Good Tuesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    The really bitter cold has begun-Thursday is suppose to be the worse-but this morning is no picnic-15-30 below with the windchill and a high of 7 for the day.:coldday: Looks like a whole week ahead of indoor recesses-fun-NOT!

    After work today, we have an in-home appointment. for difficult child and then tonight it's wrestling for him. Sure wish there was a way to get to the club-much needed right now but don't think it's going to happen.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Tuesday.

    Sharon/WO, I'm sorry you're all suffering in the cold. All those indoor recesses - what are the kids like at chess? I saw a four-way chess board once, I'd like to try to recreate it. I also got the best chess player in our group and asked him how many games he thought he could play at the one time, then set him up on a swivel chair in the middle of osme desks, with five separate boards and five players (the number he nominated) sitting around him. It got a lot of attention, those not playing were really enjoying watching.

    We had a quiet day today, I visited a friend tis morning then late tis afternoon difficult child 3 & I went to the beach. It was hot today but te ocean breeze was strong and blowing bluebottles (stingers) onshore. We changed to the main village beach instead of the wilder one at the end of our street. I didn't swim but difficult child 3 enjoyed it. The tide was a long way out - still influenced by the king tide. We stayed later than usual, just before we left I saw the sea eagle being harried by some seagulls that were nervous about it fishing in their airspace.

    Tomorrow I have to get some fasting blood tests done, then I see the rheumatologist and after that mother in law & I will do some shopping. We're seeing the GP in the early afternoon, then it's home to get dinner. Tomorrow will be hot again, if we're home in time we can have another swim.

    A busy day coming up, on a scorching hot day. Sydney has bushfires broken out in the north of the city, with the likelihood that the fires will get whipped up more by tomorrow's heat and possible winds. We're safe where we are, as long as nobody drops a match! Sydney's as dry as tinder right now.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  3. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All! Dashing out to put difficult child 2
    on the bus. Today holds lunch in the city
    with friends. Just Adults no kids! Will I
    know how to act? No time for individual
    hellos. Hope everyone has a GREAT day!
    Hugs Rabbit
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :frostbite: Good Tuesday Morning :frostbite:

    Sharon, good morning! It's getting colder here, but like the strange egg that I am, I love it!!! I'll take some of your percipitation though. Why don't you and husband swap off for the difficult child stuff - one of you work out when the in home is there being handled by the other, then one of you take him to wrestling while the other one is working out. That way both of you get to the gym! Take care.

    Marg, ohhhh, stingers - I would be out of there in a heartbeat!!!! I remember one year we went to the shore for a week and, for some reason, the jellies were so plentiful. It was early in our summer, June, and the water was still a tad cool. They were not singers, just blobs of jelly - but they were everywhere! I did not enjoy myself in the water as much because those jellies would just slip down your suit there were so many in the water! Sounds like a busy day for you tomrrow - take care.

    Rabbit, enjoy your adults only lunch! Sounds like fun.

    Not too busy a day insofar as running here and there. I'll be busy all day, but only at a few things! I'll hit the gym for an hour of weight training this morning, then home to shower, fix my lunch and head the office for the rest of the day. This evening easy child has her DECA district awards banquet and induction of new members. As president, whe will be presiding over the ceremony and would like her "mommy" to be there! She invited difficult child but he declined!!!!!

    I hope your Tuesday is a good one, you stay warm, and your difficult children amaze you with their ability to maintain!

  5. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Wiped Out - Hope you can find hats and mittens for everyone today. We have about a dozen of each but that will be our challenge today.

    Marg - I hope your area gets some needed moisture soon.

    Rabbit - What a special treat. Time for yourself with friends. Have a great day.

    I am up early because difficult child and I have to be on the road at 7:00 am. It is now -24 degrees F with -38 degree F windchill. I filled up with gas last night and even those few minutes setting up the gas pump nearly froze my fingers. We are attempting to drive about 60 miles to a doctor's appointment. It is all freeway driving so that should help. I thought this afternoon would be better for coming home but now forcast for snow showers at 3:00, the time we will be heading back. I am going to call therapist to see if we can get in sooner. I will pack a bag to stay overnight but worry about the van starting in the morning if it sits outside overnight in this bitter cold.

    The contract epic continues at work. My supervisor asked me to bring what was needed to complete an out of compliance form to our meeting tomorrow. So, I filled out the form and e-mailed to him. We will go over it tomorrow morning.

    I am getting excited about Fabulous February Fridays. On two Fridays in February, our school provides fun workshops for the kids. I am in charge of them this year. Feb 6th, I am setting up some Valentine workshops. There will be four sessions. The 21 kids will be sorted into four groups and work their way through the 25 minute sessions. On Feb 20th, it will be more complicated. The kids like to choose their activities so I will have four 50 minute sessions and six 25 minute sessions to chose from. Now to figure out how to help the littlest ones to understand how that works. They get to choose A. 2 long or B. 1 long and 2 short or C. 4 short. I have figured out what I want to do, now to call those who I want to present to see if they can.

    I started working on our sub-sandwich fundraiser last night and was told that someone has already accepted that project. YEAH!!!!!

    Everyone have a great day! Stay warm/cool, whatever you need. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

  6. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Little Dude's Mom - You snuck in on me. I hope you have a great day! The DECA banquet will be a special memory for your easy child.

  7. artana

    artana New Member

    WO - I hate the cold. We're hitting 10 tonight. Warm thoughts to you and yours.:)

    Marg- I love your posts. Makes me think of the oceans around which I grew up.:) They also help me remember that summer is coming. I'll wish some rain up for you!:)

    Rabbit - OMG! Time with just adults!:) Enjoy it, and let us know how it went.

    LDM - Have fun at the ceremony. Sounds like easy child deserves a bit of the limelight.:)

    Adrianne - I have no idea how you do it. Wow, organizing cool school projects and working with difficult child. That's pretty awesome.:) I hope they're all a success.

    I had to pick up easy child yesterday from school. He had a tummy ache. I know he pushed another little kid, and his impulsiveness makes it hard for him to stop, but he's recognizing when he's in trouble. I think he has GERD. Anyways, he's on Zantac now to see if he gets better.

    difficult child on the other hand has been awesome. Not perfect, but he's doing well on his behavior system and hasn't had a meltdown in weeks.

    Today I will hopefully get to stay at work all day without frantic phonecalls. I really want to be able to go with the kids to a couple of fieldtrips, but I feel like the school doesn't get that I'm a working adult and can't be there every minute they decide we need to meet.:/
  8. 4timmy

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    Good morning all! It's supposed to go below zero here in Ohio tonight I think. YUCK!! Although, it was snowing those really pretty snowflakes this morning and it was in the 30's (I love it when it's like that - but NOT bitter cold and ice)

    difficult child couldn't get to sleep last night and I'm not sure why. He's never had any trouble (he takes Clonidine and Zyprexa in the evening). He was up until 11:00 pm reading and drawing.

    Another meltdown this morning on getting dressed. This just started happening again recently, he went a long time where he'd just go with whatever I picked out. Now, the obsession is back in full force. I had to restrain him to keep him from hitting his head on the wall.

    Gosh I love mornings.......... :faint: