Good Tuesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Another beautiful day here. Lately every day has been sunny and warm. We haven't had any rain in September yet which is fine by me since I am a couple weeks behind on lawn mowing!

    Today promises to be a long one as it is open house at our school. I'm looking forward to meeting the parents of this wonderful group of children I have this year. I'll probably grab a frozen dinner to eat between the end of the school day and open house. Think I'll be too tired to workout tonight.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :cutie_pie: Good Morning Friends!

    It's kinda like summer again here with temps at 90 - but the temps will be down 10 degrees and dropping from there tomorrow! Fall in the south :autumn:.

    Sharon, have a great open house today - difficult child's back to school night is Thursday and I'm looking forward to meeting his teachers!

    Had a great appointment with difficult child's therapist yesterday regarding a plan for tappering off his 1:1. I always feel so calm and relaxed when I leave her office - no wonder difficult child loves her!

    Lady from school called yesterday and asked if I could come in earlier for my meeting since she had a meeting outside the building in the afternoon. Since I had the appointment with therapist, couldn't do it. We are rescheduled for Wed afternoon. I am feeling good about the meeting based on our conversation yesterday morning - but have all my ducks in a row and will not let my guard down!

    Will be heading to the office this morning. I will probably run a few errands and then get back here to prep dinner, empty the dishwasher, yadda, yadda..before picking up difficult child. Like to have everything done before he comes home.

    Wishing you all a great Tuesday - hope your day is a stress free as possible :whew:

  3. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Wiped Out - Have a fun day today. I so much enjoyed my time in the Sunday School hallway on Sunday morning greeting the kids and watching their excitement as parents came to pick them up. Very up lifting.

    Little Dude's Mom - So good to get those ducks lined up and ready to go. Have a great week!

    I am sitting in a hospital room with a borrowed lap top. difficult child started his 48 hour EEG yesterday and without receiving any info in advance, I was not prepared to be "trapped" in the room with him. Someone must be with him the entire time. husband was working in this town for many many many days/weeks this past few months but not this week. This week he is working about 5 - 6 hours away. Diva is sick so would not be allowed in if she could come to help. So, it is just me. Even though it is boring for me, it is o.k. that I didn't bring anything for myself to do because I am suppose to be monitoring and logging activities. If I had my own activities, I would be too distracted and miss something.

    difficult child is having a great time. LOL! Movies, playstation, lego set to build, this borrowed laptop, ect.

    My saving grace in this is that I am allowed to sleep. That is a super good thing since I could not stay awake last night though I did wake often just to check on difficult child and make sure the monitoring computer was still running (the tech told me how to restart it in the event it turned off - most likely if a tech was working on it remotely).

    So, please everyone hope, wish, ect. that difficult child has his "Spots" today so we can catch them and rule out seizure.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.
  4. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning everyone.
    Wiped out, how nice that your students are a nice group. Sort of compensates for the more difficult child group of last year.

    LDM, your therapist sounds like a dream. You really have created a team of support for your son. Way To Go! How is easy child liking college and living on her own?

    Andy, Yikes! about being stuck in a room with difficult child. We did a sleep deprived EEG with easy child and a sleep study so I have been penned in but I knew in advance so I had plenty of stuff to do. Hope all turns out well for difficult child.

    Today was a better day at boot camp. I was a little disheartened yesterday so I'm pleased to say that I am back on track.

    difficult child had a bit of an attitude with me yesterday about how things had been stored. Unfortunately, his attitude came after I saw his pigsty room. Not good timing for a difficult child attitude. I suggested that if wanted to live here that he get to work and clean that room or he can move out. I have to say, difficult child picked up on the smoke signals coming from my ears and got to work. Fear is a wonderful motivator. difficult child is definitely making progress.

    It's another clear warm day but the mornings and evenings are refreshing. Wish the mosquito's would go back into hibernation.

    Have a productive, pleasant day everyone.
  5. therese005us

    therese005us New Member

    Good Morning everyone!

    Well, Tuesday - Hmmm it was rather busy.
    I got a phone call last night from Cherub's biio mum. She sounded drunk and giggly. She had arranged for the bio dad to fly back from Perth and he would be arriving at 6.00am today. Could I take the babes please? She wants to get the Department to "sort out all this XXXX" by the end of the week. She wanted to have him to herself; I'm sure it was nothing else.

    So, I started making arrangments to get clothes ready, beds ready etc. and the usual chores. I also managed to bake some choc chip muffins, make some soup and prepare dinner.

    I got a phone call from Cherub's school at 1pm,could I pick her up she has the headlice? Okay. That suited me (sort of) So I picked her up and then took DD12 to her optometrist appointment. She's fine, just a little eye strain no need to change her glasses.

    Had cherub tested at the same time. She's long sighted, has a slight turn in her eye. Would benefit from glasses as then she won't get so tired and her eye won't turn. it's not noticeable, and she's past the developmnet age, so it won't get worse. The optometrist tested her as he would a preschooler struggling with letters etc and it was interesting to watch. She's excited about getting glasses ( for the moment).

    We came home, after collecting our German student. She's been placed at a more modern home now, but she agreed to babysit for me tonight and randomly in the future.I washed Cherub's hair thoroughly and removed a large family of headlice.

    DS did do some chores today, fairly willingly. I'm sure he managed to get something last night, but only because he was glazed and too smiley, no proof, just suspicion.

    Had a long chat with Counsellor (see other post) which was a little saddening.... the future is going to be a little mor stressful yet.

    Took daughter to dancing then went to pick up Babes. I went to my friend's place for a couple hours, bathed them, and had a long chat.

    Home now, babes asleep. I need to wash my hair. The mere thought of headlice makes me want to scratch!!!!

    Tomorrow will be challenging with all these little ones to look after.

    have a lovely day everyone!!
  6. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, folks.

    Another late, rushed post again. We had our appointment at the wedding reception venue today, then visited BF2's family, just as his sister brought her baby home from the hospital. We measured up the sister for her bridesmaid's dress, she's not going to be ready for us to make it yet. Two and a half weeks to go, it's going to be a big headache. Meanwhile we're discovering little things we still need to do and get. Tried to get tie pins for the boys' cravats - nobody has them. So we have to make them. But where do we get the bits and pieces? We could only get enough for four, we need five. Got home late, tired, frustrated and increasingly worriedd about getting it all done. We're making good progress but sometimes it doesn't feel like it.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

    I have to give difficult child 3 an exam tomorrow. Then tennis. Then the next day - cleaning, followed by a college appointment for difficult child 3 (to discuss a part-time college course for him, from next year, while he continues to complete his high-schooling).
    Friday it's back in to the city for the research study, followed by more tennis. Saturday - open day at the local nuclear reactor (the only one in Australia!) followed by a meeting I have to attend. Sunday - easy child 2/difficult child 2 coming to visit to work on bridesmaid No 4's dress plus other crafty things such as cravat pins.

    I'm heading to bed. I need my sleep!