Good Wednesday morning all.....

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    Yup, already to hump day. I have a day with no appts outside of the house! :thumbsup: & according to the schedule my Occupational Therapist (OT) has set up for me it's painting & bird feeder day. I get to play while I get in my Occupational Therapist (OT) exercises! RN will be stopping in this afternoon to check out various & sundry things as I go back to Mayo in a couple of weeks & she wants to send a report to Mayo doctor before I get there.

    kt is in h.s. & has her first h.s. boyfriend. ICK! It seems that he's the Eddie Haskell type - you know the ones I'm talking about. Ick! (I'll get over it - maybe :hammer:)

    I hope your day is productive, your difficult children are cooperative & you find some time alone for yourself - to recharge & recenter yourself. :beautifulthing:
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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I have to say yeah for you on the no appointments and let you know how very jealous I am-today is full for us. You sound very chipper this morning even with kt's Eddie Haskell boyfriend (yuck). Enjoy your day-I know you love the painting.:painter:

    As for me, it doesn't feel like the weekend will ever get here. This has been a particularly exhausting week at work. Tonight after work I had to cancel difficult child's therapist appointment. because easy child has one and I think she needs it more right now than he does. husband couldn't take one because he injured his arm almost three weeks ago and is finally going to see a sports medicine dr.

    Also I am suppose to go to our annual book club dinner where we choose all of the books for the year but with all of the appts. it's not looking like it will happen. Hopefully I'll get to the club but I may just crash when I get home. I will find some good in this day somewhere!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
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    :bigsmile: Happy Wednesday!!!!

    Linda, sounds like a lovely day! Fun that's work too!! As for the boyfriend, take's only just've years of boys to go!!!!!

    Sharon, I know you will figure out a way to make it work today - you always do. I certainly hope you can get to the book club. Pick up some dinner on the way home from easy child's appointment so you can get to that meeting.

    I'm thrilled the weather turned last night. We were at about 90 yesterday but will be in the mid 70's today! It's short lived as we are back in the 90's this weekend, but it definately shows fall is coming! And you know me, the snow can't come soon enough :snowing:!!

    Have a great day everyone :peaceful:

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    I'm awake? I'm awake! Yep, I'm awake!
    Timer - What a wonderful Wednesday schedule! Enjoy your painting and bird feeding! K.T., don't let boys hold you back! If he starts keeping you from what you want to do, drop him FAST! Oh, what am I saying? Just drop him now, you can get by without a boy friend.

    Wiped Out - What a super busy day! Slow down, relax and enjoy. Don't feel rushed getting from place to place today. Any good books that the rest of us may be interested in? How many do you choose at a time?

    Have no idea why I am up this early. I will work only 3 hours today and then supervise difficult child's school lunch and recess. I was going to go back to work for one hour but decided that I will stay at school and work on more Sunday School lessons. Yesterday difficult child called me at lunch time. He had passed his Spelling pre-test (100 percent). YEAH!

    Last night's PTL went well - I couldn't find the agendas last yr's pres said were prepared for this year. I am sure she told me but I don't remember stuff well. Then as I read last May's minutes discovered they are on the school computer so I will get husband to pull them up when he is doing school board stuff. easy child did an introduction speech during PTL meeting. She brought her godchild with who was having a very difficult time letting anyone but easy child hold her. easy child said to sing "You are my sunshine" to her. So I took baby (1 yr old) and carried her while singing (it worked! she calmed right down) away from the meeting so easy child could give her 3 minute speech. I carried baby into the church side to see if godchild's grandpa was in his office and locked myself out of the school wing. The doors didn't get unlocked after school. We walked around the outside of the building and went back to easy child. As soon as godchild saw easy child, she started fussing again.
    It was a good meeting considered I just wung it.

    As Vice President, I will lead PTL meetings (doubt someone will come forward as president). I will set up Fabulous February Friday workshop for the kids. I will probably also be involved in National Lutheran Education week, a volunteer appreciation event (meal), and a silent auction. These are our largest events.

    So, Happy Wednesday to everyone - the weekend is coming - find a way to make your difficult child smile!

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    Hi Little Dude's Mom - I knew someone would probably sneak in on my long post. We still have cool weather here - I think someone snatched our September because we definately went right from August to October. Have a GREAT day!
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    G'day, folks.

    Linda, enjoy your play day. I'm jealous!

    Sharon/WO, my sympathies for the busy day. I hope you can find the energy and time to get to your book club meeting.

    Sharon/LDM, enjoy your cooler day.

    Andy, well done with keeping the baby quiet. Singing is always worth a try, it is very much under-rated. And I hope you find a President soon, to take over from you.

    What a day! husband & I got going earlier than usual so we could get into the city by 9 am (actually, it was 9 am for 9.30). We got there by about ten past, which was plenty of time.

    There were four kids from difficult child 3's correspondence school, at this special event. It was a tutorial session/think tank arranged with the Australian Defence Forces in conjunction with an education/PR mob called Ryebuck (in shearing parlance, the ryebuck shearer is the 'gun' shearer, the best on the boards). There were similar small groups from schools all round the Sydney region. It was a good day - informative, stimulating, encouraging. difficult child 3 maybe didn't get as much out of it as other kids, but he did his best to participate. They gave the kids each a showbag at the end, with the usual knick-knacks - a small frisbee, a baseball cap, some fridge magnets, a pen - and a 256Mb thumb drive! difficult child 3 is thrilled to have a thumb drive of his own. We've been going to get him one, he needs it for school.
    We got back to our outer suburb where we parked the car, by late afternoon, in time to discover the car battery had flattened during the day. difficult child 3 had his drama class on there, so he went to class while I waited for the roadside service. Then I sat with the motor running for 45 minutes waiting for difficult child 3's class to finish. I am so tired!

    Tomorrow I drive mother in law to get her heart monitor put on for 24 hours, then see my gastroenterologist (about my weight loss pills etc). Then a few hours later, I'm having another CT scan, this time on my hips and lumbar spine. In between we'll do some shopping while we wait - it's all in the same area, we may as well.
    Then next day - back in to get mother in law's heart monitor removed, then she & I have appointments with the neurologist.

    I've talked to difficult child 3 - he is going to stay home and do his schoolwork on his own.

    Somewhere in there I need to rest - easy child is coming down to Sydney on Saturday, to look at wedding dresses with me. More dress shopping on Sunday, then she's back to Newcastle on the train. I'm hoping to hook girlfriend in to dress shopping on Saturday too. Wish me luck! I'm hoping to get to bed not too late tonight, although I do need to wash my hair tonight - after a day in the city my hair feels greasy and gritty.

    A busy week, and it's only half over for me!

    Enjoy your Wednesday.