Good Wednesday morning friends....

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    It stopped raining!!! :faint: I wonder how long this will last - we've had rain here 4 or 5 days straight. A few days were non- stop a couple teased us with the sun peeking through. Trying to mess with my mind. :future: :hypnosis: :smile:

    kt has a half day of school today - she'll be home by 12:30 or so this afternoon.

    I'll be doing the usual today - couple of loads of laundry (depending on what husband & kt have carried downstairs for me), a deep clean in my living/dining room.

    I hesitate to check the weather report - I'll have to work sometime of rainy day activities for kt if we have that continuous rain again. PCA will probably take her to the mall - do that mall rat thing. :scared: :surprise: (She's a teenager you know - can handle being at the mall with-o mom. with-O mom, maybe - PCA yes.)

    Enjoy your day - keep it calm. Don't forget to hug your loved ones as they leave for the day. :flower:
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Linda-We haven't had as much rain as you-I sure hope you dry out! Don't do too much on the cleaning end of things. I hope kt has fun at the mall. It sure is a teenage thing.

    We are in for a sunny 74 degree day today. It promises to be a busy day at work. I have two new practicum student teachers starting this morning and one new one this after noon. They are only here three mornings or three afternoons a week. I already have one from another college two mornings a week. Sounds like a lot but I have lots of Special Education children in my room and this way they can get more help.

    After work I have to take easy child to her therapist appointment. Then I'll decide whether or not I'll make it to the club. I want to but I already have a sore throat so the other cold symptoms can't be far away so I might end up having to skip the club in favor of sleep :sleeping: If I do get there it won't be til late.

    I still have had no luck with finding a dress for my niece's wedding. Maybe I'll go in a potato sack which would be a scary thought! :scared: I'm running out of places to look!

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day and finds reasons to smile! :autumn: Hi if you snuck in :ghost:
  3. Fran

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    Good Morning Linda and Sharon and all that follow.
    Linda, it's nice that you have those supports in place for kt. A mall day will be nice.
    Linda, please send us some rain.

    Sharon, have you looked on line? I love to shop on line. Sometimes I window shop then go to the store to see the item or try it on.

    It's a fun filled day and very busy. difficult child's friend is coming for a week. husband and I have to head back to Texas and the two young men will house sit and dog sit. In between, some flooring is getting installed today.

    Keep your fingers crossed that easy child starts to feel more optimistic about school. He is a classic "I'm flunking" good student. He has no idea if he is doing poorly but that seems to be his way to motivate himself but he is torturing me. His dad uses the same motivating technique. Ugh. easy child just sounds overwhelmed at the moment and I'm not comfortable with it. We are helping him work it through for himself but we called the school wellness center for some support and help for him. We will see how that goes. Maybe they can reassure him better than I.

    Enjoy your day. I'm looking forward to some time away even if it's mostly moving stuff.
  4. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

    Linda, I hope you get lots of sunshine soon!!! easy child can't get enough mall time!!! :lipstick: :spaghetti: Between shopping and the food court, I'm sure she would move a cot in there with her friends if she could!!!

    Sharon, I hope you feel better soon!!! If you're coming down with something, take a night off from the health club. Try to get some extra zzz's :doctor:. I know what you mean about being unable to find a dress when you need one. I like Fran's idea about looking on line. If all else fails, try to find a simple solid colored one that you can dress up with accessories. Even a casual dress can work if you wear pretty jewelery, dressy shoes, etc... Or, if all else fails, borrow my easy child!!! When she shops, she SHOPS!!! :lipstick:

    Fran, I think it was a good idea that you called the school wellness center for some help for easy child. I hope he starts to feel more optimistic about school soon!!! I think freshman year can be really tough for kids. There are so many new experiences at once!!! I'm keeping him in my thoughts... And, I know what you mean about it feeling good to get away even if you're getting away just to move stuff. I hope you have time to have a bit of fun in Texas with husband between all the moving.

    Today I'm going to get a flu vaccine. My doctor's office called me last week. I guess they have plenty of vaccine this year. I have some errands to do after I go to the flu clinic. Then I have to work on changes on difficult child 2's IEP. The school totally understands what his needs are. The problem is that while they understand what he needs to succeed, they are trying to make him fit into the school as it is rather than accommodating his special needs. It just doesn't work. Does this make sense??? I guess I better have one more cup of :coffee:. I have "brain fog" this morning!!!

    Hi to anyone I missed. I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today. :flower: :autumn: WFEN
  5. Hound dog

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    Good morning ladies. :coffee:

    Hold on, gotta grab another cup of coffee. lol

    Linda, kt ought to enjoy the mall. I know my girls still do. It drives me batty. lol Sounds like a fun rainy day activity.

    Sharon if you're coming down with something it's better to catch some extra zzzz's while you can. Hope you feel better soon. :flower:

    Fran I use the same sort of technique myself. Drives my family insane. lol But it works to keep me on task and prevents my tendency to slack off. I just tell them to ignore me. lol Freshman year can be rough. Now that she's at a large college easy child is experiencing some adjustment pains too.

    WFEN that's one of many reasons I haven't worn a dress in too many years to count. If I finally find one I like, it never fits. :nonono:

    Lots of reason to smile here. lol Sort of hard not to when there is a baby in the house.

    Aubrey is sitting in her highchair munching down Apple Jacks and drinking milk from her sippy. Nichole is already in her first class of the day. And I'm wishing I could've slept late. lol

    I'll be spending the day attempting to do housework while entertaining and chasing a toddler who loves to climb. Oh, my what fun! :rofl:

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Hump Day!! :smile:
  6. Marguerite

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    G'day, everybody.

    Linda, we'd love some of your rain. I hope kt enjoys the mall rat scene safely.

    Sharon, it sounds like a busy day for you, with all those trainees. I hope that cold doesn't materialise.

    Fran, I hope difficult child's house sitting goes off without a hitch. And I hate it when easy child's get anxious over their study. easy child 2/difficult child 2 goes into full meltdown over it sometimes.

    WFEN, it's a good idea to get the flu shot. There are some nasty strains around. We were lucky this last winter, thank goodness.

    Lisa, Aubrey sounds so adorable. It IS a headache, though, when they start to climb. That's also when difficult child 3 demonstrated his ability to find keys and unlock whatever was supposed to stay locked. Oh, joy!

    I think we've got everyone else's share of the sunshine. Today was the hottest Spring day for 150 years, for Sydney. I think that even goes beyond our record-keeping. It was really hot. The west wind (forecast to be gale force in our stretch of water) was bringing the hot wind from the dusty inland and red centre. The sky was a strong enamel blue, still with those smoky edges. They've got a couple of 11 year olds in for questioning over some of the fires west of Sydney. They're still looking for the arsonists for the other fires.
    The winds today had one big fire break containment lines and then close the main routes out of Sydney to the north - commuters were late leaving by train and road after work, delayed for hours tonight.

    For us - we battened down the hatches, kept the house closed up and dark to keep the heat out. The dog we are minding was happy to sit in the cool with us but got lively by evening when it was time to take her home.

    difficult child 3 & I went to the beach this morning before the wind whipped up too badly. It was magic - the water was icy at first then felt wonderful. difficult child 3 tried to surf but he really is bad at it. Some former bullies of his were shouting encouragement (at least that's how difficult child 3 took it) and one tried to show him how to crack a wave. He came close.
    Then we went back down later in the afternoon. The wind was hot - it felt like standing in the blast of a hair dryer, our swimsuits were drying crisp on our skins. As we left, the Bogong moths were waking up and filling the air - everywhere. Despite our hermetic seal, we now have four in our bedroom. They've crept in when doors are opened. Outside there are thousands. husband kills the ones inside, every night.

    Then at 9 pm, the southerly change came in. This was a lovely cool breeze, it dropped the temperature by at least 10C, the sort of wind you want to go out and hug.

    Tomorrow is a cooler day but the heat will be back again on Friday and for the weekend. So tomorrow, I shop. We go out in the cool, stay indoors or at the beach in the heat. By the end of these school holidays, difficult child 3 and I will be brown again.

    I had hoped to be in bed early tonight, but again I'm late - and I have an early appointment "on the mainland" in the morning. At least I have difficult child 1 at home to mind the place (and his brother, and the dog).

    Enjoy your Wednesday.