Good Wednesday Morning!

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  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :thanksgiving2: Good Morning!

    One more day 'till turkey day!! I'm looking forward to the parade and the dog show!

    Well, easy child did break up with her boyfriend the other night. She said they both cried for a while, but he understood where she was coming from. They agreed to stop "going out", but will continue to touch base. I am proud of my daughter. Learning to be a strong woman and stand up for yourself early is a great thing.

    Adrianne, you asked about my teen SS service projects. We are doing two this year. Next Saturday (6th) we are having a community "Santa Breakfast" at our church. It is an outreach program for the community. Since we are a city church, we do have a miriad of community needs. This will be a pancake and sausage free breakfast and Santa will be there! We will take free pics of the kids with Santa as a keepsake. My kids have come up with a craft for the children to work on between breakfast and waiting for their turn with Santa, two will be taking the pics, and they will be in charge of "line control". This is a program put on by our church in society department, but my class is using this as one of their Advent service projects. The second will be a children's Nativity Procession to begin our Christmas Eve service. My class will be passing out flyers in the local neighborhood, inviting families to our intergeneral service. All children who come (and there will be a lot of member's families in town with children as well) will be given a simple costume. The children will process in to begin the service, sing a song, and then one of the girls in my class will read them the Christmas Story from a children's bible. Then they will pass out little battery candles, the lights will dim, and the children will process out while the choir sings. So this Sunday afternoon we will have a marathon session to get things ready. We will put the craft together for next Sat, and make the costumes for Christmas Eve (in the past, they have adopted a needy family, planned and executed a fundraiser, then gone shopping - this year though, all the students are seniors but one - they are really busy with college visits, college apps, etc. These two projects don't require as much time, but will be meaningful for those involved).

    I'm hitting the office this morning for payroll instead of the gym! Since difficult child gets out at 11:45, I can't do both. But, easy child and I will hit the gym at 2 (a real quiet time) and do the weights and then go into the pool and swim laps. Gotta prepare for the stuffing, which is my fav Thanksgiving food :thanksgiving1: (ok, the pumpkin pie ain't so bad either).

    Have a great Wednesday all!

  2. Rabbit

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    Good Morning ! hope everyone has a Great day
    and a Great Thanksgiving! All 3 difficult children are home.
    difficult child 1 is back from College for Thanksgiving and I
    am so happy. Sharon - They like u are looking forward to the Parade and Dog show. Hope u all saw Bob's pix
    at the water cooler. Hugs Rabbit
  3. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, you are indeed raising a strong, competent young woman. You have every reason to be proud of her. by the way, I love stuffing but could bypass the pumpkin pie. Now give me a pecan pie & we're talking. :D

    Rabbit, you sound so excited to have your son home. It's always a joy when families come back to celebrate. I'll have to check out those pictures.

    My brother got into town around 10 or so last night. He's going to be here around 9:30 to pick kt & I up. kt & I are mostly packed & ready to go - just the usual last minute stuff to get done.

    I'll be working on my dad's computer on Friday & the annual Christmas cookie bake is Saturday. I'm taking my laptop & expect to be able to check in.

    If I don't connect again before tomorrow have a good holiday. I love turkey grilled out & cannot wait. More than that, I'm beyond excited to see my family as a whole.
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Tell your easy child that this board auntie is very proud of her! The service projects sound great and meaningful. Enjoy the quiet time at the gym-I love going at off peak times wehn possible.

    Rabbit-Enjoy the weekend with everyone home!

    I had so much to do yesterday to help get ready for tomorrow that I didn't make it to the club which is too bad because I really need it. This new medication I'm on seems to be making me gain weight already which is more than a bit frustrating.

    I did get the twice baked potato casserole ready for Thanksgiving and also cleaned out the basement where our guests will be staying. I was actually very proud of difficult child who picked up all the videos and did the vacuuming!

    I'm very tired this morning because I was up way too late yesterday. Tonight I have to brine the turkey and we have to get a few last minute groceries so not sure if I will make it to the club. I'm tempted to just go straight from work but I'm so tired I feel like I won't make it-I might try to squeeze in a nap? Anyhoo, most of our guests are arriving tonight but probably not till close til midnight. Not sure I'll even still be awake-probably husband will be the one to greet them. difficult child is beyond excited about having cousins to play with!

    Wishing everyone a happy pre-turkey day!:thanksgiving2:
  5. Wiped Out

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    Linda-You snuck in on me! I'm so glad you are getting to see your family for Thanksgiving-I hope both you and kt enjoy a bit of down time and I know how wonderful it will be to see your family. The cookie bake sounds fun, if I didn't have all these guests I'd be tempted to crash the baking party!:)
  6. trinityroyal

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    Good morning everyone!

    Sharon (LDM)--I too am proud of your easy child for standing up for herself. The service projects sound wonderful

    Rabbit--enjoy having your whole family home for the holiday. I can hear the happiness in your voice. And yes, BobCat is simply adorable!

    Linda--hope you and kt enjoy your time with family, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Sharon (WO)--Sounds like your holiday preparations are coming together nicely. Enjoy your workout today. I love going to the gym when no one else is there too!

    I'm off to a therapist appointment this morning. We're still dredging through a lot of very painful stuff from my childhood with the difficult child-parents. It's very difficult, but I feel like I'm emptying lead weights from my pockets after each appointment.

    After that, I am waiting to hear about a job interview. The recruiter has confirmed that they want to meet with me, but I don't know who, when or where. This is a BIG one. The contract is 6 months to start, but the project is slated to go for 4 years.

    As they sing in a Chorus Line, "I really need this job. Please God, I need this job..."

    Hope everyone has a great day, and Happy Thanksgiving all, in case I don't get to check in tomorrow!

  7. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone:bloodshot::coffee2:,

    Sharon (LDM), I'm sorry to hear your easy child is so sad - I agree with you though - I'm proud of your easy child too!!! She is a strong young woman and I know she'll come out of this even stronger - She has an excellent role model. I'm glad easy child is going to the gym with you this afternoon - in my humble opinion, exercise is the best stress release, feel better thing, there is. It's wonderful you and easy child are so close!!!

    Rabbit, I saw Bob's picture - He is absolutely ADRABLE:D!!! And he reminds me of my "baby" who is now an angel... Glad all your kids are home for the holiday.

    Sharon (WO), I'm sorry about the weight gain with the new drug. I know it would bother me too. If it were me, I would probably call my doctor and see if there is another one I could try. Knowing myself, I probably wouldn't take one that caused me to gain weight, it would probably just make me more miserable... I hope you manage to get in a nap. Extra zzz's are always a good thing!!!

    Linda, I'm happy to see you here this morning. I remember you mentioning the annual cookie bake last year. It sounds like fun!!! I hope you're making lots of my favorites - chocolate chip with lots of chips...

    Trinity, I'm glad you feel better after your therapist appointments. I also had difficult child parents. I've never spoken to a therapist about them, maybe I should have. I've finally been able to detach almost 100% from them - I no longer have any contact with them. However, it's taken me many, many years to get to this point. It's been a long, hard struggle... I've got my fingers crossed you get the job!!! I'll even do the "Nekkid Chicken Dance" for you!!!

    I'm in a bunch of pain this morning from my sinus infection - I already posted in the watercooler so I won't go into detail here. I'm going to take a long, hot shower in a few minutes and then call my doctor's office. I plan on taking it easy until I have to pick up my difficult children at school - they get out before lunch today (HELP!!! I'm soooooooooooo not looking forward to picking them up.) Enough complaining.

    I hope everyone has a great day!!!:autumn::thanksgiving2: WFEN
  8. Andy

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    Little Dude's Mom - Those projects sound wonderful. Our youth group serves soup for Lenten evening services. I think I heard they added Advent into that fundraiser this year. I suggested to the youth leader that on those snowy days they can brush snow off cars for a free will donation. I really love the children's procession idea also.

    Rabbit - Good morning! I am glad you have all the kids home for Thanksgiving. Have a great day.

    Timer - Have a very safe travel this weekend. I hope you and KT find some calm and strength over the weekend.

    Wiped Out - I think you need to stay home from work this morning and go back to bed! You have me tired just thinking about how tired you are and what you still have left to do.

    Trinity - I hope that job comes through for you. Have a great appointment today and leave the office ready for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    I have not packed yet this morning. I hope difficult child's clothes dried last night. I think the heater is going out in the drier. Anyway, we will be leaving at 2:00 so I can clean the van and pack when I get home at 12:30/1:00. Still need to fill up with gas and pick up the bakery order (French boule, garlic parmesan, and cranberry nut bread).

    I think we will take this laptop but it is sometimes difficult getting on computer while visiting so if I don't check in, I will "see" you all on Sunday afternoon/evening. Oh the withdrawal feelings already! Oh well, I will try to cover it up by SHOPPING!

    sister in law and brother in law have tickets for games tonight. sister in law will take difficult child to a Gopher game and brother in law will take husband to the Timberwolf game. They could get another ticket to the Gopher game but I may opt to stay back and go SHOPPING!!! Wonder how late the stores are open?

    easy child and K will drive down at 4:30 stopping in St Cloud to eat dinner. So keep them in your thoughts for safety and ablility to not get lost.

    Have a great day, stay safe in travels, and find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

  9. Andy

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    Wishing - you snuck in on me. I do hope you get that sinus thing straighten out and rid of.

    I know someone snuck in on me the other day (was that you Wishing) and I didn't take the time to come back and wish you a good day! But I did send a mental thought!

  10. Jena

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    Hey everyone!!! Good afternoon :)

    I just jumped on quick to say hi to everyone and tell everyone to have a great day. I had to go to dr. again i relapsed with the pnuemonnia thing. so i'm back on medications again. i'm going to try to nap today, not sure how difficult child will like that though. at least i'm not cooking tmrw.

    :) hugs to all
  11. Ropefree

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    Oh how lovely!