Good Tuesday Morning!

Wiped Out

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Good Morning,

I'm up way too early but just can't sleep. I think I am developing allergies in my old age!

difficult child did well on his field trip yesterday! It was so good to hear that he did so well!

Today my class is having a potluck picnic. This is something I do every year with my class. The weather is supposed to be great! I have about 13 parents coming! We have an amazing amount of food coming (which won't be so good for my healthy eating attempts), one parent is bringing water balloons and we'll play duck, duck, goose!
We always have a ton of fun!

After work I'm going to get my hair trimmed and then I have a few other errands to run. I'm going to try and fit in a workout but it may not happen today.

Enjoy your day-hope it is peaceful. :dance:


Good Morning to All!!

Sharon, glad to hear difficult child did so well. That is Always such a good thing to hear. :thumb:

3 1/2 hours of school left and this year will be over! :whew:

difficult child also had a good field trip yesterday to Burger King.
Looking forward to seeing difficult child after work/school today. I will then share with him the good news that he will have the teacher that requested him, likes him and said he is a great kid next year.(difficult child also likes him) :smile:
This teacher does not know yet that he didn't get the job so I have to wait.

I have nothing planned today. Feel like a ton of weights has been lifted off my shoulders after today. I have accomplished a lot these past two weeks. :dance:

It is a good day. Beautiful weather. Enjoy.

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Good morning all,

Sharon, sounds like a fun day planned for your students.

Today is kt's last day of school - 2 weeks or so off than back to ESY. I'm to attend an awards ceremony today with cake & juice for kt.

Before all is said & done I'm heading out to get my hair trimmed (like minds, Sharon) - between the heat & the hot flashes, well let's just say, it's an ugly picture. So I'm considering a buzz cut.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. Find one, any reason to smile/laugh today.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- The potluck sounds like fun! We're planning a summer party that features water balloons as well. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif
Kjs- I'm glad difficult child has the better teacher for him. That's really good news! :warrior:
Linda- Cake & juice plus an awards ceremony sounds like fun! :smile:
I have my regular classroom/library volunteer schedule today, plus I need to make cupcakes for Flag Day on Thursday. I'm also in the process of decluttering the house from the school year. Ugh! :thumbsdown:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
Good Morning :coffee:,

Once again, I don't have time to address everyone individually. I'm off to the dentist shortly. I'm glad the school year is beginning to wind down. All the end of the year stuff has me exhausted!!!

I LOVE the new emoticons (SP???)!!! :dance: This one reminds me of running - It's been too /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif, very humid here - hoping it breaks soon so I'll feel like running outside again... Well, I hope my dentist is on time today!!! I've got lots of things I need to do before getting difficult child 1 at school.

I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today!!! :flower: WFEN :flower: :flower:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good morning my friends. Summer has definitely hit north texas. It's still pleasant in the morning and evenings but hot at the rest of the day.
Wiped out and LDM, I'm thinking of having my hair trimmed in sympathy with you both.
TM enjoy decluttering.
WFEN, the dentist first thing in the morning doesn't sound fun.

I am headed out for a :smile: workout and then errands.

easy child is loving his job. He e mailed and said that he missed us but he loves what he is doing. :thumb: We will see how things fare in a month of humidity, heat and thousands of kids. He seems just fine in his first apt. We are pleased that he is so happy.

difficult child,on the other hand, wants to know what reason he was brought to this earth. :surprise:. It seemed somewhat introspective which is a step forward but he did ask for Thursdays off from work to watch his favorite show. :hammer: You have to love the innocence or is it "without a clue".

Wiped out, I think of you everyday when I want to get back on the eating right wagon. I fall off so often it isn't funny but I am back to the work outs and smart eating. Thanks for reminding me to not give up.

Hope your difficult child gives you reason to smile. </span>