Good Valentine's Day Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Wiped Out

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    I'm up way too early and hoping to go back to bed for about an hour before having to get up and stay up. The good thing is at least I have been productive with my time (I've made lunches, gotten medications ready, and finished my students' Valentines).

    Should be a fun day at school (even though I'm going to try not to eat any candy or other goodies-maybe one or two but all in moderation).

    Tonight should be quiet as easy child/difficult child works til 8:00 and I don't think husband and I are doing anything for Valentines tonight.

    Wishing all a day filled with beautiful moments.
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :valentine: Good Morning!

    Wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. I don't have a sweetheart or a lover, so don't bahumbug me!

    Picked difficult child up from school yesterday and he asked, "Mom, can you take me to "For the Love of Chocolate"? I want to get L some chocolates; but they have to be sugar-free because remember she's a diabetic." This the same girl he took to the movies a couple months ago....

    A new phase of life.....

    Hope something makes you smile today!

    Sharon :gifts:

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Hey Sharon, good morning! You and I were posting at the same time so I merged the threads!

    I remember, with wistful memory, the VDay parties I did for my kids when they were younger - all together I think I was the room parent for about 14 years! Loved the holidays and would always have a project or craft for the kids! I remember coming in the week before VDay for years and helping the students decorate "mail bags" to put on the back of their chairs. Those were great years when the kids were little!

    Hope you don't eat too much candy!

  4. hearts and roses

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    Happy Valentines Tuesday Sharon and all who follow! Sharon, enjoy the day!

    Today is a low key laid back kind of day. I will try and visit my mom this morning and then do some PT work at home. I'd like to muster the strength to make H a nice Valentines dinner.

    H just brought me my morning coffee. <3

    Have a lovely day filled with happiness, love, and, peace.
  5. buddy

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    Happy Valentine's Day CD friends......:gifts:You are all the best!

    Q generally has issues on party days...he just gets too overstimulated. It is my volunteer day so here's hoping it goes ok.

    Hope you all have lots of LOVE-ly moments today!
  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    Sharon (WO), Have fun celebrating Valentine's Day with your students.:)

    Sharon (LDM), You've already made me smile - How sweet of your difficult child to think of L and to remember to buy her sugar free chocolates... Young love... Too cute!

    hearts and roses, Your husband is so thoughtful to make you morning coffee. Enjoy visiting your mom. Hope you feel up to making that Valentine's Day dinner and have a wonderful evening...

    easy child/difficult child 3 actually smiled this morning. We have a tradition I started years ago when the kids were small. Every holiday they get a special breakfast. This morning I gave easy child/difficult child 3 a brownie (her favorite) topped with Valentine's Day M & M's. She actually thanked me and while she didn't say good-bye, she didn't slam the door... Even my favorite sanity saver had a special breakfast - Her breakfast was topped with steamed veggies - Her favorite, lol... husband surprised me and brought home a beautiful red rose in a bud vase last night. Looking at it while sipping my morning coffee is the best start to the day...

    Hope everyone has a good day and all of our difficult children decide to act like PCs...:flower: SFR
  7. SearchingForRainbows

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    Didn't mean to miss you - Hope Q does well today with all the excitement. Both difficult child 1 and difficult child 2 used to get way too overstimulated during parties too. Have a good day... SFR