folder to keep it in but he wants a clip board - guess that's more official! I'll be solo at WW tonight.

    Wishing everyone a lovely day :queen:

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    Good Morning all. :i'mback:I have been a little absent from the morning thread. I have been reading here and there but haven't had the time to say a proper good morning.

    Linda! yikes about 29. My sister tells me that they are saying to not plant until June 15th as the ground is too cold. Ouch!:frozen:

    Wiped out, can't imagine why you are tired(dripping sarcasm) :flower: You have a schedule that would wipe out a team of regular mom's. It's a good thing you have an extra helping of warrior mom energy. Hope easy child gets her work done and your day goes quickly.

    LDM, I love difficult child's job. I'll keep my fingers crossed for easy child. :cutie_pie::cutie_pie:I threw in the dancing girl and her partner. Give easy child a squeeze from me. I was gone yesterday and came home to all the plants being knocked over and the digital clocks blinking. Guess we had some high winds too. I know flying was bumpy coming and going. :windy: It's good for the new landscaping and my very ugly grass. Have fun at the office.

    I read 2 articles from 2 different women's magazine about living with a child who is autistic as well as finishing Temple Grandin's mom's book. :badmood:Reminding me all over again at how difficult it is for our kids to have a full life. My difficult child covers it well but he is pretty disabled and the future is not as hopeful for independence as I tend to believe. It's not 100% independence or 100% dependence but somewhere in a gray area. It's tough to arrange an appropriate work and living arrangement for that gray area.
    In the meantime difficult child is working. He went to a wrestling match with a friend. He text me that he was going to be on USA Raw last night. :bravo:Anything to get him out of the house is a good thing. The fact he told me is a good thing.

    So my guest has gone home, the traveling is done and now I have to catch up at home. Today is bills, laundry, nursery for potting soil and more plants(of course). I pick the puppies up from the kennel after they are groomed this afternoon. Hopefully I'll catch up. It's good to be home.

    Have a good day my friends.
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    G'day, everybody.

    Linda, 29 F is too cold. It just doesn't ever get that cold here, and I've been whining about OUR record lows! I hope they can reschedule wm's meeting soon.

    Sharon/Wiped, some days you just need to rest up and forget the gym. Don't feel too guilty, it's OK to miss a day now and then, if you're already tired.

    Sharon/LDM, we heard about the tornadoes on our news tonight. Stay safe - I'm glad there are no reported deaths.

    Fran, I hate it when the wind blows over my pot plants. The trouble is, the wind has dried out the pots too, which makes them light enough to blow over.
    We're getting a lot of autism being discussed on our TV this week. Tonight's Aussie medical soapie/drama had one of its plots about a family which has just had a young child diagnosed as autistic, and the father's odd behaviour is recognised as Asperger's. I suspect they're going to write that family in for a few more episodes, the characters seemed to be more developed than is usual for a soapie guest spot.

    husband was with us today as we took difficult child 3 in to his school for a one-on-one session with his English teacher. I was worried she had forgotten, because it's only the first day back of teaching today (although we got difficult child 3 working yesterday as a school day). With an extra long drive (our north road out is closed for two weeks, so we have an extra half hour detour to get to "the mainland") I didn't want to drive two hours to the school for no result. And I was right - she HAD forgotten! But it was OK, she stopped what she was doing and came straight to the office to meet us. I sat in with her and difficult child 3, the lesson continued for two and a half hours. I think she was surprised he could stay focussed on one subject for so long. So now she has a much better understanding of his weaknesses and strengths (and so do I) and he has a better understanding of what is required of him. The English course is getting much more abstract and more complex, it's been really stretching difficult child 3's language capabilities to the limit and beyond. I think I need to talk to the speech pathologist again.

    After we left, difficult child 3 & I dropped husband at his doctor's appointment then got lunch. After that we waited in the car for husband and difficult child 3 got on with more schoolwork. He's had a productive day, although I think he must have been feeling mentally exhausted. While we were still 'outside' we took advantage of the trip and got a bit of shopping done, so we've got some food laid in for the next few days.

    It's ideal weather to do schoolwork - cold, windy, we just want to snuggle under a blanket with a good book. Or in difficult child 3's case, a textbook. And maybe tomorrow I'll turn some of those fresh ingredients into comfort food.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

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    Update on easy child's competition. While I was driving to the office this morning I got a text - it said "we didn't win anything, wah!" I sent her one back that told her I loved her and was proud that they made it that far! They have a whole day of fun planned today, so hopefully they will move on......

  7. timer lady

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    I'm not as far with wm as you are with your difficult child, however I feel the same as you. (We don't even have the same diagnosis's for our sons ~ though it's been learned that wm is definitely dealing with some type of organic brain injury ~ wm will likely need a structured setting all of his life. That grey area is disheartening. There is a whole group - team of people working with wm; pushing, teaching, encouraging him to learn the life skills so badly needed in just the basics of life.

    And it's hard to watch my son flounder with these ideas. Constant repetition is needed all day every day. Very little is becoming engrained. I look to you & what you've been able to accomplish with your difficult child & apply as much as I am able with wm that you have with your difficult child (I have minimal influence, as you know the situation).

    Ah well, enjoy your day of puppies & potting soil. I'm jealous - potting soil is a ways off for me. I'll paint & continue to re-learn piano.
  8. Fran

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    Linda when I read that my son as a young child didn't encode information and that compounds as the years go on, it is disheartening.
    I believe my son to have a "brain wrinkle" which goes along with organic brain injury. The info just misses the folded parts that is required to process.

    The idea that when coming into a room, difficult child sees everything but can't assess what's important to focus on and what isn't. He sees all the details but has no idea what details he needs (like the name of his boss) but knows how many buttons there are on the vending machine. My heart aches but there isn't any time to feel sorry for him or he will believe he can't do it. Repetition, repetition goes on and on.