Good Tuesday Morning!

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    I am up early today. Going to go into work early. Getting my hours in this next two weeks will be a challenge. I thought I had today to do a few extras and now it will be a short one.

    Yesterday I woke to a painful left shoulder. So weird, never had anything like that before. I went through the day being careful how to move it (closing the car door was a challenge). With being a ticket taker at the county fair coming up starting Wednesday night I figured I better have it checked out. The money bag may be too heavy to handle and in that case I will not be able to work. So, I made an appointment to go to Fargo today.

    The shoulder is much better this morning but now I wonder if I have an yeast infection starting? I am just starting to fall apart again.

    We have a headlight out in the van so I want to stop in the garage and get that fixed today. However, we have severe thunderstorms coming in today so I don't want to be gone too long.

    difficult child wants to come with because he loves the garage we take the van to (there is a Wii in the waiting room). It would have been nice to take Diva and difficult child's bowling buddy and spend the afternoon (zoo) but buddy has golf this morning. I would like to take difficult child but I don't want him sitting in the doctor waiting room when I don't know how long I will be.

    Golf will most likely be cancelled but then I don't want a car load of kids if there is bad driving weather. So, difficult child will most likely stay home and I will go up and back as quickly as possible. Still don't know if I will do the headlight or have that wait until next week when I am up there. Driving with brights I do still have both lights.

    Have a great day today and find a way to make your kids laugh.
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    Good Morning,

    Andy-Sound like a lot to accomplish today. I hope the storms don't materialize or that you are at least home before they start! What a great idea to put a Wii in a waiting room!

    This morning after we drop off difficult child at camp we'll head to the health club and then it will be home for a nap as I'm up way too early. husband is getting his haircut and easy child always goes along and gets her eyebrows done (it's very inexpensive and so we let easy child have it done).

    We have a roofer coming today to see if we had any damage from the hail storm. In the last 3 days we have received at least 6 fliers at our door about the damage. Turns out it was quarter size hail. I see a bunch of dents on our siding and husband found some on the roof of the van. I still haven't raked the leaves, I'm thinking of just mowing over them.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    I hope you feel better ASAP!!! Sorry about the headlight - With vans/cars, it's always something... husband has to have the struts replaced on his car. Luckily, a friend is doing it and it is going to save us a fortune. I hope work goes quickly and you end up having a great day in spite of everything!!!

    Yesterday, easy child and I went to the beach. It was supposed to be a beautiful day. However, even though the sun was out, it was cool and very windy. We ended up staying staying just for a few hours - we had lunch and took a walk along the ocean. We went and did a bit of shopping later in the afternoon - husband needed a few more pairs of shorts for his workouts, etc...

    I'm going for my morning jog/run soon. Then, depending on the weather, I might try to take easy child to the beach again. This has really been an unusually cool, damp summer - It's so disappointing...

    Sharon (WO), I hope there isn't much damage from the hail storm and the repair costs are minimal - I've got my fingers crossed... Glad you're going to the health club! I still haven't gotten around to doing those weights... I'm hoping some of your dedication will rub off on me!!!

    Anyway, as always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... SFR
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    Hi everyone

    Andy hope your shoulder gets better quickly; Sharon hope the roofer gives you a fair idea of the repair needed; SFR I hope you enjoy the beach; it's getting very cool here already tonight and my fingers are getting cold I can't imagine being at the beach!
    The wood stove is blazing, and my kettle is singing.
    I didn't achieve much today although I had set a goal of getting the paperwork pile put away. I did most of it inbetween getting DS to work and little cherub to her first day back at school since being with us again. New term started today.
    Then it all went wrong! I had an official come for a meeting and he firstly got bogged in my road - not a good start. I was hoping the meeting would be short - no go - we started talking about cherub and the Dept. of Social Services' lack of interest and he just about exploded with indignation.... nearly four hours later; after putting the carburretor back in my tractor(a new skill for me!) I discovered that the battery was flat. So, we had to ring road assistance to get his car unbogged, he went away armed with a list of things to do to keep cherub and her siblings safe. So, I could end up with the siblings and cherub officially in my care by the weekend!
    It was then time to get daughter to her flute lesson and do a long round of driving - DS from work cherub from school; home to feed them - back into town to pick of daughter.
    Nothing else got done - but really, the most important thing got done and that was to officially get the ball rolling to keep cherub safe. In light of the fact that when I called the police regarding the allegationo of sexual abuse, they told me that the file had been closed because she wouldn't talk about it to them!
    So, I have been advised to get her to a doctor for an examination and 'prep' her beforehand about feeling safe to talk about it. That''s the hard part because bio mum has already warned her (threatened her) not to talk about it.

    The day ended with me checkign my mail and discovering a traffic infringement fine for $300 for going through a red light! Ho! Hum! The picture doesn't lie. I must have been pretty stressed at the time, because I clearly stopped, then went through! Why??

    Have a good day everyone.
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    G'day, folks.

    Andy, I hope you can find out what is wrong with your shoulder.

    As for driving with kids - do you have some good car games? We have some that our kids partly invented, like the alphabet game. It can get noisy but it's generally a happy noise.

    Sharon/WO, I hope you get an effective power nap after a good workout. That way you can wake up feeling virtuous!

    SFR, sorry your beach visit was not as pleasant as you expected. However, I've always enjoyed a walk along a deserted beach during a storm... there's something elemental about it that makes my heart lift despite the grey sky.

    Trish, you're back to school today? We just started two weeks' holiday yesterday. I'm glad DOCS finally are on board with making your custody official. I hope Little Cherub feels safe enough to talk about it. I had to chuckle over the DOCS' bloke's car getting bogged and you without a functioning tractor... but I think it worked to your advantage.
    Sorry about the red light - have you considered that maybe you tried to stop but found yourself over the line, and so you proceeded because it was safer? That happened to me at one point so I appealed and got off with just a warning.

    Today difficult child 3 & I had a quiet day. He went to visit he friend (but did a bit more schoolwork first). I got woken this morning with the radio talking about the English midwife saying that women in childbirth need to "toughen up"; I could have handled thta, but they had some midwives on talking about how important it is for mothers to feel empowered to make choices, to be encouraged to choose no assistance where possible and all the wonderful training and services available to mothers. It triggered my PTSD again, I was a mess for a while. Given 20:20 hindsight, I really should have sued the hospital over difficult child 3's birth and afterwards. This morning I did write an email to the TV morning show about it. I had turned off the radio and got the news on TV, on every network. I knew I'd be in for a day of it so I shut off the TV and watched a DVD TV series all day instead.

    Tonight we watched the TV broadcast of "Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkeban" while I cooked a tray of baklava. I haven't made it for about 30 years; last time it was not a success and after a second attempt which was no better, I stopped trying. But tonight - fabulous! I especially love the way it sizzles as you pour the syrup over it when you take the tray out of the oven. Then the whole pastry slab slurps up the syrup and makes it all sticky and delicious. I made this one with amond meal, pistachio nuts and cashews, because husband doesn't like walnuts.

    Tomorrow I'll hopefully get difficult child 3 to do more schoolwork. It IS holidays so he can go play. Tonight he started on melatonin. We finally persuaded him to give it a try. Hopefully it will help him get into a better sleep pattern and not stay up all night as he has been.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 rang tonight to talk about wedding plans. We're getting close to sending out the invitations. husband & I need to look through the guest list, I haven't seen it although it's based on our family mailing list. I think there are a few names we need to swap around but we need to get things happening - we have 6 weeks before the RSVPs are due back.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.