Good Tuesday Morning!!!!

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    :coldday: Good Tuesday Morning Warrior Parents!

    It's the coldest of the season this morning with wind chill this afternoon of 20-30 degrees. For central virginia, that's something prior to Thanksgiving. There is even talk of seeing some flurries spinning around this afternoon. Perhaps I will get the cold, snowy winter I've been hankering for this year! I know, call me crazy......

    Made two more batches of fudge last night. I've now 20 pounds of choc and peanut butter fudge in my freezer! But, the majority of it will be given as teacher, principal, school secretary gifts for both kids. easy child has 6 teachers and difficult child has 7 plus three assistants. That's 16 right there plus the admin staff. There are also a few folks who would be terribly offended were they not to get "Sharon's fudge" at Christmas. Hopefully I'm done, but difficult child is addicted to the peanut's wrapped and in the freezer so hopefully "out of sight, out of mind" will apply.......

    This morning I'll take about an hour or so after dropping off difficult child to finish the laundry then I'm going to get my nails done. After that, I'll be heading to the office for the rest of the day. I'm going to try and go to easy child's finning class tonight. I have a hair appointment in the morning so I can't do my water fittness class. I'll just have time to do my weight workout before I have to hit the showers and head to the salon. When I miss that water fittness class, I feel like I have to make that cardio up!

    I hope your Tuesday is a good one!! Stay warm :frostbite:!


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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-I thought of you yesterday when the snow was coming down hard. For a bit we had a dusting but none of it lasted-the kids at school sure enjoyed it! Twenty pounds of fudge is a lot! I'm sure everyone will enjoy it! How great you are getting your nails done this morning-sounds relaxing!

    It's cold here too-18 degree which is really cold for this time of the year. Of course, I have recess duty today so I hope it warms up a lot by 10:00!

    After work we will eat dinner and then we have a wrestling meeting-first info one of the year for parents and kids. husband and I have to work at it so hopefully difficult child will behave himself-he should be seeing lots of kids he hasn't seen in awhile so I'm not overly worried.

    Probably won't get to the health club tonight but if I have any energy after the wrestling meeting I'll go but that would mean not getting to the club til 7:30 or 8:00 at the ealiest.

    Wishing everyone a day filled with laughter and smiles.:bigsmile:
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    Good morning! :coffee:

    Sharon- Do I get to be one of those deeply offended people if I don't get some of your fudge? :rofl: It sounds like another busy day for you.

    I'll be helping the kids fill out wishlists for the book fair at school today. Have a great day! :salute:
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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/LDM, cold snowy weather sounds to me the ideal time to make fudge. I'm very inexperienced with cooking during a snow storm - New Zealand last year was the only time and we had run out of food, I was cooking what we had left and making do. French fried toast made with Maori damper, fried in hotel butter portions and sprinkled with sugar sachets filched from the coffee/tea supplies.

    Sharon/WO, 18 degrees F - brrr! That's the inside of my freezer! We've been there, last year. Glad to get out of it.

    TM, the book fair sounds good. We always had trouble getting our kids out of book stores, even worse than toy stores.

    We had another day out in the country today, looking at wedding venues for easy child 2/difficult child 2. husband has found a way to display some of my photos for you so you can see where we've been today. A little, anyway. Camelot Castle is a possible place for the service and photos, but not reception. Belgenny Farm is a possible reception only, or service plus reception option. There are two other places we haven't got photos of up yet but there's a site I've included. An interesting trivia point - Camelot Castle, where easy child 2/difficult child 2 has been thinking of having her wedding service, was used for some of the filming for the new film "Australia" which is premiering tonight. The stables, mainly. That place is just glorious. It is the wet weather alternative, when we saw it today they still had straw in a few of the stalls left over from the filming. The owner was showing us around and told us they were heading in to the city tonight to attend the premiere, they had invitations. Lucky! We absolutely love the wonderful restoration work being done to this marvellous old homestead.

    Here is a link to three photos from today -

    husband is very fussy about not showing any of our faces, but you can 'get' what we're dealing with, in our Goth/romantic daughter. She wore white today, for a change.

    Here is another two places on the shortlist - and

    We need to work on the fine print in what is available, we've promised to confirm a booking in the next few days.

    But apart from husband & I sitting down to examine the various packages in fine detail, we now have to focus on difficult child 1's wedding and get that behind us. I am beginning to get very nervous - I hope they have a good time and also enjoy their holiday. Going away together, just the two of them - difficult child 1 has never done anything like this before, I hope he can cope with all the new challenges he will face just in travelling to where they will be staying. Oh well, he's got our phone number...

    Meanwhile emails and phone calls are flying back and forth about difficult child 1's wedding on Saturday. It's turning into a community love-fest in terms of all the volunteer labour working on it; people we couldn't invite for lack of numbers are all pitching in to help serve the food. Some invited guests are also stepping in to serve. I feel guilty. But loved. We're going to take a photo of absolutely everybody, including serving 'staff', out the front of our church.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon (ldm), sure could use some sweetness (fudge) around here. I know I won't be able to make my mom's famous fudge (takes 5 different kinds of chocolate) this year. I haven't even begun to address the holiday ~ you are way too organized this year.

    Sharon, (with-o), we are at 13 degrees this morning. :2cold: Stay warm, dear friend.

    TM, sounds like Sharon has her fudge measured out for all the people she needs to gift. I don't think it will pay to pout. :rofl:

    As I said above it's extremely cold (for this time of the year) & I woke up freezing this morning. I had wonton soup leftover from last night & just heated it up & sipped it down. Worked better than hmj. I'm keeping it in mind & some kind of soup in the fridge over this winter.

    kt is refusing to get up & go to school. I'm not to force her. She has a therapist appointment this afternoon.

    Hoping you all have a pleasant & calm day.
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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee2::coffee:,

    Sharon (LDM), I was thinking how cold it is here this morning until reading about the temps where you are... Brr... Br... I'm shivering while typing!:coldday: Glad you're taking a bit of "me time" to get your nails done.

    Sharon (WO), 18 degrees and SNOW - Now I feel like I have frostbite...:blizzard: I'm not ready for this!!! I hope wrestling goes well and you make it to the health club.

    TM, I remember the days when I helped out at school too - After dealing with easy child this morning, I need to go back and remember her when she was still acting human:angry-very: Daydreaming is good... Hope you enjoy helping Duckie and her friends this morning pick out the books on their wish lists.

    Marg, Please thank your husband for sharing the beautiful pictures with us!!! I enjoyed them so much - It was a pleasant little escape from an otherwise miserable morning. I wish I could jump right into the picture taken of Camelot Castle....

    Linda, The thought of anything but my morning caffeine fix makes me green... I have a friend who thinks leftover pizza straight out of the fridge is a bit of heaven on earth... However, if you want to send a bit of that leftover wonton soup here for lunch, that is a totally different story:D

    Today easy child gets out of school after half a day - Teacher training day. I wish her high school and the difficult children's high school were on the same schedule. I'm not looking forward to her early return...

    It's cold here this morning but warm by comparison to where some of you live. I'm going to down another cup of coffee and try to do a combo walk/slow jog on my treadmill this morning. I want to do it outside but because of how hilly it is around my house, don't think I should. I see my ortho doctor in a couple of weeks. Until then, I'm taking it easy.

    I'm just glad easy child and difficult children are out of the house:happyguy:!!! Yesterday was rough - an understatement. First difficult child 1 was close to raging. Then difficult child 2 let loose. And, easy child, (or should I now call her difficult child 3 IN TRAINING?), is driving me CRAZY!!! Enough, today is a new day - I've got to try some positive thinking...

    I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today...:autumn: WFEN
  7. Fran

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    :2cold: Brrrrr, it's chilly here too. I know I'm a cold weather wimp. After growing up in Pa. you would think I'd be tougher but too many years in the south has made me wimpy. I'll have the heavy artillery in terms of outdoor wear on today for the trails with the pups. It's comical after thinking about going off to work with a coat and maybe gloves in the middle of winter(wouldn't wear a hat for fear of messing up the hair) :hammer:

    LDM, it sounds wonderful that you are hooked on the water aerobics. I like the idea of fudge. Yum. Don't work too hard.

    Wiped out, I can't believe it's wrestling time again. The year went by quickly. Hope you get a little down time.

    TM, have fun at the book fair. It was the one volunteer job that seemed worthwhile and purposeful. I loved it.

    Marguerite, how exciting about the wedding. I am sending good thoughts for a problem free week of last minute loose ends. How kind of the friends to volunteer to help out.

    Timer, stay warm. Soup sounds good to me. I had a cup of decaf tea in the middle of the night to warm me up. Hope the day goes well despite kt's refusal to get up.

    WFEN, hope the difficult child's and difficult child in training are doing better as the day progresses.

    It's official, difficult child is getting on my last nerve. He needs to find something to do that doesn't entail me or my instructions. It's so obvious that he has trouble with remembering instructions spoken to him that I write everything very specifically. We are in the middle of evaluations by the county. It's long and there is little I can do. I hope things progress a little quicker. He helps out but he is messy and oblivious. The whole money thing is maddening. I sent him to the store with a 20.00 bill. I make him bring the receipt and count out the change to me for the practice. He spent 5.00 of my change on a smoothie!!! He knew he was supposed to bring the change home. He still doesn't get it. He paid me back from his meager allowance. Why he didn't use his own money in the first place is a mystery.
    I fear for his ability to function independently. Nothing new about that thought.

    Oh well, it on to another day. Hope yours is positive.
  8. SearchingForRainbows

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    Even though difficult child 2 is only about five months away from his 17th b-day, I'm also fearful about his ability to live independently. I'm not as naive as I was when I first came here. I'm dreading the thought of difficult child 2 not being able to live on his own. I know realistically, he'll probably be living in my house much, much longer than I want him to.

    I hope the county evaluations go faster and they're able to help your difficult child!!! I wish I had some good advice. Unfortunately, you're way ahead of me... WFEN

    P.S. Hope you stay warm and today turns out to be a good one for you!!!