Good Wednesday morning friends....

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    A very good Wednesday morning .... I've missed you all. I'm up with the onset of the dardest cold (probably got it from my hospital stay). I cannot breath thru my nose to save my soul. So I'm up & trying to catch up with my favorite people.

    Nothing on the agenda today which is good. While we didn't get hit with snow like north of us there are blizzard type conditions & ice under the snow that did fall (around 2 - 3 inches) & it's darned cold out there this morning :blizzard: something like 5 degrees in my backyard even as we speak.

    Groceries are to be delivered today & I expect a group of home health care calls so appts can be set up.

    I'm off here to put together my painting table (came while I was gone & someone carried it in the house for me - god bless 'em.) Doesn't look too complicated but nothing does at 3 A.M.

    I'm so excited to be getting this together - it will save me space & I can roll it from room to room if I want & depending on light.

    Once I get the remodel of my back porch completed I plan on a permanent art area out there.

    Check in with you all later. Have a good day.
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    :coffee: Good Morning Linda and all to follow!

    Linda, love the painting table - everthing all together and mobil! Great! Wow, it's cold where you are. Our weather's been crazy lately. We had eight/nine inches of snow last Monday, we were at 80 Saturday, Sunday, and Monday - the 40's yesterday, almost 80 today and then back to the 40's for next few days - it's no wonder everyone around here is sick as well!!!!!!!!!! Hope you get it all done today.

    A day of household chores and loose ends being tied for me today. I am actually looking forward to it! easy child and I are going to see Jesus Christ Superstar tonight. It features Ted Neily, who was the actor who played Jesus in the movie. We are so excited. It has been one of easy child's favs since she was in about third grade. She's watched the movie at least 100 times!

    I hope your day is a good one ;)

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Cool art table. I know you will get much enjoyment with it! I hope you get to stay in and be warm all day. I hope your cold doesn't last long. husband and I both just got over colds-well he is still getting over his.

    Sharon-Sounds like a fun night for you and easy child! Wish easy child good luck for me on her DECA competition this weekend!!

    We are also cold this morning! When I went to bed last night it was 45 degrees, right now it is 13 degree!

    Another day of work ahead and then a therapist appointment for difficult child. After that I might try to hit the health club. Those plans could change because we found out last night that difficult child's band concert he thinks is tonight. He didn't bring home his note because he lost it. He says he isn't going. husband is going to try and reach the teacher today so we can figure out what's going on. Poor difficult child he hates band because he says kids tease him because he doesn't play his instrument well. He wanted to play drums but they don't let you until 7th grade.

    I'm also taking easy child to the psychiatrist this morning. I was able to get her in. She is more back towards normal but the weekend was way too scary.

    Oh and the swelling and discomfort in my neck must definitely have been and infection because I am feeling 90% better since starting the antibiotics and the swelling is starting to go down. I used the heating thing again last night-heat was recommended rather than ice. I love that thing-it is like instant relaxation!

    Wishing everyon a peaceful day:peaceful: Hi if you snuck in!
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    G'day, people.

    Linda, I'm sorry you're having trouble sleeping. I hate colds like that. I have some peppermints beside the bed, I **** on one to clear my head if my sinuses are congested. I also swear by the other 'magic' treatment, Tiger Balm. Of course, I have to be careful about putting it on my skin, but I'll happily smear it on my PJs.
    That painting table looks great! Just what you need.

    Sharon/LDM, such wild variation in temperatures - weird! Snow, then heatwave, then snow!!? Enjoy seeing Superstar. That film was made quite a while ago - hope Jesus isn't in a walking frame! I remember seeing the first stage production in Sydney back in the 70s, before radio mikes. They had choreographed in throwing the microphones to one another across the stage, and somehow not getting all those leads tangled. Quite a logistics exercise.

    Sharon/WO, so sad about difficult child feeling like everyone teases him - of course kids don't necessarily play well, how else can they get good unless they practice? It's not fair of kids to make him miserable just because he needs more practice. I hope he can find ways to not let it upset him so much.
    I'm glad you're feeling better, the antibiotics must be doing something. The heat would have helped because by dilating the blood vessels in te area of the infection, it makes it easier for the antibiotics to get to where they're gonig to do their job.

    It's been a helluva day today. I left early to see the rheumatologist. Turned out I got the day wrong, but I double-checked my diary, I think the receptionist goofed when she made the appointment. But they squeezed me in anyway, thank goodness. But I had to wait a lot longer of course, which ate into my plans. Outcome of the appointment - this doctor who I suspect only put me on prednisone so he could make sure he had really tried absolutely everything, but expected it to not work, got a big surprise when I said not only did it work, I've actually been able to cut back my pain relief. So he's put me back on the prednisone for a month, then we'll have another look. He can't understand it - all my tests are negative for rheumatoid arthritis, he says, but the response indicates that yes, it's rheumatoid.

    Then mother in law & I hit the mall to get shopping done before our GP appointment. I was in a lot of pain so I put as high priority, getting the prednisone script filled so I could go back on it right away. We were running late so I had to skip the rest of my shopping. We got to the GP to find she was running an hour late because there had been an emergency. We waited, but finally had to leave without seeing her because we had to allow at least an hour to drive across Sydney for the funeral - mother in law's sister in law. Thankfully we got there with 15 minutes to spare. Weird weather - I'd worn a sleevless dress rather than my heavier trousers, because the day was expected to be fine and warm. Thankfully I bought a cardigan at the mall, because we drove through rain and it was cold at the funeral. We went to the wake afterwards, and by the time we left it was sunny and hot.
    Then we headed back through the traffic to get home. I was watching the clock - I needed to buy meat from our butcher before they closed. We made it with ten minutes to spare. I'd telephoned my order through, so we just had to walk in and walk out. Then with plenty of time, I finally got my grocery shopping done. By this time, the prednisone had begun to work and the pain was gone. Lovely!

    I got home still clock-watching, choir practice scheduled for an hour later. But husband didn't want me to go (I'm not arguing!) so I rang up the person who asked me to come and teach, and begged off. They'll have to manage on their own for another week. I got into my PJs and began dinner, mostly creating something tasty out of leftovers for difficult child 3 while husband steamed some frozen dim sims for us.

    I'm hoping to crawl into bed early tonight, I've not slept well the last few nights and husband is also very tired (similar problems). Tomorrow is my cleaning day, I've already got some washing on because my machine takes two hours to do one load.

    An interesting discovery at the funeral today - I mean, I've only been married to husband for just over 30 years, you would think someone would have said... but I met a cousin of husband's today, within seconds of him opening his mouth to talk to us, I knew he was autistic. The man is over 70, nobody ever really knew what was wrong with him. On the way home mother in law was filling me in about him - classic case. And what did he wear to the funeral? A Hawaiian shirt. Admittedly, in tastefully muted shades of blue, white and black. At the wake he talked to me more about music and the more he talked, the more I recognised autism. So yet another family line with autism - this line is via husband's mother, we already know about husband's father, then there is my side of the family through my father. No wonder we have autism not just running in our family, but galloping!

    Hopefully tomorrow will be a more restful day. I have to go out again on Friday (wish I didn't!) but at least that will only involve sitting round a table at a meeting.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  5. Rabbit

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    Good morning Friends! difficult child 3 is having a hard time and the dr changed her medications last night.again! more on that at another time.
    no time for individual hellos. sorry
    Must put difficult child 2 on the bus Hope everyone
    has a great day hugs Rabbit
  6. Happy Hump Day Everyone!

    Linda, it's so good to hear from you. Sorry about the cold, colds definitely impact sleep in a negative way. I hope that the congestion clears up soon, and you get some good rest. The art table is great! I love the way you incorporate creativity into your busy life. It's important to have a passion.

    Sharon, I know that you will enjoy the show. Wow, easy child must have the entire script memorized by now!

    Sharon (Wiped Out), Boy, it is really cold there! Stay warm. I hope that difficult child feels up to the band concert. The way I see it, the concert is the pay off for all the hard work. It's funny, our easy child and difficult child have always loved the concert, but hated the practice and work. LOL All glory, but no work...

    Marg, it's good to hear that the prednisone is working so well for you, and I'm glad to hear that the doctor was able to work you in. What a busy day you have had! So interesting about the cousin. It's amazing how many folks you see on the spectrum when you take a closer look. I am now convinced that my sister in law is there. She's absolutely brilliant, has had a completely topsy turvey life full of adopted and discarded passions, and she went back to medical school when she was 40! The problem is , big shock, she can't get along with the other docs, no matter where she goes. She's a forensic pathologist and I think that this is absolutely the correct choice for her--- very little (live) people contact.

    Rabbit, I hope that you have a good day,and that difficult child starts to feel a little better.

    The weather is really odd here as well. It was 80 yesterday, and expected to cool considerably by the weekend. March is such an unsettled month! difficult child still has to go to school an hour early to prepare for the band festival which is this weekend. He brought home the trousers to his band tux to be hemmed last night. Of course he forgot them,and we had to go back to school....then when we got home, I saw that they were already hemmed. He's such an absent professor!

    A good friend of mine gave me two week's worth of her symphony tickets - because she's out of town. husband and I went last week and I was shocked at how much our city's symphony orchestra has improved since we last went. They played two newly commissioned pieces that were just amazing and the composers were present to meet with the audience. Sadly, the hall was only half full - I guess due to the flagging economy. I have talked difficult child into going tomorrow night. He has absolutely fallen in love with the classical Russian composers and a cloud of their music spills out of his Ipod earbuds whenever he walks by. I think that he will really enjoy the concert - although I had to push very hard - he's such a recluse.

    easy child is coming home for his spring break today. Spring break actually started last weekend, but his professor bosses insisted he hang around for a meeting they had yesterday afternoon. easy child thinks that this is most unfair...Oh the joys of a job and the real world!

    As I drove in to work today, I enjoyed the most glorious view of the full moon, low on the horizon. Sometimes it the small things that mean the most, isn't it? Have a wonderful day, and find some moments of peace and serenity for yourselves....

  7. Andy

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    Timer - I hope you can get rid of that cold soon. The art table will be great. Stay warm today.

    Little Dude's Mom - Have a great day with chores and show.

    Wiped Out - I am so glad you are feeling better. I hope difficult child and easy child have good days today.

    Marg - You sure had a hectic day. Do you ever get little cards from the doctors with the appointment on? Some of my docs will give me this small business size card which I tape into my calendar for times like this - it is in their handwriting and I am there at the time they set up. No big deal for me with in town appts but when you travel for one they come in handy.

    Rabbit - I hope difficult child 3 has a better day today. It seems a lot of our kids are "off" this past week or so.

    One Day - The concert sounds wonderful. I have been taking both kids to concerts since they were toddlers. Diva doesn't like to go anymore (I think it is that she doesn't want to do anything with me and would still enjoy them). Last winter, her aunt took her to an opera - as a typical teen, she wasn't that thrilled but was surprised that she really did enjoy it.

    School is two hours late today. difficult child states he is afraid to go to school because of his migraine on Monday. I told him he could get another one today or tommorrow or not until next year. Don't stay home waiting for it. I want to drop him off at 10:00 and get into work but he is set at not arriving until just before school starts at 10:30.

    It is extremely cold here. I for one am ready for the warmer weather. The road has been plowed and it doesn't look like much to go through in the driveway but that can be hard to tell until I actually get out there.

    difficult child broke his retainer about 2 months ago. After the doctor cancelled/rescheduled two appointment (doctor has been sick), we are scheduled to go in this afternoon. After 2 months I am sure his teeth have shifted. Ugh!

    Everyone have a great day today. Find a way to make your kids laugh.