Good Tuesday Morning!!!!

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    :coffee: Good Morning Friends!

    I'm posting a little earlier than usual this morning. easy child is teaching a water fitness class at 6 am this morning (and tomorrow and thur as well). She is taking her boss's usual classes as a favor. I am plying her with caffine!!!! She told me she is not sure what to expect this morning with the class. I told her that anyone getting into the water at 6 am was serious about gettting a workout - I told her to just kick it up, play the music loud and do some intense aerobics :treadmill:!!! I'll let you know how it goes......

    I'm going to hit the office early this morning since difficult child has a psychiatrist appointment at 1 today. I'm hoping to get a jump on a few things for my trip to the beach and mom's arrival - cleaning out the car, getting mom's room ready, stuff like that.

    I think easy child and I will visit the photo department of the university she hopes to attend next fall. It is the only university in the region that offers an actual degree in photo, as opposed to a fine arts degree wtih a concentration in photo :picture:. I spoke with a lady in the dept a couple weeks ago and she said the dept is open for indiv tours. I figure we can get a little more information (and easy child has some specific portfolio questions) than a large open house situation.

    Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday :peaceful:

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, your day sounds exhausting.....the tour of the photo dept of the university - heck, that will be a gas. Have fun.

    I'm up early - mostly because I never really got to sleep. I'm ready to sleep now though.

    Cleaning is on our agenda today - kt & PCA are in charge of the living/dining room. I'll tackle the bathroom downstairs, along witht the kitchen counters & island.

    I do have speech & physical therpies along with a therapist coming in today. So I may contibute very little to our cleaning "party". After the cleaning kt & PCA are trying out 2 new non bake cookie recipes. Should hit the sweet tooth.

    Have a wonderful day, all.
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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/LDM, the tour of the university department sounds like a great idea. It's a good way to introduce yourself to the most useful people in the faculty as well as get a feel for the scope of the department. Getting organised for your mother's visit and the beach should be good therapy.

    Linda, those recipes sound good. It's a useful activity for kt, too.

    I took easy child 2/difficult child 2 to the pediatrician today to get her medications organised. It does feel odd to still be seeing a pediatrician for this, but it is how it's done here. It's going to feel even more odd for difficult child 1's next appointment - I told him he should arrange to bring - HIS WIFE to his pediatrician appointment. Now THAT sounds bizarre! Mind you, from here he has to see a psychiatrist for his medications because he will be 25 at his next birthday.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 are struggling financially. Getting by, but finding it tougher than they'd expected. She was with me as I did a bit of grocery shopping and asked me to send her some recipes so they can cook something different (and I think of all those years when I tried to involve her in cooking, so she could learn independence). So I told her to make some pumpkin soup. "I'll need to buy some stock, though," she said.
    "MAKE IT!" I told her, and almost walked her through how to make chicken stock. I showed her where to buy some very meaty chicken bones and pointed out that for $1 she could get several litres of stock, instead of $5 for 500 ml.

    I dropped her back at her flat with barely enough time to throw things together and head for her evening college class. Later, I got a series of phone calls from BF2, asking me the next step in making chicken stock!
    So,cost of ingredients - $1. Cost of phone calls to mobile phone (because he keeps forgetting to use the land line) - $2. But ah, the experience - priceless.

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-I hope easy child is loving her job-I'm sure she is great at it! I agree with you that anyone in the pool at 6:00 a.m. is serious about there workouts. Do you get a good break on your membership with her teaching? Have fun on the university tour and I hope it turns out to be what easy child wants!:picture:

    Linda-I hope you are sleeping now. Sounds like a fairly busy day for you today. No bake cookies sound delicious!:D

    Marg-It does sound funny for them to be going to pediatricians. How long does that last? I agree making the soup was a priceless experience for easy child/difficult child 2 and bf2.:D

    easy child survived her wisdom teeth being pulled. By last night she seemed her usual stuff and doesn't want to follow dr.'s orders. She wants to be eating regular food! She didn't want ice cream, popsicles-just wanted potatoes which I couldn't let her have. When I went out I did get her some cheese cake but told her she couldn't have the crust-that she ate! I'm hoping she isn't in pain this morning because the medications will have worn off.

    difficult child had a good day at camp, at least we're assuming because we didn't hear otherwise.

    Today we drop off difficult child at camp, then head to the club. Later this morning easy child is suppose to have her first unofficial cheerleading practice.:cheerleader: There coach is out of the country until the week before school starts so the girls want to practice on their own. We told easy child she could go but to take it easy as she still isn't suppose to be talking much.

    Wishing everyone a day with some unexpected good surprises.:flower: