Good Tuesday Morning

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  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    It's back to work today after a little more than a week off. difficult child needs to get back to school-he has been such a pita! Not that I am counting but we have 43 days left of school.

    It is suppose to be cool again today but then they are calling for 3 days of sunny weather in the 60s-this better not be a late April Fools joke!

    After work today I have a therapist appointment. and then maybe we will get to the health club but I am not overly optimistic. Tonight I am hoping to get to sleep at a decent hour. Last night was a rough night of sleep due in large part to difficult child waking up in the middle of the night and also because I was having strange dreams all night long.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day to all.

    Sharon/WO, sorry difficult child has been such a pain. Holidays seem to do it to some kids, especially those who thrive on routine. I hope the sunny weather arrives on cue for you.

    It's been cooler today and the storm clouds were gatherinng this afternoon. mother in law & I had doctor's appointment this afternoon, husband was home today too and had the car booked in to have its engine bay steam-cleaned - the mechanic wants it super clean and then to see it running for a week or so, before he has the car for a fortnight for a really major service. This way the mechanic will be able to see if there are any leaks he has missed. The car is as old as easy child 2/difficult child 2, she wants this odd little van for her wedding car. It's a wonderful demonstration of how beneficial it is, to keep your car serviced!

    The storm finally broke this evening, it was such an intense storm cell, even though it was only small, that we went round the house shutting down elecronic things and lighting candles in anticipation of power failure. We looked at the satellite image - the centre of the storm passsed just to the north of us but was loaded with large hail. At our place - a little rain fell, not enough to get us wet. difficult child 3 had gone to visit his mate who lives across the street, I went across to fetch him when dinner was ready. Everything was pitch dark as I fumbled with the neighbour's latch, then the lightning lit everything up so I could see what I was doing. BARROOM!
    When I got to the house I was surprised that their blue heeler was not barking to announce me, but the poor thing was hiding under the couch, terrified of the thunder. I sat for a few minutes and the dog was leaning up against me, pushing his head into my leg and pawing at me to hold him, pat him and comfort him. Poor thing! So much for their guard dog...

    difficult child 3 has a playdate bookmarked for tomorrow afternoon. In the morning we've arranged to meet a woman and her son at a park "on the mainland". The mother has rung me a few times about her son (same age as difficult child 3) and is worried about his lack of social interaction. I don't even know her name - she has told me, but I didn't write it down. She sounds like she just needs someone to talk to, to pick some brains and work out how to help her son. I'm going to take some of difficult child 3's schoolwork for her to see how he does it. Her son has been getting a private correspondence school education and it's costing her a lot and it doesn't sound as good as difficult child 3's. The local mainstream school is the one difficult child 1 went to, and it sounds even worse than ever. Thery've been difficult for her.

    So depending on how tomorrow goes, we may have a new CD member in Australia!

    difficult child 3 wants to go to the mall - we were going after the doctor this afternoon, but husband & the car took longer than expected. But I'll have no trouble getting difficult child 3 to hurry up and finish with the mall - he will be desperate to get home to play with the neighbour!

    mother in law is coming too, she is trying to buy a last-minute blouse for easy child's wedding. difficult child 3 also is buying some ingredients to do some cooking - once again the Niintendo DS Cooking Guide ("tiny chef") is providing the technological assistance and incentive for another cooking lesson!

    TV yesterday, today and tomorrow has "Little House on the Prairie" - the 2005 production. I've seen it before but have been enjoying it immensely, it doesn't have the whitewash sanitisation of the lifestyle. My mother was born of pioneer stock, part of my upbringing was similar. In some ways I also was raised as pioneer, except we didn't have dirt floors in the house. In other ways I'm one generation removed. husband is one generation removed. We watched "Pioneer House" and similar and found it to be too 'loose' in the rules and how they were followed. Very frustrating. I'm going to have to tape tomorrow's episode - they've been playing two episodes back to back in the daytime movie slot.

    It is so important, I think, to not lose these histories and knowledge from our past.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  3. artana

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    Good Morning,

    WO - It's rough when difficult child's schedules change. Hopefully going back to school will help him settle a bit.

    Marg - I love thunderstorms. Even the huge ones that shake the whole house. Good luck helping out this mother. I hope you can guide her in the right direction and maybe make her feel less alone.

    I went to a grief counseling group last night. They talked about grief and how children deal with it. They also warned us not to project our feelings onto the children.

    I am tight this month, so today my bank account went under. I get paid Thursday, but I have to make decisions about my younger son's vision therapy. I know insurance will pay back some of it, but I don't have the money to pay for it and then wait months to get reimbursed.
  4. Andy

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    Wiped Out - I hope you have a relaxing day today and get a good nights sleep tonight. Since you may not be counting the 43 days left of school, does that mean Summer is a good thing for difficult child?

    Marg - You and your family are keeping up the busy pace as always. Little House on the Prairie has been one of my favorite shows. I always compare my family as Laura's family and sister in law/brother in law as the Olsen's. Imagine Laura being on good terms with Nelly and having Nelly hostess her in a weekend at her grandparent's. That is how we feel and are treated when we visit sister in law/brother in law. Totally different world - one we would not be able to afford.

    Back to school for difficult child as well. So far the morning is going well. I have had him start drinking water/gaterade and will get him a bowl of cereal.

    Tonight there is both PTL and a meeting to see if there is interest in a High School Bowling league next Fall. I am trying to figure out a way out of PTL. We don't have a president and as vice-president I am suppose to lead the meeting. Last month's was cancelled due to snowstorm. Maybe I can meet early with the teachers and they can lead the meeting (if anyone else shows up).

    I lost this board last night! Was it down for updating?

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh. I bought a joke book for difficult child this weekend - he has been reading it and is almost done.
  5. Andy

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    Hey my "Same Time" friend Artana. So funny, I was going to include a hello to you thinking we might be typing the same time but decided to wait and see what was up in your world.

    difficult child's school will be facing some grief issues this week as the dad of a 3rd grader died on Saturday. Sounds like funeral will be Friday. He was diagnosed with cancer just before Thanksgiving. I am having a little difficulty accepting this myself.

    I hope you can figure out the finances for the vision therapy.

  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    Sharon (WO), I'm so sorry difficult child has been such a PITA!!! I hope today goes smoothly and tonight you get some much needed zzz's...:sleeping:

    Marg, I think it's great that difficult child 3 is learning to cook. I hope things go well at the park and we have another CD member from Australia.

    artana, It rots when money is tight and difficult decisions have to be made. I don't know much about vision therapy so what I'm about to say might be useless - Is there any way you can get some educational materials and provide some of the therapy yourself? I HATE insurance companies!!!

    Andy, It's good you're giving your difficult child gaterade and water. It sounds like lots of fluids should help. Can your difficult child take a large water bottle to school and drink throughout the day? I'm glad you're trying to find others to take over some of your volunteer work.

    This morning I'm waiting for a repair person to show up and hopefully fix my treadmill - The one good thing is that it is still under warranty. While I'm waiting, I've got lots of housework to do. I'm not sure how much is going to get done as it's damp and dreary outside and I definitely NEED more caffeine.:bloodshot: I might skip the housework and do a bit of reading ( difficult child related).

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... WFEN :coffee: