Good Wednesday morning fellow ....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    :warrior: mums & dads!

    The hmj is brewing as usual; I'm up & about as usual & catching up here.

    kt had a difficult day yesterday - too many people flying through here "talking about her". She flew off the handle. Luckily AMC was showing the original Little Women with Elizabeth Taylor. She & I sat down & watched it together. It was a fun time of bonding together.

    We winged dinner (kt loves that lately). If I'm not up to cooking & everyone else is being a slug we work out what we're going to eat when we're hungry. Of course, kt must be supervised or she'll eat a quart of sherbet. kt made healthy choices of cheese, an apple & crackers. She asked for help in reading the labels & making sure she was following the portions. We only do this once a week or less thank goodness.

    I'm off to see my neurologist this morning. I picked out a breast cancer (in memory of my mom) golf ball for him to display in his office & to remind him that golf season isn't that far off & my swing is going to look horrible. This is the first doctor I've met that doesn't golf so I love to give him a bad time. :bigsmile:

    I totally forgot my sister in law was coming to town yesterday & that I had turned off my phones during the big staffing for kt. Checked messages just before I got on here - she was looking for me. I'm so glad that she had hotel reservations.

    Oh well.... a new day.

    Here's to a happy Wednesday with cooperative & well behaved difficult children:bunny_ears: I hope you accomplish all you set out to do & find time for yourself in the midst of your busy days.

    Don't forget to hug your loved ones - even when they are being PITAs. (It'll make you look good! :rofl:)
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    Um, Linda - it's Wednesday night here. That usually means it's Wednesday morning for you.

    The relaxed meal together with kt sounds good. Did she enjoy Little Women?

    We managed to get to the beach today at around lunchtime. But with the massive amount of floodwater, it was full of silt and broken branches, it really was not nice to go in for a swim. probably dangerous, we could see broken branches washing in and out on the waves. If we were an ocean beach maybe it would have been different...

    difficult child 3 got to practice on his new skim board, but wouldn't go right in to wash off. I waded only - the water was still warm, just not clean.

    Then this afternoon the storms came in again, and we'll be having heavy rains again for the next week. husband got home over the causeway, but the flood had only just eased; it will be back over again by now, which means difficult child 1 has a long drive home tonight.

    Tonight's storm looks strange on the satellite - there's a hole in it, like the eye of a cyclone.

    If you're late looking at it, it will probably have gone away.

    We use it to get some advance warning of heavy downpours and strong winds, we're right out on a point here and vulnerable.

    Tomorrow is usually my washing day - looks like we'll have to give the washing a miss.

    Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone. Judging by our weather, spring is right around the corner for you all.

  3. timer lady

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    You're right - get the feeling things are a bit off for me. Good thing I'm off to see the neuro doctor this morning. It's been this way for me all week long.

    I'll edit - I wonder how long my sister in law has been in town - hmmmmm

    I wonder if I've missed anything else. I wonder if I should care at this point in time????
  4. Wiped Out

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    Linda-I'm glad you and kt were able to enjoy the movie together! I also love that you give your dr. a hard time about golfing! Sorry you missed sister in law yesterday. Nice that kt made good meal choices!:D

    Marg-Sorry you didn't get your swim in!:swimming:Of course, at this point with all our snow I'd be happy with wading!

    I'm up and praying for a snow day! :snowing:We are supposed to get up to a foot of snow. It would be a miracle if we actually got one since we just had last week Wednesday off due to dangerous cold! I'll either be jumping for joy in a bit:jumphappy: or I'll be looking like this as I head out on the slippery roads.:help:

    I'm typing on the new laptop husband ordered for us and am very happy as it didn't take forever to turn on like our other one has been doing these days-it a easy child computer vs. a difficult child one!

    I'm not sure what's on the agenda today but it may be difficult getting anywhere to do anything with the weather. I was planning on the club and maybe church (it's Ash Wednesday) but not sure what will happen.

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day and finds many reasons to smile and laugh and that you find at least one nice thing to do for yourself today. Hi if you snuck in-it took me forever to type this!:winks:
  5. Fran

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    Good Morning from balmy NC. It's so gorgeous that I'm going to have coffee on the patio. What a pleasant surprise for Feb. Of course it will snap back into seasonal cold in a day or two but a pleasant break for sure.

    difficult child called and left a message that the electric company called saying
    he owed money at the old apartment. He ASKED if I could help him out with this problem that he would APPRECIATE it.
    I called him and we chatted. I asked if he had anything to tell me. (my normal question). He said "I love you".
    Can you see the look of confusion on my face. I really don't know what to say when he throws me for a loop. No complaining, defensive blaming or ranting.
    It's a good day. Got to savor each time it happens.