Good Wednesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Mar 26, 2008.

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    It's already the middle of the week which is a good thing! It was a good day yesterday. I updated my post to let you know difficult child qualified for the program we were hoping to get him into. Also the wrestling banquet was really nice-difficult child did great. husband and I did get roped into being secretary for next year (neither of us wanted to do it by ourselves). Unfortunately the coach's son doesn't want to wrestle next year so we will have a new coach.

    Today it's back to work with hopefully a visit to the health club. Should be an interesting morning as easy child was such a Pita typical teen yesterday that unless she apologizes I told her she can start taking the bus to school today. I will drive her as far as my work and she can do the bus from there! She is not a happy camper (and hates to apologize).

    Believe it or not we are under another winter storm watch for tomorrow:wildone:

    Wishing everyone a day with many reasons to smile and laugh:peaceful:
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    This week has been ok so far. difficult child spent the night with a friend on Monday, after his training (he is a volunteer fire fighter, which he enjoys and also allows him to get his community service hours). The boys played basketball all evening yesterday (only one fight) and this morning everyone got up and went to school :laughing:

    The rest of the week is going to be super busy with kid-stuff~ gymnastics, basketball, parent-teacher conferences, and difficult child has to see the CDW Friday morning. I had to get a beyond parental control order a few months ago, thus the meeting and community service.

    Next week is spring break, which I dread and look forward too all at the same time. difficult child wants to go spent some 'quality time' with his party crazy friends. I'll probably let him go, but under my conditions. I pick my battles! I can't pick his friends, but I can limit how much he sees them and when. Visiting a friend on a Wed night with no money seriously limits the things you can get into :laughing: He has 'fire school' all weekend, which is good since it will keep him busy and hopefully he'll be tired and want to crash at home a day or 2. The busier he is, the better it is for all of us!
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    Good morning friends, :good_morning:

    Sharon, I'm so happy to see that difficult child qualified for the services he so needs. :its_all_good: It's about time!

    marskid, welcome to the GM thread & to It's always good to see smiling faces first thing in the morning. :happyguy:

    husband, kt & I are heading down to Mayo after kt gets home from school this afternoon. One more night in a motel & home to hear the final results of all this testing & what not. Possible respite night fell through for tonight - go figure!

    We have the same winter storm watch (8 inches of snow predicted for tomorrow). That's the time we're to be heading home - I gotta tell you there's not enough ativan in the world to keep me in a motel room with both husband & kt (who's a hormonal nutcase on top of everything else) 2 nights in a row. :surprise::scared:

    Enjoy your day - hope all difficult children are cooperative today & you all find "me" time today. :flower:
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    G'day, everybody.

    Sharon, that's good news about difficult child qualifying for the program. A pity about the secretary position, though. It's the most difficult job on any committee.

    Marskids, welcome. sounds like you have a busy week coming up.

    Linda, I hope you get some answers at Mayo. And do drive safely - that's a lot of snow to be falling right when you need to be on the roads.
    When we were trying to race the snow storm last winter in New Zealand, trying to get to the next town and safety, I had a 'snow sweep' in the car, we each had to pick a time by which the snow would begin to fall. We allowed ten minutes either side of the selected time, but if all times passed with no snow, we began again. It cut back on difficult child 3's and easy child's anxiety over the risks of driving in the snow.

    difficult child 3 & I had a trip to his school today, for peer support. He seemed to cope, although there was a kid there with big problems with impulse control who kept pushing difficult child 3's buttons.
    Afterwards we had meetings with two teachers. His English teacher laid down some rules for difficult child 3's bookwork, he's got to work harder and write more. And his Technology teacher discussed the film difficult child 3 has to make (it was news to me!) and we have to get some footage and photos done on my laptop by next week, when he and difficult child 3 will sit down with my laptop and work on it some more, while I have a meeting with school staff.

    I'm still very tired, but I managed a nap this afternoon and with no need to go out tomorrow, I'm taking a sleeping pill tonight to make sure I get some sleep!

    Have a good Wednesday, everybody.