Good Tuesday Morning

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    Good Morning All,

    Yesterday it snowed on and off all day. This morning we're getting a bit of a break, just flurries later on through the evening but, it'll be back, full force sometime tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed the weather reports are wrong!

    husband and I bought a much needed new refrigerator and dishwasher over the weekend. The dishwasher is being delivered Thursday morning and the refrigerator on Saturday. I can't wait!! The appliances we now have are at least 20 years old and definitely showing their age. The refrigerator freezes everything, the dishwasher is a ticking time bomb. Although we originally wanted to put in a bigger deck this year, we might replace the flooring instead - We'll see... Although we have lots to do, I'm having fun with this house. Every change we make, no matter how big or small, makes it feel more like our home and less like it belongs to the past owners. I've been trying to decide what colors I want our bedroom and master bath and I think I might buy a couple small paint samples, paint a square or two on the walls. This should help me forget about all the snow for a just a little while as this spring we're planning on doing some painting.

    I'm almost finished with my last cup of coffee for the morning. Got to get to that health club!

    As always, hope everyone has a good day or at least one reason to smile... SFR