Good Tuesday Morning!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Dec 22, 2009.

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    :forchristmas: Good Tuesday Morning!

    Good Morning Everyone. We are still recovering from the storm here. It was icy going yesterday....the parking lots were skating rinks! It got up to almost 40 yesterday but down again to 20 last night so the thaw, runoff, skating rink scenario will continue.

    I got all my family goodie tins finished finally last night. Today is office, nails, laundry, and a planning session with my cousin regarding our big 50th road trip! Busy day......

    Hope your day is a good one :christmaslights:

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Sharon-Sounds like a real mess where you are; stay safe on those roads and enjoy having your nails done and your planning session with your cousin-a road trip sounds like a ton of fun!

    It's so funny how kids seem to sense when there is no school. On a school day difficult child often sleeps til 7:00 when husband wakes him up but here we are, no school and he was up at 5:40!!! Luckily he is quietly playing with his new DSI game he bought yesterday with a gift certificate from my dad and his wife.

    Lots of errands to run today along with a visit to the health club. We want to get everything done today and early tomorrow as Wed night into Thurs. they are predicting freezing rain with lots of ice build-up and then on Christmas they are predicting 4-8 inches of snow on top of that. I'm just hoping we'll be able to make it to Christmas Mass this year; if it gets as bad as they're predicting we probably won't be able to go.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:rudolph:
  3. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :snowman:

    Sharon (LDM)- Be careful on the roads! I hate icy driving... :gingerbread:

    Sharon (WO)- I hope you get your errands done quickly and get home before the icing starts! :elf:

    Well, I'm bummed out because I've woken up with a nice little Christmas cold. Say it isn't so! At least the majority of the work is done. I have to run some cider to the school, try to get into the hair stylist and clean a bit. My in-laws come tomorrow night for an early Christmas celebration. There's not a ton to do and Duckie is still in school through tomorrow. :mistletoe:

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that's snuck in. :xmasdancers:
  4. Fran

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    Good morning all. easy child has arrived home. It's nice to see him again. He is growing up.
    We have a few things to finish but it seems it will be only the 4 of us for Christmas. F I L got freaked about the snow of last weekend and cancelled their trip down. :bah-humbug: Despite the fact that there wasn't anything to be freaked about. This is what happens with letting anxiety get the upper hand. Watching people stuck in airports or having flights cancelled was too much for him. I know my m i l is devastated. She wanted to see her grandsons and just enjoy all the holiday preparations and an atmosphere of fun. She wouldn't push her husband since none of this is based on logic. I was so disappointed but now...........
    We are free to do whatever we want. It will definitely be very relaxed. We are going to the movies and eating out and not really worrying about much of anything. Fortunately we enjoy ourselves when we are together. :christmaslights:So I will let the wild rumpus begin as they say in "Where The Wild Things Are".

    The puppies went to the groomers. They look all white and fluffy with their Christmas collars on. I'll try and get a photo of them before they get all messy again.

    Have a good day and don't let the grinches out there get to you. :bah-humbug:Enjoy the good things in your life and reach out to those who are struggling to find some peace in their lives.
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    G'day, folks. Sounds like you're all struggling with the icy weather and the inconvenience of the ice and snow.

    We've got a pleasantly warm few days here, tomorrow will be hotter, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day too but Boxing Day is at this stage forecast to be cooler. We're still planning what we'll cook for Christmas, if it's going to be hotter we'll cook the day before so we can have a cooler and more relaxing day. We're going shopping tomorrow to finish our Christmas shopping and also buy some last minute food supplies. Fruit & vegetables, mostly. Our summer fruit supplies are wonderful, we'll need to stock up on cherries, mangoes, strawberries and any other fruit we see that is available and cheap. Lychees, perhaps.

    We've had a varied day today. In the morning I went to the funeral of my BFF's neighbour. I am not good with funerals, especially when the person is young and it's tragic. In this case he was 47 and left three little girls; he had been their primary carer while Mummy went off to work as a high-powered executive. Now she's got to cope with her work and also be there for her girls. I suspect BFF is going to be there for them a great deal over the next few months.

    After that we drove home (a brief stop at the butcher for Christmas supplies) and I had time to have a shower and some lunch before we headed back out again. No time to shop (I had hoped we'd have a little time) but I did post the last of my Christmas cards.

    Then we continued on into the heart of Sydney and the casino - we had dinner there (fabulous smorgasbord, inexpensive because it's subsidised by the casino in their attempts to raise revenue from gambling) and then went to see "Mama Mia!" on stage. We took difficult child 3 who has been highly resistant to seeing either live shows or movies until very recently. He loved it - I'm so glad, because it's a pain to fork out the big bucks for tickets only to have him whining all through the event. Not this time - he was laughing along, clapping, joining in - it's a wonderful show. It felt weird, after the funeral in the morning, to be having fun like this in the evening.

    If ever you visit Sydney, a meal and a show at the casino is a must. Just avoid the gambling - they use all the tricks there to get you in and hooked. No windows in the casino, dim lighting that is the same at any time of day or night; open 24 hours; no clocks in the casino floor; the cheapest takeaway food is available on the casino floor so people don't have to leave the casino to get fed. They will even wheel round food on trolleys and take orders, so you don't have to leave your gambling station. But if you can avoid that, the rest of what is there is good value and frankly, I like doing them out of a dollar by enjoying their other subsidised services and then NOT gambling!

    Enjoy your Tuesday.