Good Wednesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by slsh, Jul 9, 2008.

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    Good morning all! The week is halfway through - phew/whew. I hope you all have a great day today.

    Got a call from Wee last night - I was running thru the house I was so excited. I think his voice is even deeper than before, LOL. He informed me that he has decided he's not a wilderness kind of person - uh oh. Kind of bad to figure that out 2 weeks into a 3-week wilderness trip. ;) But he sounded good and said he wasn't being grumpy about it, which I believe. The food must really be bad because he's missing my cooking (which, trust me, is most definitely something to be missed if at all possible!!). He's also planning on lots of McDs and pizza when he gets home, and then he's retiring to his room for the summer. :rofl: So, he's done with the backpacking and whitewater rafting, and on to rock climbing now. He sounded really very good and I'm relieved that he survived the river trip - was concerned about that. Boy, do I miss that kid!

    Off to work now. Hope you all have a great day. Stay cool! :swimming:
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    Sue-I think it's great Wee's keeping such a great attitude since he decided the wilderness isn't his cup of tea. Lots of people would have a bad attitude if they decided that. Glad to hear he survived the whitewater rafting! :D

    Yesterday we bought a Wii! We've been meaning to get one for some time but hadn't had luck finding any in stock. It's really kind of fun!
    Even better, difficult child is downstairs playing it by himself right now! Usually when he is up early he is demanding someone be up with him!

    In a bit we'll be dropping him off at day camp. He gets to go to a water park/amusement park in the Wisconsin Dells today-should be lots of fun. easy child is still on campus for 4 more days.

    After we drop off difficult child we'll head to the health club and then I'm getting a hair cut or trim. It's been over a year since I've had it cut. I've really been working on getting it long and don't want it too short.

    Maybe I'll hit the pool this afternoon, otherwise a nap will be in order. Tonight difficult child has a therapist appointment.

    Wishing everyone a day filled with sunshine!:playingball:
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    Good Wednesday morning!

    Sue, glad Wee is surviving the trip, even if he's not a wilderness kind of guy. I'm sure you'll be happy to see him when the trip is over.

    Sharon, we've been talking about getting a Wii, too, but just haven't gotten around to it. Glad difficult child can amuse himself on it. Hope the haircut goes well.

    M heads to theatre camp this morning -- her performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is in one week. J is finishing up his third week as a CIT at a preschool day camp. He doesn't love it, but he's been going willingly. We've scheduled a phone call for tonight with A at her overnight camp in Maine. She's been gone for two weeks, and we've only received one letter! I hope it means no news is good news.

    Just errands and house cleaning on my agenda today -- nothing too exciting. Hope you have a peaceful day.
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    Good morning friends,

    Sue, glad that Wee is having "fun" at something he doesn't seem to enjoy. Your son has a good attitude. I hope YOU survive.

    Sharon, this must be the most time you've had alone with husband since your kids were born. Enjoy the respite/camp.

    SW, sounds like your kids are busy & staying out of trouble ~ enjoy the quiet.

    I've missed you the last couple of days - been asleep for a couple of days. I contacted my doctors at Mayo & they are tweaking a few things....if that doesn't help I will likely be heading down before late August.

    kt heads out to school this morning; husband heads out to his long commute upstairs to his office. I, myself, hope to get a few chores done around the house.

    The big chore would be cleaning off my desk - people keep dumping on my desk. I can't tell what is what.

    Hope your day is calm.

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    G'day, folks.

    Sue, sounds like Wee is still having a good time, even if he's decided it's not a career path.

    Sharon/Wiped, you bought a Wii - they ARE fun, aren't they? We've got difficult child 1's in the house as well as the family one. Until two weeks ago, we also had BF2's Wii, so the house was really getting full of people pounding away playing various games or getting fit.

    Smallworld, I hope "Charlie" goes off well. I've found that acting has really helped difficult child 3's confidence a great deal.

    Linda, I wondered where you were and hoped you were resting. I hope the medication tweaks settle down and work out, to save you a long trip.

    We had a very cold day today. I've been wearing thermals plus layers of thick shirts and jumpers, still feeling cold. I finally gave up and dug out my down jacket. I still have a few more layers I could add, such as scarf, beanie with ear flaps and gloves. I've been sleeping with gloves on, but I'm managing OK during the day.
    And all of this is indoors - I feel the cold. The heater is on but hasn't been able to warm the whole house, we only warm the living room area. The computer is in the cold part of the house.

    It's been snowing to the west of Sydney, in the Blue Mountains. More snow is forecast until Sunday. It would be a three hour drive for us to get there, and the snow is ephemeral there. It IS school holidays, and I know there will be people driving their kids there just so they can see snow. Most Aussie kids don't know what snow is like unless they travel to see it. I saw my first snow when I was 16, but I didn't see snow falling until 2000, when difficult child 3 had a school excursion to the Blue Mountains at this time of year, on a day like today. And it snowed as we were coming back in the bus. I saw it piling up on the wipers, but there was so little of it most of it was melting as it landed. By the time we got home the news was full of road closures in the mountains, closed due to snow. Two hours later it had all melted.

    I'm really not good in the cold!

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    A quick "Good morning " to you all!

    Marg, just wanted to thank you for that weather report. easy child is starting to pack for her big Australia trip and is so excited! But with our temps being in the 90's and humid, she'a resisting packing more than jeans and sweatjackets. She ( and the other teens in her group) are all scoffing at the moms advising to pack gloves, thermals, etc. And they are sleeping outdoors at the Racecourse one night!

    When she gets home from work, I'll show her your post.
  7. Fran

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    Good Morning all. I am back in Pa with mom. We are preparing for her to go "solo" and see how it goes. Today we visit her doctor the go to the hospital to visit a friend. I swear I haven't spoken to anyone under 80 since husband left on Sunday. Whew. :help: They are sweet. I love that they still call me Francie. LOL. :rofl: If the green folks want to save the planet and know about recycling, they need to spend time with a bunch of 80 yr olds who lived in Europe during WW 2. Talk about recycling and pinching pennies. You can hear each penny scream as it is being ripped from their purses.

    It grey and stormy today but it's been pretty hot and humid. I'm hoping for a break in the humidity soon.

    difficult child will be returning home at the end of July. His 7 months is up and husband hasn't seen much improvement so it's time for Plan B. Hope husband has one. LOL.

    Enjoy your summer day.