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    :D I had to share a conversation that I just had with my oldest (S1). He's started back to school at a community college level. Today, he finished filling out an application for our university here. His goal is to either be an aerospace engineer (dream big or go home right?) or at the least teach upper maths or English literature/composition at the high school level.

    His grades have been really good. I expected them to be. For the first time since he was in 6th grade he's going to school sober, happy, knows he has issues with attention span/falling asleep in class so he can adjust for it, and is sparked to learn again. S1 told me that he was getting his intelligence ego back *grin*. He had, after years of being a pothead and letting his lack of focus control him, remembered he was really book smart. He was advanced placement when he was little and whoa...he's still capable of being there again. Go figure LOL

    I told him I've been waiting for the day when my sons would come back. I knew they'd all wake up, and walk in the door and be my the boys I knew again. The boys I knew that were sober, full of life, wanting to learn, excited about life. One down, two to go.

    How can anyone say that Pot is harmless? That person needs to meet our kids, that became apathetic and depressed. That person needs to sit in a room full of parents that have had broken hearts and wait for these small conversations that mean the world to us.
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    Wow. What a wonderful update!! :D :D

    I bet your heart is singing.

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    Wonderful news! :D

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    Good news! I agree with the pot thing it **** the goodness out of our kids and leaves emptiness and defeat. So glad your difficult child escaped it and is heading in a better direction. -RM