Good Tuesday Morning!

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Good Morning All,

It's cloudy here this morning and we may get some storms. We haven't had any rain in awhile so I guess we need it but that will mean I need to mow the lawn! by the way, am keeping everyone in Texas and Oklahoma in my prayers-I hope the rain stops soon there!

Not really sure what is on the agenda today. After the kids are dropped off I may take a nap or go to the health club. For sure both will happen today I'm just not sure when. I think I will also head to the library today. :reading:

Tonight I think I'm going out with a friend for a short while for her birthday.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day. :dance:


Good Tuesday morning!

Sharon, sounds like a peaceful day. Enjoy!

M is heading off to art camp. I'm heading off to an exercise class. Then I will take J to the baseball hobby shop to buy more sleeves for his baseball cards. He's in the process of organizing his massive collection into binders.

Tonight husband and J will take in a Nationals game. M and I may catch a movie. Isn't summer wonderful?

Hope you have a great day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Back to work today after a long weekend. We did pretty much nothing and it was much needed and much enjoyed. It will be a busy week this week. Tonight I have an interview and a doctors appointment for my foot. We were looking at houses over the weekend and found one that would need work but it has all that we are looking for at a great price. Although it really wasn't planned, we are interested. If you could keep it in your thoughts.

difficult child has been pretty good without the medications. I don't find him as emotional as he usually is, which is the one thing that gets under my skin.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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:princess: Good Tuesday Morning Everyone!

Sharon and SmallW, yes, summer is grand :beach:. It's so nice to have a slower pace. I think we are very fortunate we can enjoy the time off with our kids!

Sharon, hope you have a nice "Sharon" day :smile:

SmallW, what movie do you think you are going to see? Both my kids (16 and 11) want to see Ratatoui (sp??). Have a great day :smile:

easy child had a great time working for her dad yesterday! She answered phones, set up some files, went down to City Hall and Virginia Housing Development Authority, the post office, and served drinks at a meeting. She loved it. She is working again today and is getting ready already so she can stop by the post office!

difficult child and I went out and got some fireworks last night. He is so excited!!!! He thinks he's old enough to "do the show" on his own. Ha................ easy child has decided she is cool with the little stuff. There was a wonderful story on our local CBS channel Sunday night about her friend that was killed last year on the 4th. It was so positive.

So, guess who I'll be hosting on the 4th???? Six teenagers!! easy child and her two girlfriends are having three boys over. I don't have to worry. They are doing all the cooking - brats, burgers, veggies (peppers and onions), cole salw, beans and chips. They came up with the menu and are paying for 1/2 the cost. Naturally difficult child and I will have a friend over as well!

Have a fabulous day everyone :smile:


P.S. to Linda - so I did end up in the yard yesterday for 4.5 hours! The muscles on the bag of my legs are a little sore, but it was great!


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G'day, everyone.

Sharon, I always figure it's better to have to mow the lawn, than to be worrying about drought and watching the plants die.

Smallworld, that art camp sounds lovely. I'm glad you are all enjoying your summer.

Christine, I hope your week remains manageable. Good luck with the house.

Sharon, I'm glad easy child is enjoying working for her dad. Enjoy the fireworks - we missed ours this year, Australia has "crackernight" mid-June.

We're slowly getting back into life after our holiday. I was getting a scratchy throat in the last few days of the trip; difficult child 3 was also feeling unwell at times fighting off a cold. We got home to a house full of sick young adults and went down like ninepins.
I had to see a specialist on Monday (haven't seen him for years, I had to give him updates) and my GP today, so I've barely had time to scratch myself. husband was back to work yesterday, just in time to do the financial records for his department to finish off the tax year (the Aussie tax year finishes on 30 June).

We accidentally left my mobile phone back in New Zealand, as a result of 'bugging out' in a hurry to try to get ahead of the road closures due to the blizzard. At first the place where we stayed insisted that the staff would have checked the rooms thoroughly and no phone was found, but we remembered that the cleaning staff were short-handed that day as the icy roads were so bad the staff were not able to get in to the place; plus a lot of the other guests were late getting away due to being caught by surprise by the blizzard and not being prepared. So we emailed this to them and they looked again - and they are posting it back to us. The phone is network-locked, so nobody can use it, sell it, give it away or register it with another service provider without my ID or password. It was in fact the network lock that had meant I couldn't use it either, in New Zealand, and so the phone got missed in the rush to get on the road.
husband was feeling jaded about the place, now he is feeling glad for the milk of human kindness in the staff. A good feeling, to know someone can come through for you.
The proprietor of the place also mentioned in her email that it was a good thing we left when we did - by the time the series of snowfalls and hard frosts finished, they had five inches of ice to contend with. On steep, sloping roads...

And I tell you, New Zealand is a beautiful place. You can't take a bad photograph - wherever you point the camera, there is a masterpiece of a photo waiting for you to press the shutter.
New Zealand had our brushtail possums introduced there about a hundred years ago. Now there are more possums there than in Australia. More possums than sheep in NZ - really saying something. In New Zealand they are really a problem. At home I love the critturs, but in NZ we bought "merino mink", which is wool made from merino spun with possum fur - very warm, very soft. The NZ possum trade is the only fur trade in the world ENDORSED by the World Wildlife Fund.

But last night, when I went outside to get something from the garage, I startled 'our' possum. I ducked back inside to get a banana and called her over. She sat on a nearby stump and daintily nibbled the banana, being careful to not drop any bits. Then I heard another noise - another possum! This one had been raiding the pellets in the chook house (hen house) but it also came over to me for some banana. easy child 2/difficult child 2 came out to see, and ended up patting the larger possum while she fed it banana (this is a wild possum, folks - not particularly tame). From what we could see, the large one is a female with a baby in the pouch, and the smaller one is another female. From the protective behaviour of the large possum, I think the smaller one is last year's baby.
We fed both of them - they like strawberries too, but when easy child 2/difficult child 2 tried to feed the large one a slice of star fruit it dropped the fruit and nipped her finger, assuming it to be banana we think (it probably smelt nicer than the star fruit, easy child 2/difficult child 2 had just been holding banana). If the possum had meant to be aggressive it would have done a lot more damage. Those teeth (diprotodont) are scary. But easy child 2/difficult child 2 is very forgiving, perhaps because these possums are so sweet.

It is good to be home among familiar things.
But I'm not telling our possums about my new NZ possum skin boot insoles. That's my secret (and my warm feet).

Enjoy your Tuesday.



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Good morning Sharon, SW, Christine, LDM & Marg,
Everyone has so much going on! husband just sprung on me that he'd like to go to Toronto Thurs/Fri/Sat this week. Aack!!! I've gotta run, there's way too much to get done if this is going to happen!!!!
Have a great day! :smile:


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Good morning all. I literally have three year old Miles sitting on my back as I write, this is unusual...

I am actually supposed to be on the road en route to the beach for a few days but husband is still snoring away. We're going to visit a friend and her kids at their idyllic beach house. She's a good friend and Seb generally gets along with her 6 year old son, though I will always be vigilant and possibly on edge to make sure there is no conflict. My friend is a child psychiatric by profession-- it's always a little strange to know that the person you are with has xray vision where it concerns the mental health of your family. Wish us luck!

We'll be back this weekend. A very happy 4th to all of you gals in the USA!

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Good morning friends,

I'm in a bit of a rush this morning - a couple of appts to attend before kt gets back from day treatment. kt in the meantime is choosing this morning to be a PITA about getting ready for the bus.

Have a good one all


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning my friends. Seems everyone is busy,busy with summer holiday plans. Marge,it's nice to see you back. Glad you are home safe and sound. I'm not too keen about feeding possums though.
We are again expecting rain. Seems we in this part of Texas after several years of drought should now build an Arc and load the animals. I think I saw that our annual average rainfall is 36.5 inches and we are at 33 inches in 6 months. Guess we aren't going to have water restrictions this year. My little part of the world is handling the runoff pretty well but keep a thought for those who are suffering flooding. Why do fools drive through high water on the road when it says "flash flooding" ? I don't get it. So many people get swept away or die yet it happens every time. Duh!

difficult child sort of shocked me yesterday. He asked if I could help him become a bit more polished. :smile: Of course, I leaped on that suggestion. He figured he would attract friends and maybe a girlfriend if he were to appear more polished. I'm all for it. I'm not sure how long this will last but I'm going for it.

As I was packing and decluttering, I found a journal that I kept for a month before I got too busy to write. difficult child's quote from 10 yrs ago is "I'm not yelling, I'm talking in exclamation marks". :rofl: Cracked me up. That's my difficult child.

Have a fun day. </span>