Good Tuesday Morning


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:coffee: Good Tuesday Morning :coffee:

I'm definately up early for a summer morning! easy child left about a half hour ago for four days in South Beach with exbonehead, his honey, and easy child's best friend. She was soooooo excited!

I'm keeping exboneheads little dogs (Vincent, a miniture hotdog and Monet a little yorkie). difficult child is thrilled and plans to have them in his bed every night this week!! :smile:

Since I'm up so early, I'm boiling a couple eggs for breakfast and then am going ahead to the office to get all my work done early. There is definately a nap on the agenda for this afternoon :thumb:

Have a great Tuesday!



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Good morning Sharon!

I love what you call him. Ha! Makes me laugh every time. Hope easy child enjoys herself, and difficult child enjoys the pup! So cute. Enjoy your nap :smile:

We got all the insurance stuff done for Dylan's Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) stay. He came along and was part of the team, which made him feel important. easy child started crying last night because his brother wasn't going to be here for a while, but did express (I almost fell off the bed) he was glad his brother was getting help.

Did I mention I almost fell off the bed when he said that?????????????????? :surprise:

I head back to work today after being off 5 days. Ugh. I have a feeling I'm going to have a long day.

Enjoy your day!


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Good morning everyone!

Sharon - love the name too! Enjoy the nap, catch a couple of zzzz's for me too please!

Janna - that was really sweet of easy child. It's amazing how the can love their siblings so much with all that they see and go through.

I can't say I am in the best of minds :frown: Can't wrap my head around difficult child's way of thinking. It has been so hectic here that I am wondering if that's not a part of it too. We'll see. Plan on taking the kids to the water park today and have a picnic. Have a couple of errands to run this evening and have to put in a workout...I missed a week of it. Have truly been enjoying the new Potter book, although by the time I start reading it's sooo late that I'm not getting through it very quickly as I keep falling asleep on the couch, haha!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, hope easy child enjoys her time away.

Janna, glad the paperwork was completed on a timely basis. More impressed to hear easy child use empathy for his brother.

I slept 5 whole hours in a row - I feel almost human this morning. I see rheum doctor this morning; kt has in home therapy this afternoon.

kt's PCA won $50 to spend on tweedle family after she wrote an essay & submitted it with artwork (PCA is one talented lady - she also won scholarship funding from the company.)

PCA & kt went out to Michael's to shop. It took kt a couple of hours but she made some considerate thoughtful choices. Made me proud.

Enjoy your day - I plan on it.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- I like the thought of getting the work out of the way and taking a nap. May be I'll have to try that too! :smile:
Janna- It's good for you too see how much easy child loves his brother! :bravo:
Christine- Have fun at the water park! It's perfect weather for it. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif
Linda- How great that PCA took kt shopping with the prize money! Prayers said that the rheumi appointment goes well. :angel:
Duckie has day two of art camp, she absolutely loves it and I'm kind of regretting not signing her up for two weeks! :slap: She also starts the dreaded(by me!)cheerleading tonight. Three nights a weeks until September. Then two nights and Sundays until November. Ack! :hammer:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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G'day, everybody.

Sharon, I'm not sure if trading a easy child for two small dogs is a fair trade... I hope you get your nap, you may need it!

Janna, how perceptive of easy child. And what a relief for you, I think you were concerned about the level of uncritical hero worship.

Christine, it's difficult sometimes to NOT think like a difficult child in our house. I hope you manage to get through Harry Potter, if only to be able to lend it to someone else before they attack you for it.

Linda, congrats to kt's PCA. I'm glad you finally got some solid sleep.

TM, what is art camp like? It does sound interesting. And cheerleading - not something we have much of over here. I have seen "Bring It On", though.

We've had a busy-ish day. difficult child 3 saw the doctor for his repeat visit to get test results. All specimens clear and A-OK. The CT - he was constipated but also glands up in the inguinal area. It could have been a viral infection in that area or it still could be a grumbling appendix. Currently he's feeling OK mostly, so the doctor said to leave things until/if he feels sick again.

Interesting conversation in the kitchen this morning - our toaster is erratic, at best. difficult child 1 was complaining about it and said, "Why does the toaster have to be so unreliable?"
difficult child 3 chimed in with, "Why shouldn't it? It fits with everyone in the family."
In other words - we have a difficult child toaster. I commented that with all the difficult child-ness I have to deal with, a few easy child appliances would be a welcome relief sometimes.

We're getting difficult child 3 to read books in the evenings after dinner. So far so good. At the moment we're using Asimov's robot stories and they seem to be very welcome. here's hoping we can broaden difficult child 3's horizons in reading!


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Good Morning All,

Sharon-It's nice of you to keep the dogs. They do sound cute! I'm glad a nap is on your agenda today!

Janna-Glad the insurance stuff is done. Very cool that easy child showed concern for Dylan!

Christine-I hope the water park is fun-I love water parks!!!

Linda-I'm glad you got some sleep! I hope the appointment goes well. I'm glad kt had fun shopping with PCA.

TM-I'm glad Duckie is enjoying Art Camp! Cheerleading practice three times a week sounds like fun!!

BBK-It's going to be hot here today too! Stay cool!

Marguerite-Glad difficult child is feeling better! Sounds like difficult child 3 has a good sense of humor!

Today difficult child starts 3 days of all day wrestling camp. It goes from 8:30-4:30. It's in a close by town but difficult child is a bit nervous about going. I think he'll be fine once he gets there and meets some kids.

After we drop him off husband and I are going for a workout. easy child says she wants to start doing some weights so she might come too. Later I may go to the pool or I may just take a nap!

I hope everyone enjoys some fun in their day! Hi to anyone who snuck in! :flower:
Good morning, all! difficult child was sent home from this week's summer camp, run by the City. husband was called in the morning because of fighting but then had to go pick him up early because he was found fighting again. Apparently, the boy he was fighting with is a difficult child himself (WHY do they have to find each other?!?!?) that they have had a lot of trouble with already. Well, let's hope difficult child holds it together so he doesn't miss the big field trip on Thursday. They're having a little excursion today so I suppose it might depend upon how well he handles this. Sheesh. Anyway, hope everyone has a good day!