Good Wednesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Wiped Out

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    A very early good morning my friends,

    I fell asleep really early last night (before 9:00) and am now having trouble getting the sleep I know I need. Hopefully I'll get back to sleep in a bit.

    After work today I have to take difficult child to his psychiatrist appointment. Then pick up easy child and bring both home. (Wish me luck-it could be a long ride as they are at each other constantly right now-maybe they'll both sleep).

    Then I'm hoping to get to the health club. husband is teaching his class at the club late this afternoon so it should motivate me to workout while he is teaching his class.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  2. flutterbee

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    Good morning, ladies.

    Sharon - I hope you're able to catch some more sleep. Maybe the stars will align and the kids will get along in the car today. One can always hope....

    I haven't been able to sleep after the events of the evening. I haven't been to bed yet so it's still Tuesday to me. I was going to try to get out for a little errand running today as I haven't been up to it for a while. Buster really needs a sweater and I was going to schedule grooming while I was there. That's going to be iffy now. There's always tomorrow.

    It's cold. The high today is only 32. :2cold: I might just snuggle in my flannel sheets and stay there. Doesn't sound bad, does it?

    Have a good day, ladies.
  3. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon (with-o), sorry you're having such trouble with sleep this long cold night. I'm right there with you, lady.

    It's a very cold night ~ don't mean to be complaining so much about the cold, but it's too early in the season. I'll get over it.

    Finally a day with-o appts or anything. kt has promised both tdocs she would attend school today & through the rest of the week. All is in place for her safety & there have been suspensions, expulsions & one drop out. husband & I are 10 minutes away & can be there to pick her up or administer her PRN.

    I turned Van Gogh tonight & tore up another almost finished painting ~ too frustated at the dimension or something. Just wasn't looking right. I don't want my one relaxation to get to me at this level. After brooding over this painting for several hours (while not sleeping) I figured out what I need to do to make it right. So back to the "drawing" board. Get it? "Drawing board". :bigsmile:

    Here's to a calm day.
  4. Marguerite

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    Sharon/WO, here's hoping for peace on the ride home. Alternatively, I always use dance music or singalong music. It depends on the sort of problem - even lullabies are useful as long as they don't send YOU to sleep at the wheel!

    I've got a list of things I planned to do tonight, now I find myself on the computer instead. I had made an appointment for difficult child 3 last week, for tomorrow morning. Then when I met up with husband later that afternoon he said it would be too awkward because it would be too close to the wedding, we'd be too busy. So I rang the clinic and left a message.
    Then this afternoon I remembered, I haven't herd back from them to re-schedule (and I had asked them to ring). So I rang again - and again got a message. So it looks like not only do we need to keep the appontmen,t but we don't KNOw if we succeeded in cancelling it or not. So we have to take difficult child 3 out with us tomorrow.

    Added in to this - I was going through the schoolwork drawers to find some work for him to do while we're on the road, and found that we're over a month late for him to do an assessment task. It had been sent to us last term and it got buried. So I've just sent an email to his teacher to see if we can reschedule the test, maybe Friday.

    Meanwhile while I'm doing this, the evening is wearing away. difficult child 3 came in to use the computer while I was desperately trying to remember the teacher's email address and wanted to push me aside because HE was trying to hold a string of numbers and letters in HIS head, so now he's upset with me because I yelled at him to stop presuming I'd always let him have the computer. So I need to go hose it all down now - more time lost.

    I need to talk to easy child 2/difficult child 2, I also need to talk to easy child because we think the box of votive candles that arrived by delivery today were for HER wedding, not difficult child 1's. It's all very confusing - we still need to make the final decision for easy child 2/difficult child 2's wedding location in the next day or so.


    I'm going to go do my hair now. The rest of the world can go hang. I've never put streaks in my hair before, wish me luck. If I do it tonight, I can always re-dye my hair tomorrow.

    Good night, enjoy your Wednesday. It's cool here and miserable, I was back in cord jeans today and heavier shirts. Doesn't look good for Saturday's beach wedding...

  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :good_morning: Good Morning Friends!

    It's about 28 degrees here and that's pretty darn cold for this area so early in the year - yesterday's blustery wind made if feel frigid, but I enjoyed the heck out of it :faint:.

    Sharon, how about the gameboy or such for difficult child and the mp3 or such for easy child? Maybe that will keep them quiet. Also, can easy child ride up front with you while difficult child is in the back? Perhaps that will help also. I think one of the worst things as a parent is to watch your kids fight and pick. Here's to a calm ride and a destressing workout :exercisebike:.

    Linda, I like your new painting! I meant to tell you the other day, but my visits to the board have been really fast lately. Hope kt follows through on going to school today and you rest up. It is your perogative to tear up your work!!! Think about how many chefs throw away disasters and how many potters smash and restart - it's your right as an artist :painter:!

    Marg, sounds like things are getting a little tight and tense at your house. Take a couple deep breaths and remind everyone that this is a labor of love :loveforever:! I'm sure the wedding will be lovely regardless of the wedding. I saw one of our national newscasters, who is in Australia now, mention it was cold and very windy yesterday. Wish I could remember exactly where she was......

    Had a fabulous finning class last night - it was tough going though - the thought of getting in the water when the wind was blowing, the temps were in the 30's, and the sun had gone down so early and the sky dark.........but, I did it and even sat in the hot tub for about 10 minutes after class to warm my core!!!

    I'll hit the gym this morning to work out with the weights then rush home to shower and head to the salon for color, highlights and cut - then back to the office.

    Got a bunch of little things I want to handle before I head out of town Friday morning, but an afternoon cup of coffee should keep me rolling with it later :jumphappy:!!!

    Have a great day all - keep it warm.

  6. Rabbit

    Rabbit Member

    Good Morning Friends! Its 26
    degrees here. ugh! difficult child 2 and
    I will be standing at the bus stop in a few minutes. difficult child 2 is 18 but is mentally about 5 years old.
    Up until today difficult child 3 has been required by me to stand with us.(because of her recent suicide attempt).Today, she has a cold and I have decided to let her sleep inside the apartment
    I hope I do not
    regret it. Ugh!
    No time to address each of u.
    out into the cold with me. Hope everyone has a great peaceful
    day! Hugs Rabbit

  7. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee2:,

    Sharon (WO), I've got my fingers crossed that easy child and difficult child manage to remain civil to each other on the ride home. Being distracted by fighting kids while driving svcks!!! I hope you make it to the gym.

    Heather, I hope you get some well deserved rest after the he77 you went through last night with your difficult child.

    Linda, I hope you get your current masterpiece just the way you want it!!!:painter:

    Marg, This board is so addicting!!! I definitely shouldn't be here right now - I've got too much on my agenda today. I've got my fingers crossed that your hair comes out just the way you want it to!!! You're very creative - I really believe it will be beautiful!!!

    Sharon (LDM), I'm impressed with how dedicated you are to living a healthy lifestyle!!! I haven't had time to post in the Healthy Living Forum for awhile. Way To Go!!!

    Rabbit, I hope you have a calm day with your difficult children...

    Yesterday I had a very frightening experience concerning easy child.:sad-very: If I have time I'll post later on. I'm still not fully recovered and am a bit shaky this morning. Her school is a good forty minutes from here but husband works nearby so he is going to go there this morning to speak to the principal. I find that as more and more issues are cropping up, I'm asking husband to handle some of them. I can't do it all!!! I have way too much on my plate today anyway - For starters, there are problems with difficult child 2 that I need to get a handle on. My head is spinning from one crisis after another with seemingly NO break between them - Just too much stress....

    Anyway, I've got to go. I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today.... WFEN
  8. Good morning everyone!

    It's another chilly day....brrr... I've been spoiled by living in such a moderate climate - but there is nothing moderate about today! Thank goodness I've hung on to some warmer clothes as they have come in handy today.

    Sharon, sorry to hear about your early rising. Maybe you'll get some better rest tonight. I'm hoping that everyone (except you) is sleeping in your car this afternoon.

    Heather, so sorry to hear about your evening. Today has to be a better day. Get some good rest.

    Linda, I'm glad that you have a day without appointments, and that everything is in place for kt. I know you feel more settled with this. I understand what you mean about your painting. I got an undergraduate degree in fine arts and spent a lot of time painting. I would start something ,and then toss it, and worry about the wasted time. But I came to realize that time wasn't wasted at all, because all artistic work is movement toward a goal of "the artistic vision". I also got to the point where I stretched cheaper muslin over stretchers I made myself - so the cost was low. It's the same with writing - it takes lots of drafts to get to the finished product. But there's something about the process that's wonderful, isn't it?

    Marg, you are spinning so many plates at one time - and you keep them all going - amazing! I know the wedding will be lovely, and the weather must cooperate! I know your hair will turn out beautifully as well. I can't wait to hear how it all turns out.

    Sharon (2), I hope you have a good workout and that your cut and highlights go well!

    Rabbit, maybe it will warm up some today! That cold weather keeps us focussed doesn't it? I hope that difficult child starts feeling a little better after some rest.

    WFEN, So sorry to hear about the issues with difficult child 2 and easy child. It makes sense for husband to step in. The united front of parents is very powerful, especially with school issues. Hang in there!

    We're all getting very excited here about our upcoming Thanksgiving family reunion. If we can just get difficult child focussed on the work he needs to complete before the holiday , life will be good. I've enlisted husband to take him for some dental work today.... it takes a village...

    Enjoy some good moments for yourself today!