Good Tuesday Morning!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :proudamerican: Good Morning Everyone!

    A lovely July 1st morning here in central virginia. It's only in the mid 60's and not going up past 85! With such hot, hot, humid weather the last couple weeks, this feels glorious!!

    I've got the office this morning, then I'll hit the gym. easy child is working today and it's really quiet around 2:00 there. After than, difficult child and I will drive up to the next county north and purchase our fireworks for Friday. He is really excited - the 4th is one of his fav holidays.

    Wishing everyone a good Tuesday with little or no hassels and plenty of smile :bigsmile:.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Sharon-Our weather is about the same as yours today! Enjoy the workout-it's always nice when you can go at a quiet time!:treadmill:

    It's so nice here and I have no appts. on the calendar so, drum roll, I think this may be my first trip to the pool today!:beach: At least I hope it is! We will drop difficult child off at day camp and then head to the health club.:exercisebike:

    Wishing everyone a day filled with laughter and smiles.:try2fly:
  3. tiredmommy

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    Good morning! :coffee:

    Sharon- It sounds like you have a fun day planned. Personal fireworks are illegal in New York, so Duckie will never know the thrill of setting them off herself. :rofl:

    We have a few errands to attend to and then she's been invited to a friend's house to play. Thank goodness because she was very bored yesterday. :hammer:

    Have a great day! And Happy Canada Day to my neighbors to the north! :salute:
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    enjoy the pool today. Can't believe you haven't gotten there yet and it's July 1st. Have fun!!

  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/LDM, we both started a morning thread at the same time, it seems. Mind you, with difficult child 3 interrupting me so much, I had the thing up and waiting for me for a lot longer than usual. Our new computer has me foxed still, and I don't know how to delete the other thread. So could a moderator please help me? Much obliged.

    So LDM, sounds like you've got a good routine going. Enjoy the fireworks selection. I'd forgotten it was 4th July coming up. This year has gone so fast!

    Sharon/Wiped, this sounds like the quietest day you've had in a long time. I hope you can get in some good relaxation time at the pool. I know you've been trying to get there for some time.

    TM, it sounds like Duckie is getting a lot of enjoyment out of the holidays. It's a shame about the fireworks, but I can understand it. I remember fireworks nights when I was a kid, and how the fire brigade were always on standby, and the hospitals would fill with people who'd had stupid accidents. Kids losing eyes or fingers; houses on fire - every year there were problems. I remember the house over the road form us catching fire one year because a rocket went astray. I do miss it, though - when it was done right. We still have fireworks, but not like we used to.

    I haven't done my exercise regime for days and days, lately, since the torn muscle. I need to get back into it, but our current routine makes it difficult most weekdays. difficult child 3 & I really need to put schoolwork first, especially since he is so difficult about anything resembling "homework". With medications wearing off at the end of the school day, plus his slow work rate, I'm really concerned that he is taking so long to get things done. He's motivated; just slow. We're having more success these days though, since we increased his medications. I'm still waiting for his new prescription to arrive - it gets couriered to us from the compounding pharmacist. I've been raiding easy child 2/difficult child 2's supply to keep difficult child 3 medicated.

    I kept difficult child 3 working today, while I went to the op-shop and bought him some 'new' clothes, for winter. I was concerned that I was getting clothes tat were too big, but when he tried them on, they certainly shouldn't be amy smaller! One lovely football-type sweater was almost too tight to fit over that big head of his! Now all I have to do is convince difficult child 3 to wear these new things, instead of his old, chewed, too-small jumper.

    It's a quiet night tonight - difficult child 3 is having an anniversary dinner with girlfriend and staying at her parents' place overnight. I still cooked two separate meals, since husband wanted a stir-fry which difficult child 3 won't eat. I harvested the first thing from the winter crop I planted a couple of months ago - some bok choi. I then added some bean sprouts I've been growing in the kitchen, so at least part of our dinner tonight was home-grown. But even though I was cooking two meals it was still a lot easier, since I was able to include things in the stir-fry that easy child 2/difficult child 2 would have also refused. Life is much easier since she moved out.

    I was thinking of her today, though. I found a really useful kitchen utensil at the op-shop which I know she was going to need to buy soon. New, it costs $80. I got it for about $2. From what I can see, it's never been used.

    I LOVE op-shops!

    Tomorrow is another school day for us, with no need to go out anywhere. difficult child 3 has a fair bit of work to catch up with, I need to keep him working hard. He will have to do a lot over the holidays and that is always a big fight. We also got a letter from school today - he has a science project to do over the holidays as well. The science project is in the mail, hopefully it will arrive by Friday.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

  6. tiredmommy

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    Hi Other Sharon- You snuck in on me... Enjoy the pool!:swimming:

    Marg- From now on, you can try requesting that the two GM threads be merged rather than one be deleted. :winks:
  7. Andy

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    Happy July 1st - A Holiday coming up soon! YEAH!

    Little Dude's Mom - Enjoy the beautiful weather there. Fireworks are a magical world in itself for kids. difficult child is probably having a great day looking forward this trip.

    Wiped Out - Here's rooting for your pool trip! I have been about ready to come kidnap you for an afternoon and find you a pool or lake or anything - even if it meant bringing you back here for good weather. (Maybe a hotel with one?)

    Tired Mommy - Glad Duckie is seeing a friend today - It's amazing that kids look forward to Summer believing it will be so much fun - they always forget those lonely days without friends to talk to.

    Marguerite - I am glad you are enjoying the good parts of a decreasing nest size - It is fun to shop for the kids setting up their 1st homes. I hope difficult child 3 can get lots of homework done and hopefully only the science project is all that needs to be done for the holidays.

    We overbought fireworks last year so throughout the year, difficult child gets to do some. We only do smokebombs, poppers, and sparklers. He does them on the cul-de-sac with strict rules that if he sees any kid outside he is to stop. We like getting them out on New Year's Eve.

    I have a big day at work today - there has been a change going into effect today that our level has not been given training on. difficult child is going with husband today so I will go in early to get my 1st of the month duty done. Maybe I can make up some hours from being gone on Friday. I also need to get into the chiropractor - have no idea what is going on with my neck but it is stiff and sore. Once every few years this happens, guess it is time again though today is not the best day to take time for this. I have a Vacation Bible School meeting tonight also - gotta find crew leaders - Our decorating person has set up a great promotional display. She has such a talent in this area.

    Suppose if I want to be early for work, I better get going.

    Have a GREAT JULY 1st! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh (giggles count)
  8. change

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    Well Good Morning Ya'll!

    Ahhhh...JULY! My FAVORITE, etc!!! My husband's parents have a little vacation home at the bay that we all go to for a 4th party every year. This year, they invited just our family to spend the night (very thoughtful of them) after the festivities and we'll probably go sailing with them on the 5th. I LOVE the's family time and I love the holidays that you still have a party atmosphere but don't have to run around stressed out buying gifts, etc.! ;)

    Sharon - Enjoy your weather! WOW! (Nothing but Texas heat and humidity here...)

    Sharon - Enjoy your "YOU" time! Since I work most of the year (teacher) another reason I LOVE JULY!!! ;)

    Marg - I hope you start feeling better soon...wish I could be your workout buddy and help you. Hope winter isn't too dreary there...I know when I read your summer posts and WE'RE in winter I'll be J-E-A-L-O-U-S!

    Tired Mommy - Happy for you that Duckie has a play date! Ditto for fireworks & us here. You can only pop them in some of the 'burbs...I live near downtown in a historic neighborhood where many of the buildings are ALL wood!! Enjoy your time to yourself...

    Adrianne - WHEW! You have a BUSY day! I hope your neck feels better and you can get to the chiropractor. I have chronic neck issues (2 ruptured discs) and know a million little tricks to alleviate the pain. Get yourself a long tube roll, the kind they sell for gyms and fitness places, they're not too pricey and you can get them online. They're made of a foam-like substance. When you wake like this, lay on it lengthwise and raise your hands above your head making the shape of a letter I then turn them into a letter T then into a letter A and repeat slowly. It releases the tension in the upper back and neck and wraps the muscles around the roll giving it an awesom stretch. (Hope that wasn't confusing.) It's a quick fix but it totally works.

    HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!
  9. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    TM, thanks for the tip about merging threads. I had copied and pasted my post, and put my message in there early, to avoid the need for a merge. Good idea, though.

    Change - winter's not too dreary here, just cold at the moment. But I guess, not cold by your standards. The wind-chill can be bad, but it's been sunny the last few days and blue skies can cheer me up. Even in winter, this is a beautiful place. And the whales are on the move at the moment, travelling back down to Antarctica. Fairly often we even get one in Sydney Harbour, or in our small harbour near our 'island'. When we walk to the headland we can see whales from there too.
    Other wildlife are also busy right now - the last few nights a stag has been bellowing very loudly, near our house. Last night it was right outside our gate and I heard it continue to bellow as it walked along the street. husband heard it tonight and was puzzled for a few minutes, until he realised what it was. As we get closer to spring, the other wildlife mating noises get busy. The brushtail possums are really pretty creatures, but the sounds they make can be blood-chilling if you don't know what it is - sounds like a cross between cats fighting, and simultaneously coughing up hair balls.

    Roll on, spring!

  10. dreamer

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    Hi everyone, Happy Tuessday!

    I have been so incredibly busy with new grammahood pending.....
    Working on getting lots done on the house, makeing room for the new family in already tight quarters. Transfering easy child from university to community college, doctor appts, ultrasound appts etc. she has serious 24-7 hour morning sickness to the Nth degree, ending so far with ER visit for rehydration and a Rx for ZOfran.....which is not helping after all.

    The weather here has been just wonderful, nnot too hot, very pretty outside YAY!
    4th of July is one of my fav times, all the parades and fireworks, but----one certain location has always been our unofficial family reunion and turns out none of my siblings are coming after all, so my kids and I are very disappointed. And my kids are no longer as interested in any of the festivities, and husband has never been, he has never gone, (His combat PTSD) so-----I just am not sure if I am going, especially since I have so much going on, anyway.

    Anyway, everyone have a great holiday week!