Good Wednesday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good morning! :coffee:

    Duckie has a half day today, and the third graders will graduate from the multi-age praogram at 9:45 so I'm sure there won't be much academics today, lol! :woohoo:

    Other than that, I'm cleaning my outdoor furniture and other party equipment: kiddie pool, sandbox, the slip'n slides, play set. It should be a glorious day, sunny and around 80F.:beach_ball:

    Have a great day! :salute:
  2. Wiped Out

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    TM-Don't you just love these gorgeous days?:beach: Enjoy getting ready for the party:)

    I talked with easy child last night. She is having a great time on campus!

    Another day with no chance of getting to the pool and the weather is suppose to be great:(

    difficult child has a therapist appointment. this morning. He heads to basketball camp this afternoon.

    Unfortunately the ac guy is coming between the hours of 1-3. husband and I both have to be home because one of us has to be able to be here while the other goes to pick up difficult child. Oh well, lots of summer ahead.:beach_ball:

    At some point as usual, a nap and the club will happen!

    Wishing everyone some fun in their day.:icecream:

  3. Fran

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    Good Wednesday morning. We are half way to the weekend.

    TM, how exciting about school being out and the pool party. :beach_ball: Hopefully all the kids will be angels. :angel:

    Wiped out, I'm so happy that easy child is enjoying herself. This may be just what her adolescent soul needed. :abouttime: The campus experience may help her to be able to project into the future and realize that the world is bigger than one house and her behavior won't be acceptable out there. Fingers crossed that she comes back a little wiser and a little more mature.

    It wasn't a good night for sleeping. Our sick dog was pretty restless even with her pain pills. I came down and read a book while she slept in the kitchen. Meanwhile, I'll be ZZZZZZZZZZ ready for a nap all day. :bloodshot:Not sure I'm going to get one.
    We are getting ready for another warm up today and tomorrow. Makes it unpleasant to go out after 12n.

    I'm excited about seeing difficult child. They are always our kids no matter what. He is sounding very adult. Of course, from past experience we know it's fleeting. LOL. I love him anyhow.

    Hope you all have a fun day.
  4. Andy

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    Great Wednesday morning!

    Tired Mommy - While you are cleaning all those fun outdoor toys, go ahead and try them out - gotta make sure they work right? Also try out ice cream treats and anything else you give the kids throughout the day as they play outside. Gotta make sure they will be safe for the kids.

    Wiped Out - Hopefully the pool will be a stop tommorrow.

    Fran - Isn't it amazing how many times our mommy eyes are so tired with lack of sleep but we still keep plugging away? I hope you can find some rest today.

    difficult child's schedule is as busy as it gets today. In an hour, I drop him and his babysitter off at McDonald's for breakfast. They will walk to the bowling alley. The boys will need to eat lunch at 11:30 at the bowling alley. I will pick them up at 12:15 and take difficult child to Football camp. At 2:00, difficult child will be brought home for a much needed rest period. At 5:00, he needs to be at the park to warm up for a 5:30 baseball game. Probably will need to get some supper at 4:30/4:45. I wanted to go to 7:00 church service but I have a feeling that will be way too much for difficult child so will probably get an ice cream treat and come home to bed. The pillow will look so good tonight.

    I took difficult child to the beach yesterday for an hour. I have decided to use that to get him to practice trumpet. If he practices everyday, we can go to the beach for awhile after trumpet lessons on Tuesdays.

    Oh am I ever glad it is Wednesday!!!!! And Thursday will be GREAT!!!! And FRIDAY, oh my, Friday will be the bestest - I get Friday off of work!!! WOOHOO!!!
  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    I'm glad you're all enjoying your summer. It's a really special time, when school is getting out for summer and celebrations are beginning. I can't wrap my head around all this happening, without Christmas being involved! For us, school gets out only a few days before Christmas so there is a lot of rushing around with kids doing last minute shopping, all getting happy and excited.

    TM, enjoy the party and the last day of school.

    Sharon/Wiped, I hope the a/c guy gets the job done quickly for you, so you can get on with your schedule. There's nothing worse than a hot summer and te air con is out!

    Fran, stay cool in the heat. We tend to batten down the hatches in summer, between 10 am and 2 pm (sun time). Lots of cold water in the fridge, lots of ice cubes and plenty of shade... I hope your furbaby isn't in too much pain.

    Adrianne, that's one heck of a schedule your difficult child has. And about the trumpet practice - is there any reason he can't practice on the beach? Surely the sound of the waves will help drown out the extra volume? It might be interesting, too. Or is your beach crowded? You'd love ours - even in high summer, there is plenty of space. And if the beach is full you could always walk out to the headland overlooking the cliffs and play the trumpet there. No houses for miles, just scrub, sand, rocks and seabirds. And the sound of the surf crashing on the rocks below... no wonder difficult child 3 likes to go for a walk there every afternoon.

    We have another ten days of school before the two week mid-year break. I talked to difficult child 3's pediatrician today about increasing his medications - it's been several years and a lot of growth (including puberty) since the medications were last increased. I'm hoping it makes a big improvement in his ability to focus.

    We will see how he goes tomorrow. This afternoon while loading up some shopping just before drama class, his old teacher from the highway school (one term, grade 6) came over to talk to him. It was lovely. A very kind man, he helped difficult child 3 a lot. He also helped me a lot and supported me against the Dept of Ed when they tried to accuse me of trespass. He has retired now, he fills his days helping other people.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    TM, Enjoy all the sunshine:beach_ball:!!! I bet Duckie is having a hard time waiting for the party!!!

    Sharon (WO), I'm glad easy child is enjoying herself!!! Sorry about the pool - I always feel the same way you do - On a beautiful summer day, my thoughts are at the beach...:beach:... Just daydreaming about warm sunshine, lots of R & R, no schedules, cool breezes,...OK ENOUGH!!! Back to reality.:(...

    Fran, I hope Honeysue has a more restful sleep tonight. Keeping her in my thoughts... It's nice your going to see your difficult child. I hope he continues to sound very adult-like. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I know what you mean about difficult children changing so quickly though - Their behavior is sort of like the weather - Totally unpredictable...

    Adrianne, Wow!!! Your difficult child certainly does have a busy day!!! Hopefully, he'll be totally exhausted when he gets home and lets you have a peaceful, uneventful evening. ENJOY Friday!!!:jumphappy:

    The sun was out early this morning but the sky is gray and full of clouds now. I have some errands to run. Then, if it stays cool, I'm going to hopefully tackle some of the house cleaning I've been putting off.

    I have some really excellent news - It looks like difficult child 2 is going to get to attend the school program that husband and I have been working so hard to get.:warrior: Things still aren't set in stone yet, sooooo, PLEASE keep your fingers crossed!!! I'll post separately.

    Marg, I hope difficult child 3's doctor increases his medications and he does better ASAP!!! I can't even begin to imagine the beginning of summer vacation around Christmas time, lol!!!

    Anyway, as always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... WFEN
  7. LittleDudesMom

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    :swimming: Good Morning My Friends,

    I slept in this morning! A full day on the beach and active evenings (lots of walking) eventually take their toll!!

    TM, sounds like you will have everything ready for the celebration on Friday! We usually do a big shindig at the end of the summer. difficult child's birthday is in late August, and we usually rent one of those huge water blowup things and both kids have friends over and a cookout. An ode to the end of the summer! Make sure you try the slip and slide to make sure it works ok!!!!

    Sharon, sounds like a busy day ahead for you! But, like you say, there is plenty of summer left! Glad to hear easy child is enjoying herself. This will probably be a real maturing experience for her.

    Fran, I must have missed difficult child coming for a visit? Sorry the poor pup was up in pain last night. It's like having young children again. Hope you are able to find a little rest time today.

    Adrianne, sounds like a busy day your way as well! The beach would definately be incentive for me to do just about anything!!!!

    Marg, sounds like time for the medications of difficult child 3 to be looked at. Sometime these kids, especially the boys, just sprout up before our eyes! My difficult child is now officially taller than me!! His eyes are higher than mine....he went from a size 8 shoe to a size 9 1/2!!!!!!

    Another day of sitting on the beach here. Tough life huh? difficult child is just so independent this year. He's meeting other kids and going to the pool and the ocean with them. Yesterday he had gone up to the pool and came back down to the beach about an hour later fully dressed. He had gone to the front desk, got an extra key, went up and got dressed, got his wallet, and came down to tell me he was going shopping!

    Tonight is our nice dinner evening - a crab place on the water for steamed crabs! Then we will go to the carnival since difficult child has saved 1/2 his money for the midway!!!

    Wishing everyone a great day!