Good Tuesday morning....

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    Good morning friends,

    :coffee: The hmj is brewing & I'm anxiously waiting for my first cup as it's a new blend. I love trying new blends of coffee; it's my favorite treat.

    I slept the entire night - first time in I don't know how long! Amazing what a full nights sleep will do for a person. :winks:

    I have physical therapist coming in this morning ~ the weather seems as though we'll be going out for a stroll.

    I pick kt up at school to go tour the facility she may be going to for treatment. She's excited & scared. I've been filling her "self calming bag" for contents to take along. Art items, favorite CDs, snuggly PJs, a new gameboy game, favorite stuffed animal. We've begun working together on this ~ I'm glad she's helping me.

    Have a good one folks ~ keep it calm out there. :flower::bigsmile:

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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    Linda, The coffee sounds wonderful:D. I love variety in coffee too. I'm happy you got a good night's sleep!!! You definitely needed it!!! I hope kt's tour goes well - I've got my fingers crossed...

    Today its raining again. I never made it outside for my walk/jog yesterday because it was just too damp, wet, and cold. It's supposed to clear later this morning. We need some sunshine around here:sunny:...

    First on my agenda today are some phone calls - Problems with medical claims not being processed correctly, part to fix my treadmill should have been here by now, dishwasher repair, etc... Small annoyances but time consuming...

    I have a few local errands to run - My "favorite sanity saver" hates to go out in the rain. I think I'll bribe her by offering to take her for a ride - She LOVES the car!!!:cool_dog:

    Not much on the agenda for this evening - I'm hoping for a bit of peace...

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... WFEN :easter_eggs::flower:
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    Good Morning,

    Linda - I am so glad you got a full night's rest. It sounds like not to hectic a day either. I hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy it.

    WFEN - I hate errand days, but luckily it usually takes less time than I think it will.:)

    We have snow in April.:( I hate weird weather.

    I took the day off yesterday to at least enjoy one day of the kids' spring break with them. I took them to the children's museum and we played for four hours. I also got passport stuff done for an upcoming trip. Overall, busy, but fun day.

    easy child got a rash that is getting worse, with no other symptoms. The doctor seems to think it's a viral rash, but if it gets worse today, I'm supposed to take him in.
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    Good Morning!

    Linda-I have a friend at work who tries out different blends. I love walking in her classroom and smelling the coffee, I don't why I love the smells but cannot drink it! I'm so glad you had a full night's sleep:) Of course, you still need to fit in those naps!;) I like the self calming bag you and kt are putting together.

    WFEN-It sure has been raining a lot by you-I'm hoping the sun comes out soon:sunny:. I hope you find that peace you are looking forward to this evening.

    I never made it to the health club yesterday. By the time husband got home from his appts. I needed a nap-go figure;) Then when I got home from my dentist appointment. it was time to cook dinner.

    This morning I am going to the health club (nothing better get in my way). Then we have an appointment from 11-1. After that it will be nap time and cleaning time. I'm meeting my good friend for dinner tonight-nothing fancy-just a place where we can talk.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:

  5. Wiped Out

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    Hi Artana-You snuck in on me. Glad you enjoyed your day yesterday and I hope easy child's rash starts to go away!
  6. Andy

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    Timer - I am glad things are going well for you. How was that coffee this morning?

    Wishing - After a busy day, you will need a relaxing evening.

    Artana - What a fun day yesterday! I hope that rash starts going away.

    Wiped Out - Have a great day today! Dinner tonight will be good to share with a friend.

    Yesterday morning was awful. I am hoping for a better morning this morning. difficult child just woke up but didn't come to me as usual with the feeling of being afraid so that is a huge positive.

    difficult child passed his firearms safety test last night. Now just needs the range date which has been rescheduled to May 2nd when I wanted to go to my sister's for scrapbooking. I am hoping the range parking lot and road to get in is still flooded so it will be postponed again. With his anxiety so high right now, I don't feel comfortable leaving him home with husband for that weekend. Maybe the medications will be working by then?

    Bowling did not go well after school. 98 and 106, so not too terrible but not a good way to end the season. I still think he will get awards for top scratch series, highest average, and best improved. His friend may get an award for tying with top scratch game. I will call the neurologist office to see if we can get in earlier on Monday to make sure we get back in time for the party and awards. It will be a great time for him and his friend. His friend is also a difficult child who came to me a lot yesterday for encouragement. He was also having a rough afternoon on the lanes. He would be frustrated and actually listen to me indicating that he would try or that he was doing that and it didn't work to which I would explain that he needed patience to just keep trying. It was cool to see the smile on his face when he would do as either his dad and I would suggest and it gave him a good score.

    Oh well, off to work! I just realized yesterday that I will be gone Wed morning, and Thursday - Monday. I told the Social Study teacher that I will be unable to help Wed afternoon since I better get into work that day. The kids are starting a session on Early Americans. We went over two books covering Seminoles and Navajos. I then found books in the library about "A Day In the Life Of a Pilgrim Boy" and "A Day In the Life Of a Pilgrim Girl". I gave the books to the teacher to review and see if it was something the two 2nd graders (one boy, one girl) could go through on Wednesday when I am gone. I think the level of reading is actually too high for them but they can look at the pictures and read some of the pages.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh!

    p.s. difficult child has been up for about 15 minutes and still no fears. YEAH!!!
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    G'day, folks.

    It's late for me tonight, we've had a big day with difficult child 3's neuropsychologist assessment followed by shopping, meeting up with easy child 2/difficult child 2 and beginning the pattern-drafting for her bridesmaids' dresses and then getting difficult child 3 to his drama class. It's the last week of school term this week, difficult child 3 has a lot to catch up with, a major assessment task that is already overdue. Thankfully he has an extension.

    difficult child 3 got some returned work in the mail tonight, all with glowing praise form teachers. It was an interesting contrast for me, when the neuropsychologist had asked me to bring old school reports and I grabbed one of his old communication books as well. Reading the teacher comments (from Grade 4, he's now Grade 10) is harrowing, I had to work so hard to keep this teacher on-side and not too destructive. She really didn't get it, and was punishing him constantly for bad behaviour, when the bulk of the time this bad behaviour was difficult child 3's reaction to ongoing, continual bullying right under the teacher's nose. We would tell the teacher and nothing would be done to protect difficult child 3, then I would be told that difficult child 3 was being punished for being disruptive or noisy, often because he had ben getting releatedly hassled by other kids. He got thrown out of scripture class, for example, the book didn't go into details as to why but I remember the scripture teacher telling me that she frequently witnessed one boy sticking pins into difficult child 3 during her class. The teacher was in the room, must have seen what was going on, but never did a thing about the pin-pricking. It was a long-term problem, the boy never got into trouble for it but whenever difficult child 3 reacted and hit the boy, or tried to defend himself, he was punished. I also found references to the ongoing failure of the District Special Education people to do anything at all of the things they had promised to put in place for him.

    Time to take some more deep breaths and again be grateful we've weathered it all and difficult child 3 is now in a much better placement. He is beginning to express his anger about past treatment, I have to acknowledge that yes, he was unfairly treated. But we have to let it go.

    Tomorrow I begin to work on the Easter candle. I got more glass paint today, I should have everything I need now. If I get the candle made over the next couple of days then I can have it painted and finished before easy child 2/difficult child 2 comes round on Saturday to begin sewing. I can get difficult child 3 to help me make some Easter eggs then too. I want everything finished and ready so I don't have to do any work on Easter Sunday - it will be full enough, with sunrise on the beach where it all starts.

    It's all in the planning... tomorrow is going to be full, but at least we don't have to leave the village for the next few days.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.