Good Wednesday Morning All!


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:coffee: Good Morning Everyone!

The warm weather is returning and guess what? I still don't have air upstairs :slap: It appeared the best thing to do what shop for new contractor because this last one was not doing me right. So, we are getting ready to rehab a 12 unit apartment building that needs an entire new hvac system. So....... we bid out the job also requesting a quote on my home job. Got a great deal but they can't do it until Friday at 3. I can't complain though since it is less than 1/2 the price of the previous quote!

I have a digital mamogram this morning. I had my mamo this summer, but since I was a bad girl and waiting until now to have my first one, they need additional pics for my base line since my mamos are dense. Have to drop difficult child off from school a little early and get there by 8.

Oh, guess what? Yesterday I was waiting outside for difficult child to come out from school. I heard the bell ring then I heard the doors open and kids coming out. I look over and difficult child was the 3rd one out of the door! I wave and say hello and then he says "I'm waiting for someone." Ok, I think. Well out comes a little red-haired girl :kisses:. They stand a chat for awhile then she walks him to the car!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said.

Have a great day - smile :smile:



Morning Sharon

Sorry about the mammogram. I have avoided those thus far in my life. Interesting about difficult child chatting with a girl.

I am just heading to bed for a bit. I get my nights and days mixed up so often and have again.

easy child has Orthodontist and regular dentist today so I imagine she will be in a peach of a mood. Glad I have genealogy society tonight.

Hope everyone has a good day that follow.


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Good morning friends,

Sharon, shame on you - I hope this mammo is painless. The baseline (according to my ob/gyn) is very important. Very cute about difficult child & his friend.

Beth, I've had the same day/night sleep pattern mix up over the last couple of months. I think I'm finally getting back to "normal". Hope you get a nap in today.

It rained 3 or 4 inches yesterday - it was a constant rain, with periods of almost scary downpours. I'm glad that my house is on the high point of our block.

PT is coming in this morning; we're heading out for a walk to test my stamina. husband doesn't head into the office until 2:30 this afternoon (will be working in his home office until then) & then has a class to teach tonight.

kt's friend B came over yesterday & the girls played/giggled in her room for a few hours with frequent requests for snacks & other things.

Enjoy your day - find a reason to smile.


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Good Morning everyone.
Sharon, too cute about difficult child and the red haired girl. I have a soft spot for redheads anyhow.
I'm glad you are getting a mammo. Prevention and early detection is just as important for you as it is for your kids.

Beth have fun at the orthodontist.

difficult child and I are getting over the honeymoon period. There are certain things I want him to change(slob behavior) He started to give me attitude. I went into "do to get" mode. If he wanted supper he had to go back upstairs and pick up all the crap on the floor including empty soda cans. He wasn't a happy camper. Sheesh, he is 23. He gets in over his head because he doesn't clean up or follow through yet he continues to do it and to give me attitude. Another day in the life of difficult child except he did it.

Have a good day.


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Good morning. :coffee:
LDM- A red head? Ooh la la! :smile:
Beth- I hope you can find a way back to a normal schedule. :smile:
Linda- Your posts about kt & friend are something to really smile about! :thumb:
I have volunteering day today: I start in Duckie's classroom and go over to the library after. I'm trying to put it into one day this year so I'm not constantly at the school. :wink: Then, we go back tonight for parent orientation. My aunt may come along as she's very interested in the multiage program that Duckie is in. She should have been a teacher, lol! :rofl:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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G'day, all.

Sharon, sorry to hear about the ongoing problems with the air con. "Con" in more ways than one, by the sound of it. All the best with the mammogram - I've had a few, due for another. A necessary evil. The redhead sounds cute.

Beth, enjoy genealogy. Sedate easy child and get some sleep.

Linda, I hope the PT outcome is favourable. The girls playing together - sounds really positive. I've found a great easy snack for groups of kids is popcorn - I have a popcorn machine which I think was a great investment.

Fran, sorry difficult child is giving you attitude. I know about the junk accumulating - difficult child 3 opens things and just drops wrappers. He puts empty boxes back in the cupboard, forgets to put things on the shopping list, has to be pulled back to fix so much of how he leaves things and so often it triggers a rage. So frustrating!

TM, it's good that your aunt is interested in how Duckie is going - the more family members are on board, the better, I think.

We had a wonderful but tiring day. It was more than the usual study day at the school - it was called a World Discovery Day (or something) and was using the theme of world travel to teach literacy- and numeracy-related topics. It was a bit of a bludge for difficult child 3, but it's a good opportunity for him to mix with other kids. A lot of them, though - well over 100, I'd say. Some from the primary school which partners this correspondence high school. But what a day - after a lot of different activities on a number of topics (all fun) there was a talk by Dr Karl (Kruzselnicki) who is an iincredibly fun, fascinating scientist and media personality.

Dr Karl was talking about the Mars Ranger (and subsequent) research, talking his way through an amazing slide show he put together. The kids were enthralled - and his message at the end was, "This stuff is fun - if you want a career where you get to be at the forefront of science like this, AND have fun - check this out as a career path."
He was then followed by a totally unrelated presentation - Charlie McMahon, a bloke who founded a band called Gondwanaland, who is missing part of his right arm and who plays not only the didjeridoo but his own version of it called the didjeribone - he incorporates a slide in it to make a composite instrument. He explained to the kids how to do circular breathing (out from the diaphragm in in through the nose at the same time, so you never need to pause for breath - he said the longest he has played in one go is 6 hours). I sat with him and the music teachers afterwards while they talked about the fine details of the musical harmonics. Fascinating stuff. And the man is incredibly fit.

At one point he actually put his face mike IN HIS MOUTH so the kids could hear how he does the circular breathing, and the sounds that it makes. He even beatboxes with the didge. Absolutely amazing.

So is it any wonder we're all tired here?

I hope your Wednesdays are as exciting as ours.


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Good morning all~

Hope everyone has nice weather and is well rested, doesn't have too much pain at the DR's office, gets a break from the kiddos' schools, and learns some more fascinating scientific marvels!

I'm working today. Mom is still here - have to go have visit at lunchtime. I think H and I are anxiously awaiting the moment when our house is truly quiet.

Last night, after viewing difficult child's Facebook page, I put up an away message on my AIM that said, "Some people are so dense" (and yes, I was talking about difficult child!). This morning, I went to turn off the computer and there was a pop up message from difficult child that read: Mom, is everything okay?...I miss you....Am I the dense one??...:eek:(

Bwaaahaaahaaaa~~~that was my laugh of the day!


Good morning everyone

I am on my way out just wanted to say hi. So much more drama going on with school.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Weather was warm yesterday..cooler today. Baseball tonight. Then work. Hope to catch up with everyone then.