Good Tuesday Morning

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    Good Morning my sleepy Friends,

    Another cool summer day. I remember having cool days in July before but never a streak like this. Since I'm not heading to the pool today I don't mind at all.

    This morning I'll be dropping difficult child off at camp and heading to my therapist appointment. Later this morning husband will take easy child to her therapist appointment. Other than the usual workout and nap not much else on the agenda yet for today.

    Wishing each of you a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    We're having an unusual summer here too - Lots and lots and lots, etc. of rain, cooler than normal days, etc... In fact, it's raining here now...:( I hope you have a quiet, relaxing day...

    My new treadmill is finally here!!!:DThis morning is the first time since March that my workout is not dependent on the weather. I'm just so happy!!!:D

    After my workout, I've got to put together a shopping list and head to my local warehouse - BJ's. I'm running low on cleaning supplies, paper goods, etc... I think I'll take easy child with me and stop at the library on the way. She needs to return a few books and wants to pick up a couple more and maybe check out the movies.

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... SFR
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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon- Your day sounds down right relaxing for you with so little on the agenda! I hope your nap is great!

    SFR- Enjoy your treadmill! Your little shopping trip sounds fun...

    I have to get Duckie moving soon. I have a doctor appointment in town and need to run into Walmart. Then we rush to the park for science club. After that, we come home and relax a little before she heads to VBS.

    Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
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    Hi everyone!

    Well today I had to do a real transport run. DS to work, then ES (exchange student) to her first day at school, then cherub to school. DD12 stayed home with the babes (3 & 20 mos) and did a good job of entertaining them and trying to do some schoolwork. She did message me at one point and tell me she had "just changed the smelliest nappy in history, and I had to go outside 3 times for fresh air".

    The dept went to the school and interviewed cherub for two hours. Then came here and tried to befriend the 3 yo and 20 mos and interview them! 3yo did point out that bubby can't talk! They asked dumb questions - like, tell me everything about mommy; tell me everythign about daddy. I doubt he understood the work everything! And what does mommy do when she gets angry! little man just started mumbling about spiderman, and random stuff and they gave up!

    Apparently, cherub did disclose about the touching, but they still want to contact the police and see if they want to reinterview her. In the meantime, she is to have no contact with daddy. However, they are not taking an order on her at this point, as long as mum cooperates and shows protective measures.

    Mum told me that she spoke to them later,and when they said that she had disclosed to touching, she said, 'oh, she probably means when he's helping her clean up after an accident' As cherub has no concept of time, or particularisation, it's possible they might buy that excuse! It;s so frustrating.

    I am going insane with all this!

    It's pretty tricky working out the transporting arrangements with a 5 seater car/7 people family! Do you think it'd be okay to haul a trailer behind!

    Have a nice day everyone,
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    G'day, people.

    I just spent over half an hour drafting a reply, I was just about to send it - when difficult child 3 hit the wrong button. I lost the lot.

    So consider yourselves individually greeted. I just wanted to say, Trish - some women put their relationship with their men way above their own welfare (ie allow themselves to be beaten rather than risk losing him) and their kids - way lower in the priority scales. And nothing you can do or say can change that mindset, not without a lot more counselling and admission of the problems that I think you will ever get in this case.

    I was MIA for yesterday's post. I was given a ticket for the opening night of a new Sydney Street Choir production because someone I know is in it. He's a man who visits the village now and then, I've been nervous about him for some years because I've been told by a few people he can be violent. However, the choir seems to have been good for him.
    Then on the drive home (my driver was a friend of this man's) I learned a few things which make me now question everything I've believed about this man. Turns out a con-man who spent time in our village some years ago that I knew about, caused more problems I didn't know about, involving our choir member. Of course it all makes sense and I'm angry with myself for getting this so wrong for so many years and being critically judging of someone when I spend my time telling other people to not be judgemental.
    I'm still wary, in case I'm not so wrong; but the more I think about it, the more this is making sense.
    I'm glad I let him sing with us on Saturday night; our choir was mostly doing a singalong anyway. And he was so very grateful... that's when he told me about his choir performance last night and asked me to come along. husband was worried about me going (because of this man's reputation) but of course it was a non-issue. But it now looks like the raging and violence form this man those years ago were triggered by the con-man deliberately pushing his buttons; the violence was reported to me by two different women, both of whom were completely taken in by the con-man and didn't realise they were playing right into his hands. I didn't believe the con-man but I believed these other women (who were honest people).
    The con-man has been well and truly exposed, but it seems the damage has been more ongoing that any of us realised. Time to do some more repair work, it seems.

    We had another choir performance today (my choir, not last night's) and it went well, considering we were low in numbers. We even got asked by a visiting therapist if we would consider going further afield to other groups she works for. The audience sang along (a lot more than the other night's did) and I tihnk everyone had fun.

    We're taking a break from rehearsals this week but I'm looking for new music ideas for them. Frankly, we're only street choir standard. If that.

    I'd better send this before some other disaster happens and I lose the post - AGAIN!

  6. Good morning, all! I'm still around, but not a lot of say. Mostly in a "waiting" mode since it's unclear yet who will be difficult child's teacher in Fall or even how many children will be in his class. The larger the class, the poorer he will do. He's held it together reasonably well this summer. Came home with only one negative report in 5 days of summer school so far. But, he's done some very annoying things at home which makes one wonder. Anyway, no real drama yet (getting more of that from easy child!) so I'm lying low. Hope everyone has a good day!