Good Tuesday Morning!!!!

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    :alien: Good Morning Board Friends! I just love that little green guy!

    The weather is gorgeous this morning. It's just hovering on 49 degrees with the forecast for sunny and the mid 60's - Love it :sunny:.

    Another busy day planned - hair appointment at 9, then the office for a few hours, then a run to the grocer on the way to pick up difficult child from school. Perhaps I'll have about 30 min or so to sit after that. Then I'm going to easy child's class at the gym tonight. She's teaching fining for the first time. I love the fining and like to support easy child when she's teaching - so far, she likes me there.

    So, it's a busy day but not too hard :proud:......I hope your day is a good one :peaceful:

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Let's use this thread and hopefully you or a moderator can delete the one I was starting at the same time. Your day sounds busy but with some fun things included! It' great easy child loves having you in her class!

    It's suppose to be a rainy day but with a high of 67. I'm still fighting this cold but it is at the manageable stage right now.

    Today it's work and hopefully a visit to the health club tonight-we'll see as thi cold is wiping me of a bit of energy but if I go I'll probably have more energy.

    Wising everyone a peaceful day with many smiles.:peaceful:

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    you know what the say about great minds??!!!!!

    I think you are right - you may not feel like hitting the gym but it will probably revive you after your day! Take care.

  4. timer lady

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    Good morning friends, :coffee2:

    Sharon (ldm), sounds like a fun day ahead for you.

    Sharon (with-o), hope you make it to the club today. More importantly, I hope the cold gets better.

    It's a stormy morning :windy: lots of thunder & rain. Should make for a "fun" morning commute. Luckily, husband just walks upstairs to his office; it's a traffic jam if kt is coming downstairs as he's heading upstairs. :wildone:
    I'm heading out this afternoon to take kt to attachment/adoption therapist. Our in home therapist will be meeting us there ~ we have a need to rework the plan & make sure all are on the same page. I'm waiting to hear of the school team meeting. Mental health cm is arranging that & wants all who works with kt there.

    I'm dragging this week; I feel as though I could sleep the week away. Cannot get into cardiologist until the end of this month; GP is calling as she thinks there is a bit more import & shouldn't be put off for that long. We'll see.

    Have a good Tuesday. Keep it calm. :winks:
  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, family.

    Sharon/LDM, what's fining? And the rest of your day sure looks busy. I hope it all comes together for you.

    Sharon/WO, go easy on the health club whole you have a cold. It's amazing how much it can knock you around.

    Linda, I hope the therapy session goes OK for kt. And I hope the GP can get onto the cardiologist for you. I love it when GPs go to bat for you - they know when to put the pressure on and they know when to reassure you. It makes it easier to relax and leave it in their hands, when you know you've got a good doctor in your corner.

    I've had a busy day. mother in law wanted to come with me this morning but had her weekly cleaner just back from 2 weeks' holiday (I get him on Thursday). So difficult child 3 came with me to the radiology place. mother in law caught the boat from the village once her cleaner was finished.
    I half-expected him to want to come in to watch, but he thought it was just another ultrasound so he stayed outside. Good. It was an ultrasound-guided fine needle biopsy of the thyroid. I've had it done twice before and I didn't like it much either time, I hate the feeling of having my throat pressed on until I can barely breathe.
    But it wasn't too bad at all. The doctor stuck the needle in twice, the second one must have been next to a nerve because it hurt a lot more, but it only took a minute or two.

    From there I had to get to my GP but we had more than enough time - not rushed. Then from there we had another hour to get to the mainland wharf to meet mother in law. We picked up the stock feed along the way and again found ourselves arriving with comfortable time to spare. So although it was a busy day, we kept fitting it all in comfortably. I like days like that.
    mother in law wanted to check out a certain op-shop, I'm after some plant hangers so I let her lead me astray. No plant hangers, but a couple of dresses and a leather jacket later, we headed towards the city. There's a shop mother in law wanted to get to, to buy some supplies of dried fruit and nuts for her Christmas pudding and cakes. They also do bonboniere so I made some enquiries.

    By this time girlfriend was in the area at her parents' place so I drove on there to meet her. I looked over her dress pattern, compared it to the previous one, calculated how much fabric she needs, talked about the variations possible, then left her to it.

    We arrived at the mall for LUNCH and shopping at 4 pm! Again, we got it all done comfortably. difficult child 3 had a dental appointment at closing time, he's been complaining of a sore tooth for weeks but I couldn't see anything wrong. Turned out - it's a chipped tooth.

    So after everything, it's been a day when a lot got done but I'm tired. difficult child 3 has been incredibly talkative, and more vague than usual, all day. We've been at home for days and days, the last time he was out of the house was with husband and they were doing some hard physical work, so I am now wondering if difficult child 3 is suddenly undermedicated again. Come to think of it, he's not been working as well with schoolwork in the couple of weeks before these holidays.

    So tomorrow we have a schoolwork day (in the holidays) and I will observe him. Today even he noticed he was having trouble controlling himself. I feel a phone call to his pediatrician coming on...

    difficult child 3 is dog-sitting for the next two days, beginning tomorrow evening. Otherwise - I'm hoping for a quiet day tomorrow, recovering from today!

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  6. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I've got a few minutes before heading off to class. It's a beautiful day here today too. Starting out at 48 whole degrees, trees a wide variety of colors.:D

    I've got a test in anatomy this morning I don't feel ready for. (do I ever in his class?) Then sign language, then back home to study and attempt to grasp what we're doing in chemistry. Only thing that makes me feel not stupid is the rest of the class is feeling as lost as I am.:faint: Big test in chemistry tomorrow....word is....worst one of the quarter.

    I hope everyone has a good day today. :D

  7. Andy

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    Little Dude's Mom - Glad you will have a great weather day for all your errands.

    Wiped Out - Take good care of yourself. It is rainy here (since Sunday). I left some snacks and other items in the van last night - didn't want to open up the back end in the rain. I hate being wet. My ground length skirts just don't do well walking in the rain.

    Timer - :D If you gotta have a traffic jam, that is the way to go! I hope you can get into the doctor sooner. Take very good care of yourself.

    Marg - I am glad you got so much done and didn't feel rushed.

    Daisy - Good luck on all your classes - they do sound tough. Except for the sign language. I took 82 hrs of sign language over 25 years ago. I was the only one taking it for fun so without the stress of needing it for a job, I was able to sit back and didn't worry if it didn't work out. It was fun and I did learn a lot. Lost much of it but know if I needed to enter it again I will be able to pick it up.

    We had our first LONG Monday. difficult child and I are very tired this morning. easy child made some icecream cone cupcakes in the middle of the night - she says they did not turn out but they look o.k. to me. She wants to put orange frosting with a piece of chocolate licorice for the stem on to make pumpkins. She is planning a Fall party tonight for the family of 4 girls she babysits. Last night we bought pumpkins to carve and she was going to the library to look for a movie to watch.

    Another icky wet rainy day! I think I start my teacher's aid duty today? I will check with the teacher when I drop difficult child off at school. I forgot when I told an out-patient staff that I would stop in to help her with something. She doesn't get in until 12:00 but I don't need to be at school until 1:30 so that should help.

    My neighbor who doesn't like to drive called to see if I was planning on going to a town an hour away on Oct 17th. She has a dr appointment at 8:30. There is no school that day so I took the day off and have not made plans yet. She said I did not have to drive, if I would only come with. I told her I would love to drive (she is nervous about it). So, very early morning that day (Will need to leave before 7:15) but it will be a nice time to visit with her and catch up on what is going on in both our lives. She lives next door but is gone almost every weekend and almost all summer long so we very seldom get to talk.

    I better get going - must be a break in the rain since puppy hasn't begged to come in. difficult child took her for a walk but I better call him in to get ready for school.

    Have a GREAT DAY! Everyone - find a way to make your difficult child laugh.
  8. Fran

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    Good Morning all. It's a cool and somewhat overcast day in my neck of the woods. Absolutely great for long walks.

    LDM, are you getting a trim or a new do? I switched recently to short in the back and longer in the bangs. I love it when it lays right. I tend to push bangs away when I'm working or hot. Not perfect but it's nice enough.
    What is fining?

    Wiped out, hope your cold leaves. Maybe a good work out is just the thing to kick your immune system into gear.

    Linda, sounds like kt is doing so well. Good for her and you.

    Marguerite, your days are always jammed pack. It sounds like fun to share the wedding preparations with future d i l. Ouch about the chipped tooth.

    I am going to try to do a big project with the boxes we moved that we didn't really need. Hopefully I can get difficult child to be productive and help me. He is going to take lots of stuff to the dump.
    Lots of chores for difficult child but he picks and chooses and then will sort of just fade into the abyss of his room. When he is chatty it's a welcome relief to see him go. With husband out of town for a few days this is a good way to use my uninterrupted time.
    It's cool enough for the puppies to stay outside on the patio. Usually they stay out for a few minutes and head back in to sleep on the a/c vents on the floor. They aren't stupid that's for sure.

    difficult child is going to be interviewed for services in this county in the next few weeks. We are hoping that they have something to offer.

    Have a good day everyone.
  9. Pookybear66

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    Wow, everyone has such busy days planned. I did my groceries yesterday so today is a quiet in house day. I will probably work on the computer for a while and then do household chores. I will have to get up the brain power to type a few notes about my DS as my meeting with school is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow morn.

    He has been much better with behavior this past week or so. Weekend was pretty great! His homework is still atrocious though. It seems that math and social studies are the only things he is interested in and even then it has to be his terms. I will have to ask if he seems to get frustrated easily at school. Because, if any work at home has to do with reading/writing/spelling he gets all freaked out and needs to be made to understand it's not the end of the world.

    Well, I guess I better start making notes. Wish me luck. I'll talk to everyone later.
  10. jenzer

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    Good Morning all!

    I haven't posted in quite a while. I seem to keep to myself until the breaking point. Bad habit.

    I just need to say, THANK YOU!!! for this site, for all of the members, and always being my safe place.