Good Tuesday Morning

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  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Happy 1st day of February!! We survived January, which is cause for celebration itself!

    Like many of you we are expecting a blizzard. I'm hoping for no school tomorrow. A lot around here were hoping for two days in a row but we've had just enough that it will probably be miserable getting to work and then driving home will be an adventure as well.

    Shoveling is about all that is on my agenda for tonight!

    Wishing everyone sunny thoughts:sunny:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :sunny: Sunny and warm thoughts back at ya :sunny:

    I hate to tell you this Sharon, but we are supposed to be at 68 tomorrow! It's 27 right now - more of that old fashioned coffin weather! Based on the national news I just saw, I think you will get your day off tomorrow - looks like a real hum-dinger heading your way.

    I'm supposed to go to the office today, but I'm going to come home after taking difficult child to school this morning. I'm not feeling too swell so I'm going to come home for about an hour and then see how I feel.

    Exciting news for our company - our mayor is giving his state of the city speech from the stage of the theatre project we have been working on the last 18 months! It's not quite finished yet, but close enough that he wants to use the space. It's a really important piece of city's history and we are honored that he chose to address the city from there. Bonehead is really scrambling to have everything the mayor needs in place by Thursday night.

    Wishing everyone a good Monday. Stay safe those of you in the big storm's path.


  3. Marguerite

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    With all the shovelling you're all having to do, you will be so fit by summer!

    We've got the hottest week on record happening here this week. Seven days in a row with temperatures over 30 C (86 F). That's in the heart of Sydney near the Harbour, where it's cooler. The western areas of Sydney will be over 40 C (104 F) each day.

    It was a stinking hot day today. I went out early to visit a friend briefly. I used my mobility scooter; I've draped my beach towel over the black vinyl seat because it gets so painfully hot if it's in the sun. It burns. After I saw my friend, I stopped at the wharf to go for a swim. There is a little sandy beach there, the water was that beautiful turquoise blue you see in Barrier Reef brochures. And warm! I only stayed there about half an hour, the sun was too fierce and i need to avoid sunburn. I'm already very tanned but carefully. Skin cancer is a huge problem here. I've found for me that the best protection is a careful no-burn tan laid down over months.

    Went home. Had a cold drink. Lay under the ceiling fan. Got lunch for me and difficult child 3 (which included ham and fresh pineapple). Got a phone call from friend. "I'm overheated, let's go for a swim." So down to the beach again. I wrapped my upper body in my sarong, my arms have had enough sun but my legs could do with more. We soaked in the sea for an hour, then back home. I finally persuaded difficult child 3 to come to the beach. I can't understand why he was reluctant. I promised him that if he wanted, we would leave immediately he went in and got wet. But when the temperatures are over body heat, you need to cool your core and a dunking in the sea is a fast way of doing it. I splashed around on the edge but didn't go in so we could make a quick getaway. difficult child 3 stayed a lot longer than I thought he would. Good. Then we came home and he went and had a shower without being asked. A cold shower - we only take the worst chill off the water after a beach swim.

    husband got home an hour later and got changed to go have a swim. It was right on sunset by this time and without the sun, a swim cooled us off more than earlier. But it was what we needed. So I had four beach visits today!

    The beach was moderately full, mostly others having a swim after work, or still there with kids after school.

    We headed home, showered quickly then went to mother in law's to make dinner. She's got air conditioning but complaining about the lack of breeze. "At least your house is cool!" we've told her.

    Tomorrow will only be a degree or so cooler. When you go outside in the middle of the day, it's like standing in front of a open oven door. The glare and heat reflected off the ground is breathtakingly hot.

    At night we're sleeping under a ceiling fan, windows and doors open, no sheet and sometimes I get up and spray myself down with water before going back to bed. I have a special wet neck cloth a finger wide. It's loaded with water crystals, you soak it in cold water for half an hour and it stays wet and cool for days. I'm going to wear that to bed tonight. Like Marilyn Monroe when asked, "What do you have on in bed?"
    A: "The radio..."

    Oh, and I found tonight - despite wrapping myself in a sarong, I did get more sun this afternoon than I realised. Time to cut some more aloe vera...

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  4. HaoZi

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    Ugggg... School canceled last night, so much for today's IEP meeting. Driving in normal snow scares the life out of me, so naturally I'm already freaked about driving to work today and I haven't even started getting dressed or put my eyeballs in yet. Luckily next door neighbor can watch kiddo, the amount of hours I've lost recently due to having to pick her up early, one of us being sick, business being down and getting sent home early, or the weather being nasty and not able to get a sitter easily has really taken a toll. I hope my tax return is in soon, it's already been delayed once.
    Come to that, I hope the truck doors aren't totally frozen shut. Again. EEP.
    *waits for chlor-tab to kick in*
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone:bloodshot::coffee2:,

    Sharon (WO), Have a safe and uneventful commute!!! I agree with Marg - Shoveling is a major workout!!!:blizzard: I think your wish will come true too - Hope your day off tomorrow is a good one...

    Sharon (LDM), Hope you're feeling better soon!!! Sounds like it should be a nap day by your fireplace, lots of hot tea, etc... I've been boxing up lots of snow for you - How about boxing up some of that sunshine and sending a bit to all of us getting hit with snow, sleet, etc..., lol?!

    Marg, I'm closing my eyes and trying to picture the beach near the wharf with the turquoise water... :swimming: Too bad you couldn't send a bit of warmth our way and we could send a bit of cooler air your way, lol... LOL about the neck cloth.., just hope you don't need to use it much longer!!!

    We woke up this morning to snow mixed with freezing rain. Now it's just lots of snow coming down quickly. The kids have school today but not sure if easy child/difficult child 3 will have her driving class this evening. Last week after class the instructor gave a night time lesson to one of the students who lives near us. easy child/difficult child 3 got to observe and was dropped off at home. It was nice because we didn't have to pick her up at the school.

    Hoping if difficult child 2's after school class at the community college is canceled, he doesn't "melt." Even though he knows rationally it isn't safe to drive in icy weather, it doesn't matter. Any sort of change in his schedule without lots of advanced notice usually causes him to "melt." Plus it's a science class and he loves science.

    Work is still slow. I'm going to try to put myself in the mood to get some things put together for our spring yard sale. Thinking about making a pot of soup...

    Got to go make some more coffee ASAP!!! husband took a huge travel mug with him and finished all of it.:coffee2:

    Hope everyone has a good day... SFR
  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    HaoZi, Didn't mean to miss you!!! Have a safe commute!!! Hope your day goes better then expected... !!! SFR