Good Wednesday morning friends,

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    Yup, we've made it to the half way point of the week. Today was to be a neurological appointment however, kt only has a half day. I don't know how I missed this when the appointment was made. Oh well...will have to reschedule.

    That means no running today - just a kid on my hands who will be home by noon & crazy to go trick or treating to boot. I have little here that will occupy her mind before turning into a beggar. Wish me luck.

    I'm about to pour myself a cuppa of freshly brewed :coffee:

    Enjoy your day. Don't sweat the small stuff & hug your loved ones coming & going.
  2. Wiped Out

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    Happy Halloween! :jack:

    Linda-Looks like we were both posting at about the same time-I deleted mine! I hope all goes well with kt today. I'm surprised they have only a 1/2 day on Halloween.

    It promises to be a busy and crazy day today. The kids at school are really excited. This afternoon we are going roller skating and then have about 45 minutes when we get back where we will have a Fall celebration. The hard day at work is always tomorrow as the kids stay up late and often eat too much candy.

    After work easy child has a therapist appointment. By the time we get home it will be time for the trick or treaters to arrive. difficult child is going as a skeleton again this year.

    I would like to also make it to the health club (luckily I did the past two days) but it's looking doubtful.

    I hope everyone has some fun in their Halloween and finds many reasons for smiles and laughter. :frankenstein: :goo: :ghost: :vampire:
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    Good Morning Ghosts and Goblins~ :ghost:

    Linda~ What kind of school district only sends the kids half days on Halloween? Geesh.

    Wiped Out ~ Have fun spending the day with your kids at school. Gosh I miss those days.

    Out to walk - then I have classes today. We live out too far to have any trick or treaters. Bummer for me.

    Happy day ... Go easy on the Halloween candy ladies. LOL.
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :vampire: :goo: :frankenstein: :ghost: <span style="color: #CC6600"> Happy Halloween !! </span>

    Linda, hope the little begger, er, I mean kt, stays calm and cool this afternoon.

    Sharon, I don't relish your job the next two days! I know how hyped my kids are (including the 17 year old), I can't imagine 20 or so of them!!!!

    difficult child is going to be a special ops soilder (translation, all in black) and easy child will be a horror nurse. easy child and her friends will be hiding in the cyprus trees and jumping out when kids come to me for the candy! We have our spooky fence with light up skulls, the grim reaper (who is voice activated), a remote control rat, a cackling witch, a lit skull head, lit gouls in the grass, and three pumpkins :jack: Yes, Halloween is big in our neighborhood. I am sitting on 1150 pieces of candy!!! Fortunately, it is stuff I don't like :smile:

    Wishing everyone a great Wednesday and a Happy Halloween :ghost:

  5. Big Bad Kitty

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    <span style='font-family: Arial Black'><span style='font-size: 12'>HAPPY HALLOWEEN!</span></span>

    :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:

    Do this knock knock joke with your kids, if they are old enough.

    Knock knock.
    (who's there)
    Interrupting ghost.
    (interrupting gh-)
  6. Marguerite

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    G'day, all.

    Linda, why can't you keep your appointment and take kt with you? Still, if you're home it's more relaxed and you can keep kt occupied on her costume.

    Sharon, your afternoon sounds hectic - skating and then the Fall celebration. Enjoy the day and I hope tomorrow isn't too hectic for you.

    GG, enjoy your classes. And if you want trick or treaters, why not dress up and go stalking some for yourself? Give the kids a scare, then some candy. Have fun! Or is it not permitted?

    Well, we did the Halloween thing a bit. Didn't go to the party - difficult child 3 didn't want to and I didn't feel like driving, at night, for 40 minutes right on dinner time.
    Then a friend dropped in with her daughter (aged 9) and they invited difficult child 3 to go trick or treating with them. I went along too, not totally happy about it since this isn't something we do in Australia. Usually trick or treating in our area is one or two lonely kids with a bit of toilet paper or a funny hat, wandering around the neighbourhood.
    But this wasn't too bad - we met up with a number of young kids and a few young teens going the other direction, mostly in some sort of costume, all going to each other's homes. The costumes many of them were wearing were all identical - the local dance school has some sort of costume involving red fabric and sequins, so there seemed to be bands of roaming dancers doing the rounds, in various stages of transformation into ghouls, vampires and witches. The door knocking wasn't haphazard, they only went to homes they knew would welcome them. difficult child 3 was by far the tallest - he IS 13, after all, and hanging around happily with kids ranging from 3 to 9. He wore a Ring Wraith costume complete with hood which covered his face as well, but he was recognised wherever we went. The group of kids who had attacked him were also out and about, up to mischief. None of them attacked difficult child 3, though. A water bomb was thrown in our direction, but landed well away from us. Eggs had been thrown - you could see the debris.

    difficult child 3 was having more fun trying to scare people than collecting candy. He had no bag, he just stuffed things in his pockets and then brought them to me. They're still in my scooter basket (I knew I'd never walk as far as the kids were). A number of times, after the kids had rung the doorbell and 'scared' the occupant, difficult child 3 was already heading out the gate to the next house, not caring about the lollies being handed out.

    This was the first trick or treating he's ever done. As we were walking back just before sunset, we could see the older boys (difficult child 3's age and up) who were lurking (only word for it) around the school. They were wearing balaclavas or dark scarves on their faces and hiding in the bushes near the gate. Right near that gate is the home of our friend and annual Halloween target. I suspect they were planning to target his house - again. I recognised one of the boys who was standing at the back of the group - he has distinctive red curls, and he was also the one caught a few years ago egging our friend's house.

    We got back home, 9 year old friend in tow, and she and difficult child 3 sat and played computer games until her mother showed up. I'm so glad difficult child 3 doesn't run with these rather dubious gangs of boys out to make mischief.

    We've brought all the cars in tonight, none are out in the street. They're all locked up behind our gates, which are tied shut. It's all over for another year.

    Enjoy your Halloween. It's got to be better than ours - although I'm glad we had a peaceful, fairly enjoyable time this year.

  7. timer lady

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    Wish it were that easy to take kt along to an appointment. kt believes I'm dying & asks the doctors outright; the docs answer her with what they believe is happening & kt starts screaming "I don't believe you". It's happened twice - never again. kt gets nuts - the doctors, who aren't aware of kt's hx get anxious & weirded out. Ugly - very ugly.

    She's too anxious to stay in the waiting room alone - all in all just not a good situation.

    And all of this is my fault - I don't, for whatever reason, have the school schedule updated in my PDA. I make appts around school happenings & tweedle appts, mostly. And mostly that works if I have the darned school schedule along with me. Not this year.

    Just want to bang my aching head against the wall. :hammer: :grrr: :hammer: