Good Wednesday morning....

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    Good morning all,

    Hump day - yup, almost half way through the week. Coffee, in great quantities is necessary this morning. I know it's going to be a long day with my trip down to Mayo & most likely back.

    kt has a half day of school - PCAs have a key to the house (as does kt) & will meet kt at the bus.

    If I'm smart, I'll start something in the slow cooker before I leave this morning - just haven't a clue what. A better idea is to order pizza or Chinese this evening. :try2fly:

    Looks like the stormy weather of yesterday & last night has let up for today! :autumn:There is definitely a touch of autumn in the air - the leaves are turning & there's that hint of cold each morning. I'm already collecting leaves for my nature journal (I sketch the leaves in my journal). husband & kt are on the lookout this year for the bright red & orange leaves for me. I had an abundance of yellow & gold leaves last year.

    I'm rambling.....sorry

    Have a good day - keep it calm & simple today.
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    G'day folks.

    Linda, I hope you can get some sort of brainwave for dinner before you go out. It really does make it easier when you have a busy day. With the leaves, have you tried using them for prints? Use the more supple leaves, spread a bit of paint on them (double-load, several different colours) then press them to the paper. You can get some fascinating texture effects that way, which you can then play with a bit more, with the brush. It works best with acrylics. It could be something you could do with kt.

    We've got a busy couple of days coming up - tomorrow difficult child 3 & I are heading in to school but before that husband & I have to see our pain specialist. So we will be late to the school session.

    I've got to have an ultrasound on my thyroid on the way home then I have to see my GP with the results.

    On Friday, mother in law see the neurologist again - should be interesting.

    So knowing I had a couple of really busy days coming up, I cooked a slow-cook curry today, so we've got it already cooked and ready for easy reheats over the next few days. I probably should go back to using my crockpot, but I could never get the same flavour in crockpot meals as I get by slow-cooking on the stove. I wish I knew why. But at least today, the curry has smelt wonderful - it's a good meal for cold weather but I LOVE the smell of garlic, ginger and onion cooking, in summer. Then adding the spices - wonderful!

    The school Special Education consultant rang this morning to discuss difficult child 3's IEP - we're still fine-tuning things. We've put a few things in place, hopefully we'll have some strategies in place for next school term.

    At drama class this afternoon, one of the other mothers was telling me that her son is now enrolled in Distance Ed, he's just on the first couple of weeks' work (introductory to the system). I had a long talk to the mother about her concerns - her son is struggling with his handwriting, she said it would be so much easier if he could use the computer - so I told her what we do, in typing up the answers and attaching the printed sheet to the back of the worksheet. It's OK to do it that way, so much easier especially if her son is stressing about it.
    She's going to ring the school in the morning. It seems odd - tomorrow is a big day at the school, her son would also be invited, but because he's agoraphobic, there's no way he would go. A pity. difficult child 3 overheard me saying this to the mother and asked for more information. When I told him about the boy not wanting to leave the house, difficult child 3 said, "That's a pity. Because if he came in to the special days, I would look after him." I reminded him that the teachers also do a good job there, but for this boy that is not the problem - he just doesn't feel safe because he was attacked badly when he was a toddler, he's still badly traumatised.

    I'm glad he's finally got a logical school placement. The mother told me the name of his Year Advisor - she's a lovely person, it will be a big help to the family. If I see this Year Advisor tomorrow, I'll have a word to her about our connection with this family as well. It might help.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-It sounds like a very long day ahead, I hope Mayo has some good news for you. I vote for ordering pizza. I just love Fall, I hope you get plenty of red leaves-we have a ton on our tree in the backyard (front one hasn't even started to turn).

    We have another warm day ahead. It is so strange to be having these warm days this late in September but I remember last year we even had them through much of October. Either way I'm o.k. with the weather, until the really cold winter arrives that is.

    After work today difficult child has a therapist appointment. and then I'm going to grill hamburgers. husband and I are planning on the club again tonight, probably late like the last two nights. The good thing about going later is there is no problem getting to the weights or getting on cardio equipment:)

    Wishing everyone a day filled with surprises, pleasant ones.:peaceful:
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    Hi Marg-you snuck in on me. It does sound busy for you. I love curry-enjoy! How sweet that difficult child said he would take care of the boy:) I love how our difficult children can be like that. Yesterday when we were in the waiting room at the dr's. my difficult child saw a little boy having trouble figuring how to work this magnetic toy thing and difficult child just automatically started helping, the little boy and his mom were very appreciative!
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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    Linda, I'm with Sharon (WO) - Order pizza...

    Marg, The curry sounds delicious!!! It's been busy around here too - I need to make some dinners with lots of leftovers so I don't have to worry about cooking every night. Great idea!

    Sharon, Grilling hamburgers... It makes me think of Spring... of Summer... I love the fall, BUT, this year I miss the summer... I'm going to have to find some time to visit my favorite spot by the ocean - I think I'll take my favorite "sanity saver" with me... Well, back to reality, lol!!!

    Things have been crazy around here. I've been very busy preparing for a Team Meeting for difficult child 2. Unfortunately, after this meeting, if we don't get what we want (and I doubt we will), we're headed to hearing... Please keep your fingers crossed - By this time next week, I'll know which direction we're headed...

    And, Linda, I think it was you who mentioned lots of caffeine this morning, it sounds like a wonderful idea. I'm going to make another pot before attempting to begin the day. I sort of look like this today...:bloodshot:...

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile...:autumn: WFEN
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    Good morning ladies!

    Mmm...slow cookers, crock pots, spices...mmm...I love cooking this time of year. I have a soft spot for comfort foods. :)

    Linda - best of luck at Mayo!

    Marg - I just love you! The way you reach out to other parents & with such a positive, uplifting spirit. Ugh. I'm jealous. I'm lucky if I can uplift my coffee cup most mornings. lol.

    WipedOut - sending difficult children to you for dinner - they love burgers on the grill. (Except for difficult child 3, being vegetarian & all)

    Wishing - best of luck for your meeting today. I know how much I always dread meetings for difficult child 2. It's always a battle for us.

    As for this Warrior Mom, I'm happy to say I have NOTHING on the agenda today. Not a thing. Well, I do need to set up an appointment with the pediatrician for difficult child 2. He has a club foot that was surgically repaired as a toddler, but seems to be causing him a great deal of pain recently. (I'm thinking it might have something to do with gaining 50lbs in the last year. Alot of extra weight on a weakened ankle & all that. We'll let the pediatrician take a look-see and get his opinion. difficult child 2's ortho retired a few years ago, so we might need a referral.)

    Other than that? Nothing. Not one single appointment. Not one single "must do." I could sit back all day and do...NOTHING!! Woo-hoo!! (Although, odds are, I'll wind up out at the new house tearing something out, building something, or re-wiring something...too much to do to sit around and do nothing all day....much as I would LOVE to do nothing.)

    Ah well. I'll figure that out later. For now...more coffee!!! Lots and lots more coffee. :coffee:
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    Timer - Have a safe and successful trip to Mayo. Good luck to KT and husband on leaf searching. Such a pretty time of the year.

    Marg - So sweet of difficult child to offer his friendship. I used a slowcooker for almost a month when my stove stopped working last year. easy child likes chili and difficult child likes BBQ ribs. Good luck on your busy schedule these next few days.

    Wiped - My difficult child misses the grill. It died (again) so I think a new grill in the Spring is in his plans. He is already looking for one. However, very hard to find electric and I am scared to have him working with propane. Oh Well! Have fun at the Health Club!

    Wishing - Good luck with the meetings.

    Hex - I love "no agenda" days. I am really cutting down on volunteer work so my calendar is having much more of those. NICE! :)

    difficult child has tutoring tonight but that is it. easy child wants me to take her to Wal-Mart but she still can't make it past a few days of showing respect. Her mouth gets her into trouble and starts the month of "don't ask anything of me" over again. Oh Well, can't expect a complete turn around after all these years! Our DCE is trying to get easy child to join the church choir. That would be so good for her.

    Yesterday, I popped my head in at crafters and got the question of the year, "Did you find any Sunday School teachers?" "No, and I will NOT call anyone!" You should have seen the look on their face. "If someone wants to teach, they can come forward. I refuse to twist arms." Anyway, we have called everyone year in and year out and I am sick of the time wasted. I don't want anyone who really does not want to. EVERYONE knows there are no teachers - if that alone doesn't guilt someone to come forward, far be it from me to conk them on the head again. Then I got to listen to the distain while I walked away, "That is unheard of!" Funny how everyone is soooo concerned that I have 25 - 30 kids PK - 6th in one classroom. Again, if I didn't think I could do it, I wouldn't be. I would be closing Sunday School this year. All I hear is, "It is not right that you have to have all those kids." "Duh, but no one else wants to help and I love the kids and enjoy the teaching. We will see what happens next year when I will only teach the 5th graders." I am enjoying my kids and when you know each of them, it doesn't seem like so many. I ask the kids questions about the week before and usually someone in the group can answer so they are listening and learning.

    Looks like I better get going for the day. Have a Great Day and find a way to make your difficult child laugh.