Good Tuesday Morning!!

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  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :coldday: Good Tuesday Morning!

    It's a little chilly here this morning - about 32 degrees. Our days are still fairly warm-high 50's and 60's - but you can tell winter is on it's way :sled:. The squirrels are burrying like crazy, which my mom tells me is a sign of a cold winter! We could use it - it's been really mild the last few years with no significant snow fall - we are ready for the big one :blizzard:!!!!

    Busy day today - I'll drop off difficult child, then return home for about an hour or so to finish the laundry. Then I'll head to the office for the rest of the day. difficult child has a psychiatrist appointment this afternoon right after school. After that, a quick run to the grocer and then home. easy child is teaching finning tonight and I would like to make that class at 6:30. We'll see.....

    :proudamerican:Happy Veterans' Day to all those who have served to make our country the safe haven for freedom and democracy it is today. You have my gratitude!

    I hope your Tuesday is a good one :peaceful:

  2. Rabbit

    Rabbit Member

    Good Morning Friends! Hope everyone has a great day!
    difficult child(daughter) manipulated me into
    a kitten yesterday. Now I am sorry
    difficult child 3 seems to be allergic. difficult child
    has been manipulating me since the suicide attempt but I did not see it
    as clearly as I do at this very moment.
    Anyway, Sending Hugs To
    all Rabbit
  3. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day Sharon/LDM and all to follow.

    Sharon, I hope you can pack everything in that you can manage. I've seen you mention finning before - what is it?

    Rabbit, I'm sorry difficult child seems to be allergic to the kitten. Some cats are less likely to trigger allergies than others. I understand it's the dander responsible mostly, so maybe keeping the cat well groomed and bathed can help?

    We had a busy day today, not helped by me catnapping and forgetting the time. As it was, I managed to rearrange my rendezvous with easy child 2/difficult child 2 so we still got to her appointment 15 minutes early. We'll have to wait to hear from the people to know if she got the job. I hope she does, they will provide some circus training for her to expand her skills, which will be good.
    Then we headed further west to look at a couple of wedding reception places. On the way I took her past some lovely historic buildings I know from my childhood in that area. What she has been after is something old-fashioned, something historic "with Architecture," as she puts it. We also want something not too expensive - the first place we looked at a few weeks ago was A$140 a head plus this, plus that... for what was little more than a box. OK, that box was made of ancient timbers and rusty iron, but it had originally been a customs depot from about 100 years ago. Nothing exciting, hence nothing much to look at now except a space. Concrete floor, from memory.

    So the first place we looked at today, which easy child 2/difficult child 2 hadn't been too hopeful about since it looked similarly decayed and "old farm" in terms of ordinary barns and none of the decorative bits she likes - turned out to be really lovely. easy child 2/difficult child 2 was charmed by it, enough to tentatively book her chosen date. They will hold the date for a week but then we either lose the booking or pay a deposit.
    Here is the link - this place has History, which does attract easy child 2/difficult child 2.

    It also has strong connections to the wool industry, which is something special for our own family history.

    We're going back next week with husband and BF2, I want to make sure we pack a picnic so I can also pick some of the delicious ripe mulberries growing down behind the stables...

    Then we had to rush back, looking at another place in passing on the way which immediately was rejected. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is unwell at the moment and had an appointment with her specialist we had to get back for.

    She came with me while I collected a meat order for mother in law, then I dropped her off and headed home. I got home (after dropping mother in law's order off for her) just in time to put the roast on for dinner, then got online to answer an email for easy child about HER wedding.
    After that it was time to feed the crowd of people who had arrived for the last meeting with the caterer for difficult child 1's wedding.

    So it has been a day for dealing with three weddings.

    Amazingly, I still feel relaxed. Invigorated, even. All plans for difficult child 1's & girlfriend's wedding are all moving ahead smoothly but tonight as we drove home (just husband, me and difficult child 1) I realised we'll need to help organise him to the last detail with packing. He'll muddle along OK without help but a little bit of help and he'll do a lot better.

    Tomorrow I have to get difficult child 3 seen by the GP again, to organise a referral in the next stage of his new specialist's treatment. Then a gap, and then my X-rays (if nothing makes them get postponed again!) and then a gap, and difficult child 3's drama class. mother in law might be coming with us - she wants to do some Christmas shopping and we both need to do some grocery shopping. Somewhere in there I would like to check up on the artificial flowers girlfriend wants for her wedding arbour and call a friend who is decorating inside the church for her.

    It's busy at the moment, but all productive stuff.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

  4. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, sounds like another nonstop day for you.

    Good morning Rabbit ~ sorry to hear the kitten is causing allergy issues. More sorry to hear about the manipulation.

    Marg, as always, your days sound exhausting; can't keep up with who, what, where & when. The wedding site looks lovely ~ I vote for it.

    "Hi" if you snuck in.

    Well, kt survived her first day of a mainstream class. I have a few things that need to be picked up for her art class. This quarter she has physical education & the shower issue reared it's very ugly head. For some reason, I was totally unprepared for this one.

    It's a cold, somewhat icy morning. There's snow heading our way this morning. I'm hoping it stays south of us.

    Here's to a good day for all. Keep it calm.
  5. Rabbit

    Rabbit Member

    Thanks for the support ! I am feeling a
    little better re the kitten. I guess he is growing on me. his name is Bob(BobCat)
    I am planning to take difficult child 3 to the dr and
    get some antihistamine and will take
    suggestion and give Bob a bath. Thanks again. Sometimes knowing someone is
    listening makes all the difference.
    Hugs Rabbit
  6. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon- the squirrels start scurrying around like that here in September every year. And it does get cold, so Mom must be right!

    Rabbit- Make sure the kitten stays out of difficult child 3's bedroom and that she washed her hands after touching him. It's actually a protein in the saliva that causes the allergy. That protein is carried onto the fur and dander by the method kitties use to clean themselves.

    Marg- Reading all the work you are doing for the wedding just underscores why husband and I eloped. :rofl:

    Linda- is there any way kt can be exempt from the shower? I just don't see that being resolved in a term.

    Sorry I haven't been posting much... I've been busy, busy, busy. I have been able to get on long enough to read a little each day. Today is the Children's Harvest Party at the church; we're expecting over 20 kids. It should be fun. Duckie announced in class yesterday that we were having a popcorn spitting contest. She was very disappointed when I corrected that at home last night. We're having a popcorn relay race. She really wanted to spit out something. :rofl:

    Please keep my father in law and good friend in your thoughts today. father in law has hernia surgery at 10am today and girlfriend has surgery to limit food intake tomorrow (I can't recall the name of the surgery... it's the one where her stomach volume is reduced).

    Other than that... thank you to our veterans. You're dedication to the nation is appreciated. :thumbsup:

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in! :salute:
  7. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Good Veteran's Day Morning
    Little Dude's Mom - You do have a busy schedule. I hope you get to easy child's class.

    Rabbit - Kittens are very sweet. My easy child brought one home without permission a few years ago. She learned after about a few months that it was not going to grow on me so she found a home for it.

    Marg - I am glad a reception place has been found. Atleast one you really like so if you don't find another you will be happy.

    Timer - How I remember the shower issue in my days. I could not handle the noise so my mom worked with the school to allow me to use the showers during a study hall when no one was around. Showers like busses are breeding places for bullies and torture chambers for victims because there is no supervision. Even worse because atleast the bus driver sometimes has the opportunity to see/hear who the bullies are.

    If Fran checks in, an answer to your question yesterday about what I do. The best way to describe is that I am a liason between our facility and the billing office. The state foolishly decided several years ago to close the business and billing offices in their state hospitals. They then demanded that the facilities continue to do much of what the billing office staff did without the pay (because we are not "billing people"). I work 4 hour days (8:30 - 12:30) and can make up hours missed. I worked last Sunday knowing I would be gone Monday and then worked some more extra hours for another day. When I did my timebook, I noticed I had worked too many extra hours so only needed to work 2 hours yesterday.

    Since my friend can not go grocery shopping with me this morning, I decided to go last night after school. Good thing I did. The store I went to did not have lettuce so I put everything else back and ran to the other store in town ($13 for 6 packages of shredded lettuce that serves 4 people each!!!). Everything else at that store was too expensive so I went back to the 1st store to purchase everything else. Then to the school to put everything in fridge and freezer (I have keys to the building as Sunday School superintendent) before picking difficult child up from bowling.

    This morning I will run the lunch trays through the dishwasher (they haven't been used in a very long time) and determine how best to set up everything. If I don't have paper bowls in my Sunday School supplies, I may go out to get those? (I purchase and donate much of the Sunday School supplies so often "share" with other needs of the church).

    I am waiting for my sister to send me a list of things that I can send to my nephew in Iraq. I better get something out to him soon for Christmas and it still may reach him late?

    Everyone have a GREAT day today! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.
  8. Kjs

    Kjs Guest

    Good morning all

    Sharon - the cold is here too. Wish we were as lucky with you with temps in the 50-60 range. We did have a nice 70+ day last week though. We had record snowfall last year. took a toll on cars, roads and snowblowers.

    Rabbit - Hoping the little guy works out. Allergies can be so awful.

    Marge - Wedding plans...It would just wipe me out. And all the other activites you do. How do you have the time?

    Linda - Glad KT had a good day. PE/showers here doesn't happen anymore. They can shower if they want, not required like it use to be. And Nobody takes a shower.

    I am waiting for my call to see which school I work at today. difficult child doesn't have to go into school until 10:30. Only sophmores have to go at 7:30 because they are taking the state tests. School said others can come in at 7:30 "if they wish". Yeah ok...I'll run that by difficult child.

    Have a good day.

    Happy Veterans days, thanking all who served our country.
  9. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning all,

    LDM, thanks for reminding me about Vets Day. I have a few in my circle of family and friends. Don't work too hard at the office.

    Rabbit, too bad about being manipulated but I'm glad the kitty is growing on you.

    Marguerite, I love the farm. It's great. If I had to do it over, I would chuck the whole traditional, make my mother happy type reception and gone for a completely different feel. It would have given me more memories that were special and individual to my wedding and not the whole herd mentality that everyone has to do a different version of the same thing. I'm getting excited for your daughter. It's wonderful to see a young couple start to make their life together.

    Linda sorry to hear about the shower and kt. I'm sure it's worrisome. Hugs.

    TM, haven't seen you around lately. Hope all is well.

    Today is going to be a house/desk type day. I'm going to avoid being interrupted so that I can finish a lot of things that just need to be completedl It's boring but I feel so much better when they are done.

    difficult child is my best bud and I'm a little tired of the company. Waiting for county services seems like a long process. sigh.

    husband is out of town tonight so it's a sandwich or cereal for dinner. yay!

    Have a good day and don't let them get you down.
  10. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Tired Mommy - I think I like popcorn spitting but that probably should be done outdoors? Reminds me of when Mr Edwards on Little House on the Prairie taught Laura how to spit. Her mom, Carolyn was not too happy!

    Best wishes to father in law and girlfriend.
  11. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    You guys are jumping in faster than jumping beans! :D

    Kjs - Wonder if difficult child would like to go in at 7:30? Hmmmmm I hope you get to work at your favorite school today (if you have one)

    Fran - I left an answer on my 1st post this a.m. on your question of yesterday. I love working when no one knows I am there (weekends and evenings). Amazing how much work can get done without the interruptions!