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    Hi all - :D I tried not to be the first to write, and waited and waited!
    Well, the day is nearly done. It was a dull, drizzly day.
    The cows were in - that's a plus! We got DS to work on time - that's another plus!
    My challenge today was to tidy up an area in my bedroom and I achieved that. daughter got her schoolwork done, and we went to a theatre outing with some other homeschoolers. Then I left her with my friend to do her music practise and schoolwork and went to pick up the cherubs.
    Bio mum didn't have shoes or socks for them - Little Cherub was in a nappy (again!) and they were all a bit grubby. However, I bundled them into the car, brought them home and after fumigation they were all fine (just joking!)
    Amazingly, they got bathed (deloused), fed and into bed at a reasonable hour. They are usually pretty tired and stressed by the time we get to this point.
    I've rescheduled DS's work for tomorrow till Thursday as I won't have daughter here to mind the children when I would normally take him at 6.20am. It's too cold to be getting them up at 5.00am.

    Hope you all have a lovely day. I'm going to curl up with a book for a while before doing some ironing... and plan tomorrow's challenges!
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    Good morning Trish & all who follow,

    Trish, sounds like the kids were in fairly good shape after a visit with bio mom. I have to tell you this breaks my heart ~ hope some resolution comes quickly.

    kt is up & ready for school. I'm up & ready for mtg my sister in law so we can deal with some of husband's legal issues.

    Carpenter is coming in early today to put a stronger, more stable hand rail going upstairs as the hardwood floors in the kitchen & down the hall to my bedroom are being refinished today & tomorrow.

    Have a good day friends.
  3. Andy

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    Therese - I am glad the little ones are back in your care.

    Timer - Good luck with the paperwork today.

    I am off to work early today. I just can't figure out the best thing for the kids this morning. difficult child and I must leave for Fargo ASAP when I get off of work today. I would like him to be at the bowling alley but his bowling buddy is coming over this morning and it did not go well the last two times I took them both bowling together. I know the buddy will be upset if difficult child gets dropped off without him so best not even go there.

    I think I will insist that Diva take both of them to a fast food place at 11:30 so they are on that end of town when I get off of work and fed. Though, the last time I had her do that, she flubbed up the time big time and difficult child barely got time to grab something to eat in the van! Ugh.

    His appts will last until 3:45 and then we must head straight home to be here early for a 5:30 baseball game. In amongst that, we need to find time to drop off mail to husband at the place he is working in Fargo.

    I will be glad when 1:00 comes along and we are well on the road like we are suppose to be. I am going into work early so I can leave at 12:00 to give time to fix Diva not feeding the boys as asked to if that is the case.

    Have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.
  4. Fran

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    Good Morning all.
    Trish, yikes about delousing and the poor condition the children are sent out to your home in. Sounds like you have everything under way though. A good book and a plan is a good way to end the day.

    Linda, sorry to hear you are feeling poorly again. Fingers crossed about MRI. Sounds like the house is coming along well though. Good luck with your legal issues. Hope it all goes smoothly.

    Andy, good luck on trying to make your timeline. With difficult child's and teens there is always the element of surprise.

    It's sunny again and it appears the heat will start to climb today. I had a restless night so I was able to get up early and get out for some exercise. Now to do some outside type stuff before the sun lands on the patio.

    husband and I went to the mountains for a few days. It was so cool the first day that I was worried I didn't bring the right clothes. Thank goodness at the last minute I threw in a fleece jacket. Brrrrrrr. We did a bit of hiking with the dogs and I kept looking for bears but they must have known I was there and they went back to the caves. (I don't want to see them close up but from across a field while I'm on a secure, elevated deck) There was a small town Christmas In July Festival. It was great. It was small town Americana in the best of ways. Blue grass music, lots of fried food and pleasant people. Love those funnel cakes. :woohoo:

    In the meantime, difficult child was invited to visit a friend in NJ. He did well. The young man is a little more involved than my difficult child with a high level of anxiety. My difficult child has always been kind and helpful to this young man. The mom called to comment on how much improved difficult child is this year over a year ago. I think so but it's nice to hear. Of course, there are few demands placed on him. She said he was helpful and courteous with lovely manners. :wildone:Who is that young man? I must say the frequency of temper tantrums has decreased. They are still there but at least I don't have to deal with them as often. His self awareness seems to be growing from the conversations we have had.

    Now it's off to the chore list before I start to melt. Have a glorious day. Think positive thoughts.
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    G'day, all.

    Trish, I deal with the time thing by having a widget on my computer that tells me when it's past midnight at Conduct Disorders central. By then I figure the morning thread is fair game!
    I'm glad the kids are back in your care - a good friend of mine goes through this with a boy she fosters informally - they are registered foster carers but have a quietrrngement with this particular family. I;m convinced the family she's helping are justusing her as a convenient (and crazy) free babysitting aervice. They've even been known to drop their laundry over for her to do. And whenever she picks up the kids, they're always in dirty, worn, too-small clothes. My friend was always buying them new clothes but the kids (when with bio-parents) would never have the new clothes but instead would turn up, in winter, in skimpy dirty summer clothes. And whenever she gets them, she automatically de-louses. She's had me over frequently doing hair checks - I'm short-sighted which means I take off my glasses and have built-in magnified vision! When easy child was small her best friend was a foster child living with her grandmother. The kid was always lousy, easy child got dose after dose of head lice from her so I got a lot of practice.

    Linda, I'm glad you're getting sturdy handtails in. You can't afford a fall. I hope you get the paperwork sorted with husband's affairs. It's rough having to do this.

    Andy, it sounds like a tricky day, schedule-wise. I hope it all works out OK.

    Fran, the hiking trip and the festival sound lovely (apart from worrying about the bears). It's lovely to hear good reports of your kids especially when as parents we've spent so many years being apprehensive.

    A crowded busy day in the Marg household today. Cold (for Sydney). I'd finally got difficult child 1 to come and do some mowing (for which he gets paid a small amount in cash which helps balance out the pension). Before he could begin on the second lawn however, some surprise rain began.

    Meanwhile daughter in law & easy child 2/difficult child 2 were working on daughter in law's bridesmaid's dress for the wedding. It's taking shape well. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is becoming a talented seamstress - I wish my mother could have seen this (but my mother would be 98 this year if she had lived). Her father was a tailor (no, she didn't sew my new blue jeans!) and my mother taught me all I know about sewing. I tried to teach my kids but it seems only easy child 2/difficult child 2 (and maybe difficult child 3) have picked it up. However, we had an accident - easy child 2/difficult child 2 ran the sewing machine needle right through the tip of her thumb, through the nail and all. OUCH! She got the needle back out and the thumb away from the fabric before it began to bleed and then immediately put it in to soak in hot water. I will have to remind her to get to a doctor to get it seen, but knowing her, she won't take the time to go. Instead she must remember to soak her finger every three hours to kill any potential infection.
    difficult child 1 walked in and asked why she had her thumb bandaged. We told him, "She put the sewing machine needle right through it."
    He said without thinking, "Does it need stitches?"
    Then almost immediately smacked his forehead at what he had said.

    Even when things are stressful we can always find something to laugh at.

    The rain has just started again and my hands are numb as I type. difficult child 3 is trying to convince me he doesn't need to take the melatonin his doctor has prescribed. It's not arrived here yet, it's still at the compounding pharmacy waiting on difficult child 1's prescriptions to be sorted out so they can despatch all the medications in one go and save us added postage. So to convince me he doesn't eed melatonin, difficult child 3 has gone to bed "early". By 11 pm! He's supposed to be in bed by 9.30 pm and lights out at 10. So we'll see how well I can get him out of bed in the morning.

    We got the assessment task extension sorted out yesterday morning, so he's been busy working on one of them at least, so he can hand it in when we go to school for a study day on Thursday. It was difficult for him to work on it today with a house full of people but he says he's making good progress and will be ready to hand it in on Thursday morning. I wish we were handing BOTH in, but we could be lucky...

    Enjoy your Tuesday. May it be warmer than ours!