Good Wednesday morning friends....

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    Good morning all....I'm up again with my mind racing. Thought I'd start the GM thread once again.

    I'm off to see my neurologist this morning after I get kt off to school. On the way home, I've a few errands to run & then home to nap before kt's bus drops her off.

    PCA comes in at 2; Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker will arrive at 5:30 or so. She & kt are in charge of dinner once again. I believe it will be breakfast for dinner with pancakes, applesauce & sausage.

    I've spent the last few nights on a painting of a purple finch. I'm about to put the finishing touches on it & should be done by tomorrow at the latest. I ordered a new painting table & chair. I'm anxious for it to arrive. (I decided against the big watercolor workshop this summer so treated myself to this art furniture). I'll be able to move my other easel & such outdoors this spring & paint. How cool is that? :painter:
    Have a good day all.
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    Good Morning Linda!

    It sounds like you have a busy day ahead. I hope the neuro appointment goes well.

    Breadkfast for dinner sounds great. If you add some applesauce and cinnamon to the pancakes as part of the liquid required it makes them wonderful! My kids LOVE this and it is the most requested special breakfast when they have sleepovers.

    I have been up all night with pain, so I will sleep a good part of the day. I do have to call my doctor this am. My insurance co now requires me to get ALL medications in 3 month supplies from the mail order pharmacy they own (except antibiotics and emergency things). The pain patch they sent is a different brand and is leaving raw welts around the edges (I promise I am not scratching!). So I have to get the doctor to prescribe something else.

    Jessie has a full day of schoolwork ahead of her. We are trying to decide whether to do online high school for 9th grade, I am looking at the state program to see if we like it. So far it sounds good.

    Anyway, I hope everyone has a good day!
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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I love that you ordered the painting table and chair! I think it's great you'll be able to take it outside in the summer!!

    Susie-I'm sorry you are in so much pain. I hope that gets taken care of quickly! On-line school sounds interesting-let us know what you find out.

    Although I'm very tired, I'm looking forward to the day. We are going to have a summer/beach day with our students. All of our academics today will deal with summer (for science we are doing bubble experiements). We bought popsicles for a treat in the afternoon and this morning the kids will make orange slushies. We are going to greet each of our students with a lei this morning (plastic, of course).

    The kids are going to bring beach towels, we've decorated the room. We all need the escape from winter. I even bought foam visors for all of the teachers in my room.:playingball::beach:

    After work I have to take easy child to her t-doctor appointment. We probably won't get home til close to 6:30 or 7:00. I think I will be ready to get into my pajamas and flop into a chair or bed.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:flower:

  4. Andy

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    Timer, That nap sounds so good! Your new painting furniture will be great. I hope Spring comes soon.

    Susiestar, I hate how insurance companies are running the country. Why bother with doctors anymore when the insurance companies are the ones telling them what they can and can not do. Wonder how it got this bad?

    Wiped Out, Your Beach Party Day sounds much more educational than ours. We just filled the gym with beach fun and let the kids free play. The bubble experiements sound great. And for the P.J. idea, you are officially invited to visit our school tomorrow afternoon. It is P.J. and crazy hair day. Kids will be invited to bring their pillows and blankets if they wish and there will be two movies showing to choose from.

    Today is Colors of Faith Day. difficult child's class is to wear green. Last night when we were at church for board meetings, difficult child went through the book fair and picked out some items. The newest Wimpy Kids book was on his teacher's wish list so we are getting that for her. We set the items aside and will pay for them this morning.

    This morning is also the scavenger hunt. Each team of kids (various ages on each team) will be given one clue to start with and they will follow it from egg to egg. We are looking for ways to slow the fun down (don't want all 12 eggs found in 20 minutes) so the 6th grade teacher suggested we make them write down which page in the Bible they found the verse from. They should look up the verse with the clue and read it out loud.

    While we were looking at books last night, difficult child suggested that he purchase one of the diaries, "Just in case someone else buys one then I will have a key to theirs because all the keys fit all the books." :tongue:

    Diva was at the gym late last night. She called me to say that her godchild's mom had called her for a ride to ER. She thought the baby had broken her arm! I called Diva around midnight to find out what was going on and she reported the baby had only bruised her elbow. Whew - all is well!

    difficult child is getting so tired this week. Tonight will be an early home and to bed. We ordered his bowling ball Monday night and had his hand measured after school yesterday. We go back tonight to see if it is ready to be picked up. I think that purchase is getting him through this week. He has been so demanding while shopping lately.. I hid a huge lego set in the cart ($40 marked down to $15 from Walmart and needing a winter coat does come in handy when shopping sometimes) and sent him to the van while I was checking out. "Why should I go to the van?" "Because I have had it with yours and Diva's behaviour in this store!" Oh, those two were awful - I just wanted to get out fast. difficult child was demanding a lego set and causing problems with Diva who doesn't help matters much. The lego set I bought (helicopter and life boat) is for Easter so I had Diva take it home with her. There were only two left so I didn't want to wait and come back later.

    Everyone have a great day. Find a way to make your kids laugh!

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    G'day, folk.

    Linda, the painting sounds lovely. I've got some painting to get back to - it's been sitting on the table waiting for me, I need to do a bit more research so I have some scenes or photos to copy, Tuscan scenes for a desk set I'm painting for mother in law. I'm thinking of putting an entire miniature Tuscan scene inside the lid, so when you lift it up it's like a miniature landscape.

    Susie, I'm sorry you're in such pain. A lot of the time, the skin reaction is either to the adhesive or to preservatives in it. Try gently putting some cooking oil on the welts, keep them moisturised with it. Olive oil, almond oil, macadamia oil - it takes a very tiny amount to ease the discomfort.

    Sharon/WO, the summer day sounds like fun. Do you have some sand, and shells? I wish I could send you some form our beach. I love to collect shells, but not the perfect ones. I like the ones shaped by the sea into interesting shapes. Also, shells which are naturally a dark purple will weather to pink or orange in the sun - they contain carotenoids which the sun changes chemically.

    Andy, have fun with the egg hunt. It sounds like fun! difficult child's got some good problem-solving skills there, although perhaps needs to re-think the morality of spying on other people's diaries!

    We've had a really busy but productive day today. At the last minute I called mother in law to see if she wanted to come along, it's good to get her out of the house sometimes. The main business today was an appointment for difficult child 3 with the vocational therapist. Because we live in a 30 km long cul-de-sac, when we have something like this on, we get everything else done too that we can. So first we stayed at home while difficult child 3 got some work done and watched the schools programs on TV, then we headed out. First stop - the mall, to do some fast grocery shopping. From there, to the Chinatown suburb, mother in law bought some fresh custard tarts (still warm!) while I bought some frozen pork buns. Then a short drive further on, difficult child 3 was able to buy a computer game he ordered ten days ago. Then in to the city for the main agenda - the appointment. Again we got a good parking spot, so despite all we were doing, nobody had to walk far and even mother in law wasn't too tired.
    After the appointment (productive) we drove around the corner to husband's work (mother in law gave him two still-fresh custard tarts, husband said he'll always welcome a tart!) then drove back home, via the butcher near home.

    So I had some driving to do, but we got a great deal done without wearing ourselves out. We even got back out of the city before peak hour got too far along. I got home in time to put a roast on for dinner - always welcome, a healthy meal with not too much trouble.

    Tomorrow is my cleaning day, I'm still up because I've got another load of washing to put on and a cup of coffee (decaf) to finish. I'm hoping to get some gardening done tomorrow as well, a neighbour dropped in some large herb plants he was grubbing out of his garden, I need to find a good place to plant them. It's not easy - our backyard is looking more like rainforest than ever. I'm going to have to cut the plants back hard and dry them, then I can bottle it as herbal tea.

    I heard tonight that a good friend of ours fell out of a tree today (four metre fall) and broke both his arms. mother in law & I saw the helicopter, ambulance and fire brigade this morning as we were leaving, we didn't know who it was for. We'd heard the chopper land and figured it was for someone they didn't want to jostle too much on the long rough road out of town.
    I'm thinking of asking difficult child 1 (now out of work and needing to be occupied) if he will offer to help out this friend a day here and there, as nursemaid. Our friend won't even be able to feed himself or take himself to the toilet without help, and his wife works. The church will rally round, but every bit of practical help will I think be welcome.

    Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee2: (me this morning),

    Linda, I'm glad you ordered a new painting table and chair - It is wonderful that you have found a hobby you love!!!:D

    Susie, I hope you feel better ASAP!!!

    Sharon (WO), I'm FREEZING!!! I wish I could come to your summer/beach day...

    Andy, Sounds like a fun day for difficult child today. Sorry he has been so demanding when shopping - A good night's rest sounds like a great idea!

    I haven't been around in awhile and want to let you know I've been thinking about all of you and hoping things are going well... Today is a very BUSY day and I'm running behind schedule already - GOT TO GO!!!

    Hope everyone has a good day... WFEN
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    :cold: Good Morning Friends.

    Day three of no school and I slept in REAL late this morning!!

    Linda, glad to hear you ordered yourself the painting furniture. You spend a lot of time working on your art, and having the proper furniture will also help ease body fatigue. Post your new picture as your avatar!

    Susie, sorry to hear the pain patch is not optimal. I hate dealing with the heath insurance company - I just shopped out our business plan because I just hate the monopoly and our renewal rates skyrocketed. Guess what I found out? I need to stay right where I am! Hope you get some help.

    Sharon, by now you are are probably singing Jimmy Buffet!! Hope the beach day is a great success!

    Andy, sounds like a fun day at school for you as well. There is definately part of me that really misses the room parent thing and being so involved. But once the kids are in middle and high school, parental involvement needs go way down. An occasional field trip, pta board member, and the book fair is my involvement now!

    Marg, goodness, I certainly send positive thoughts to your friend who took the fall. Sounds like a good night's sleep is order after your busy day and the next one planned!

    WFEN, good to hear from you this morning! Hope your day is a good one.

    The streets are pretty clear, but the really cold weather has kept all the local school systems closed. Naturally the kids are thrilled and I am enjoying it as well! I will try and get some housework done today. I've been using the snow day for a justification for not doing too much!!!!

    Wishing everyone a great Wednesday :flirting:

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    LDM sounds like you're all enjoying - how wonderful! WFEN don't forget to stop & smell the roses in between being so busy. Marg hope he heals well that sounds awful. Andy...scavenger hunt? Cool! WO great idea for this dreary time of year. Susiestar I get our medications thru mail hard to get used to it but its now not bad. sending u feel better wishes. Timer+ enjoy new equipment. good to see you hanging on. Hugs. me? I did reverse respite & dashed up to lake geneva last nite to just sit in dark & quiet & walk by deserted beach. on my way back home now. hope my cell phone posts this. have a great day